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Games in Chippenham, wiltshire area would be good.
Chippenham, Wiltshire, UK
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Tuesday, 13th December, 2016

  • 12:02 AM - AbdulAlhazred quoted Pobman in post What are people homebrewing?
    I've been pondering about doing a 4E hack when I've finished my curent project. My aim would be to rewrite player bits only so that I could still use all of my DM stuff. I haven't given it much thought though, apart from a thought about redoing Martial PCs. I was thinking of taking all of the martial powers, taking similar ones and combining them into a single power. Your attack roll determines the level of the power (oh and you've still got to hit obviously). So for example [NOTE: numbers just pulled out of my arse]: 1-12 - Basic At-will version of the power 13-17 - Encounter version of the power 18-19 - Daily version of the power 20 - Critical hit version of the Daily power Then a martial character would just pick a few of these. As the PC levels up they would get acess to new combined powers, or the power level of the existing powers increase. It's similar to the way 13th Age does things, but with a clear the-power-gets-better-as-your-roll increases. I dunno, probably a dumb idea - I h...

Saturday, 20th February, 2016

  • 06:32 PM - Manbearcat quoted Pobman in post Who's still playing 4E
    I'd love to see a video of a group playing through a "Skill Challenge done right". Does anybody know if such a video exists? I don't have any video either, but I've got several cases of the next base thing! Starting with this post 290 and ending with this post 295. That is a level + 3 (24), Complexity 2 Skill Challenge where the PCs' objective was to make a mad dash/climb down a treacherous mountainside in order to intercept a band of fleeing refugees before they are overcome by a hoard of fleeing mutates and malignant, Far Realm mists. This is an example of a "Chase" SC. Nested in there was a combat. Here is an example of a "Seeking Shelter" Skill Challenge, level (6), Complexity 1 Skill Challenge which starts with post 18 and ends with post 24. Here is an example of a "Perilous Journey/Exploration" Skill Challenge, level (6), Complexity 3 Skill Challenge. It starts with post 27 and ends with post 44. Nