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Thursday, 11th April, 2019

  • 05:42 AM - M.T. Black quoted Cergorach in post A Guide to RPG Freelance Rates: Part 1 (Writing and Editing)
    Either those books were printed on recycled toilet-paper or someone is forgetting some costs... OR some income from outside of the Kickstarter itself (sales through DTRPG for example, the KS is almost three years old). Ok, I spoke to Daniel, and he gave me the following information and permission to share it here: Those are rates coming out of Kickstarter + Backerkit + retail sales up front. Are you looking for clarity across the lifetime of Zweihander? Those numbers are dramatically higher than .18 based on sales. As an example, there have been 39k physical sales and 65,400 digital sales. These are sales generated on my own prior to my relationship with my new publisher Andrews McMeel, which is now at scale. However you slice it, he has done incredibly well.

Tuesday, 9th April, 2019

  • 10:08 PM - Staffan quoted Cergorach in post The Fortenite-ification of Everything
    They overextended themselves and then got screwed by a distributor that ordered a lot, destroyed everything to be returned for a refund. That is what killed TSR, nothing else. I'll agree that that's what struck the killing blow, but there were numerous decisions that lead them a position where that could happen. As best as I can tell, these were the main things that killed TSR: 1. Poor, and in some cases dubiously ethical, management decisions. For example, TSR kept doing Buck Rogers RPGs, and the CEO/owner just happened to also be one of the beneficiaries of the trust that held the copyright. They also tried doing two different trading card games (Blood Wars and Spellfire) as well as a Collectible Dice Game called Dragon Dice. These experiments did not work out well. 2. Selling things too cheaply/paying too much to print them. I recall seeing reports from the takeover that apparently there were some things that cost more to print than TSR got from the distributor when selling them (e.g...

Monday, 1st April, 2019

  • 08:13 AM - Zardnaar quoted Cergorach in post Chinese Government Burns Cthulhu RPG Print Run
    Does the reason matter? The 'She Bleeds' incident was at a North American warehouse, does that make it better or worse? Book 'burning' destruction goes way, way back with TSR. Actually, the reason why TSR went under was due to book destruction by distributors in the US. Not even trying to sell the books, destroy the books, send what's left back to TSR and claim their money back. Purely financial motivations. And TSR isn't the only publisher that happened too... And do we want every book in print? What about the private sex images from person x without their consent? Can't they claim that they don't want those books around and want them destroyed? We can go way, way darker, things like childporn, snuff images, etc. The saying isn't for nothing "The pen is mightier then the sword!", that means that sometimes you need to remove stuff... Honestly, only a print run was destroyed here, not the source files, so a reprint is likely at a different location. And it was a mediocre RPG book at t...

Monday, 25th March, 2019

  • 04:06 PM - BoxCrayonTales quoted Cergorach in post Modiphius Takes Over Vampire: The Masquerade
    They may have a longer running contract with OP that allows them to publish oWoD. Also, many people find the new art direction of v5 abysmal. There is a sound business reason why OP started publishing oWoD books, they were in demand, a far greater demand then the nWoD books. I suspect that V5 is only further fracturing their own market, the new artstyle, the whole 'incident', etc. But the new owner is launching a new videogame in the same v5 'setting', so we're stuck with it unless they change their minds in the coming year... That supposed "greater demand" isn't reflected on DriveThruRPG's public metals listing. Neither World of Darkness, Chronicles of Darkness or V5 seem to have a leg over the other. As I said, I have no investment in any of the campaign settings. I find the fans' fixation on these edition wars to be diseased and destructive (as exemplified by the incident in 2000 in which hundreds of clearly mentally ill fans sent death threats to the lead developer of Mage: The Ascensi...
  • 02:30 PM - Von Ether quoted Cergorach in post Tough Truths About the Game Industry
    And while someone must push a publish pdf button, if your layout artist did his/her job, it's as simpel as choosing an export profile and push pdf. Bookmarks will be generated automatically, you can even publish to epub. Not so much thanks to crappy code and ... indexes. Anything populating automatically is prone to errors unless your writers and layout people are both on top of format and metadata and even then things come out wierd enough that it's just easier to do it by hand -- which is okay for smaller products. For bigger ones, an index is tempting, which many pros still do by hand. The best way to avoid doing a full index is to have a very detailed TOC. And while it's optional to bookmark an index, the expectations for a bookmarked TOC is pretty standard. So because the TOC goes into sections and sub-sections instead of just chapter headings, that's a lot of bookmarks.

Sunday, 24th February, 2019

  • 03:56 PM - pemerton quoted Cergorach in post Worlds of Design: What Game Designers Need to Know About IP
    If your really worried about the 2/3rd 'rule' being copyrighted, you can pretty much get the same effect stating that "around 70% of the population is male Orc".Are you an IP lawyer or similar? As in, is this your technical opinion on where the boundary lies between telling another's story and telling your own? As for the specific STR, INT, WIS, DEX, CON, CHA spread, that might result in some issues, but some very old RPGs have taken almost 60% of their core stats from D&D: RUNEQUEST: Strength (STR) Constitution (CON) Size (SIZ) Intelligence (INT) Power (POW) Dexterity (DEX) Appearance (APP) After decades of inaction from TSR/WotC I suspect it's a very save bet that those aren't copyrighted.T&T uses Luck as a stat (in place of WIS? I can't remember off the top of my head). RQ uses Power and adds Size. Traveller drops WIS and CHA and adds EDU and SOC. These are all ways of telling different stories. An additional wrench is thrown in the whole copyright 'debate' with Open S...

Thursday, 21st February, 2019

Monday, 7th January, 2019

  • 03:31 PM - gyor quoted Cergorach in post Modiphius Takes Over Vampire: The Masquerade
    Honestly, Onyx Path Publishing has been managing WoD starting 2012, they have been doing that very well! Since then they've also done a good job at some of the other WW properties like Aeon Trinity and Scion. At least under CCP the RPG development of the IP was left to OPP, with the sale of WW to Paradox they tried to launch another version of Vampire (by themselves), imho that only dilutes the property. Looking at V5 I absolutely detest the art style that primarily use RL photography instead of thematic drawn art. With the whole controversy around the release I thought they would finally kill V5, but no, it's now under Modiphius's control. I don't think it's healthy that two RPG companies compete for the exact same audience with almost the same product. Also Modiphius has it's hands full with all the other IP they have under their control, release dates are already slipping (look at Infinity or Siege of the Citadel). Agreed, this feels like a betrayal of Onyx Path who handled WoD and CoD e...

Wednesday, 2nd January, 2019

  • 10:54 AM - Jhaelen quoted Cergorach in post War is Hell in Ulisses Spiele's Wrath & Glory
    I agree that the game itself is mediocre at best, the setting is indeed terrible, and that is why some (enough) like it. ;-)True. In my board game group there are two big WH40k fans and they seem to get excited by exactly the stuff I consider bad about the setting and game: getting to roll buckets of dice, assembling and painting tons of minis, the ridiculous background and nonsensical factions, etc. It's weird since we otherwise have almost the same taste in (board) games (excepting Twilight Imperium, which I refuse to play because it, imho, takes way too long for what it is).
  • 09:56 AM - Jhaelen quoted Cergorach in post War is Hell in Ulisses Spiele's Wrath & Glory
    Erm... 40k is now more popular then ever, they are now generating more revenue and profit then ever before, and while the other games like AoS, BB, Necro, AT, etc. contribute to those numbers, 40k is still the major mover and shaker at GW.I could never fathom why there are W40k fans. Imho, everything about the setting and the game is terrible. But it's rather futile to argue about tastes...

Saturday, 22nd December, 2018

  • 10:29 AM - CapnZapp quoted Cergorach in post Modiphius Takes Over Vampire: The Masquerade
    But... When a company is taking on so many projects we can't but wonder at the delays being caused by 'unknown factors' or just a company taking on to many responsibilities and not able to handle them in a timely fashion. It is perfectly possible that Modiphius got this one-time shot at the Vampire license, and it was a "now or never" moment. It is also perfectly possible (likely even) that the Siege Kickstarter project is delayed for reasons unrelated to the acquisition of this new license. Once the vampire project ramps up, it is likely that the Siege project is already completed, and so it would be folly not to sign up for new projects. What should the staff previously employed do next year? All in all, I recommend you to look at the glass as half-full next time :)
  • 12:37 AM - CapnZapp quoted Cergorach in post Modiphius Takes Over Vampire: The Masquerade
    Also Modiphius has it's hands full with all the other IP they have under their control, release dates are already slipping (look at Infinity or Siege of the Citadel). *goes to look at Siege* *sees post that confirms shipments are enroute and will be delivered in January* You were saying?

Wednesday, 19th December, 2018

  • 02:10 AM - agrayday quoted Cergorach in post War is Hell in Ulisses Spiele's Wrath & Glory
    Not sold, just licensed. And the amount, I doubt, we'll never know. I suspect that the writer is a freelancer that just writes for a property has worked on before (knowledge of the setting). I suspect that it was FFG that didn't want to renew the license, they pretty much milked the property dry at that point, and some of the new GW games were done with FFG's own IP (thus no need to pay license fees). I also doubt that Wrath & Glory will do anywhere as well as Dark Heresy, the market has flooded with product. We saw the same thing with the Star Wars property after it moved from WotC to FFG, FFG started with making games in the same genre where WotC's were weakest a starship miniatures game and a LCG. IA was more of a Descent 2.5 with a SW skin instead of a pure miniatures game like Legion, a pure minis game many years after the last WotC prepainted miniatures release. Ulisses NA has been throwing money around the last couple of years making a name for themselves, I suspect that this is their la...

Saturday, 17th November, 2018

Thursday, 8th November, 2018

  • 01:31 AM - dave2008 quoted Cergorach in post Sandy Petersen's Cthulhu Mythos Returns to 5E D&D
    A couple a notes to keep in mind when backing this: 1.) Sandy has 5 other KS projects that haven't been delivered (yet). One is over a year late (Glorantha - The Gods War), one is already four months late (Cthulhu Wars Onslaught 3), one a month late (Evil High Priest), the others (Planet Apocalypse, STARTROPOLIS) aren't due yet, but I don't expect them to be on time either. Even CMoN doesn't have this much of a backlog. 2.) The Pathfinder version of this book was horrendously late and the art/layout was far below par. My CE version of the book went straight onto a pile, haven't opened it since, and I'm considering selling it. Now, the preview pdf of the 5E book does look a lot better. Just wanted to update you that I backed the project and I got my PDF today (11/7/2018). I haven't had a chance to go through it yet, but it sure looks great.

Wednesday, 7th November, 2018

  • 01:52 PM - pemerton quoted Cergorach in post Mike Mearls on how 4E could have looked
    Just because it works for you doesn't mean it works for everyone. Who do you think has asserted the contrary? Every paragraph you quoted from Stacie GmrGrl had some first person pronoun or adjective in it ("I", "me", "my"). She was talking about her gaming experiences and preferences, not everyone's.
  • 01:47 PM - pemerton quoted Cergorach in post Mike Mearls on how 4E could have looked
    Sorry, but then you have a bad player/DM mesh. "I want to do X." or "Can I do Y?" are very common, most often because the player doesn't know the specific rules for the action or doesn't know how realistic an action is to perform. <snip> How creative a player is depends on the player, not the rules system. <snip> As a person, I like codified rules systems like Shadowrun or 4E Mechanically, but as a DM there are quite often far too many rules I can't all remember, that is especially bothersome when there are quite a few people that know those books inside out and some are rules lawyers. Having to often refer to the rules for subsystem X/Y/Z is bothersome and really messes with the flow of the game, the game session, takes too much time and generally has a negative impact on my gaming group. Now you can rag on 2E all you want, but not having rules for everything makes things harder for some things and less hard for others. The problem is that not even codified rules sets have rules ...
  • 12:04 PM - Stacie GmrGrl quoted Cergorach in post Mike Mearls on how 4E could have looked
    That was imho 4E's biggest issue, a lack of theme. The game mechanics were strong and clean, but the core books had about as much personality as a doorknob (none). I bought everyone of my old gaming group a 4E PHB, got heavily invested in the books, but any motivation I had for DMing 4E was quickly drained by the clinical nature of the rules. I even attempted to get other adventure settings/adventures converted to 4E, but due to the mechanical nature of 4E, I got quickly bogged down in number crunching mode. Eventually I threw up my hands and had the realisation, why try to convert an old D&D/Pathfinder adventure to 4E, when I can just DM Pathfinder. The issue there was that it wasn't D&D and that threw up some obstacles for the rest of the group... Eventually we got back together for some 5e gaming, but life being life, we're now stuck on a 'once in a blue moon' schedule of board games... Being adults sucks! (And I've been one for a while now!) ;-) I am opposite. The clinical nature of 4e al...

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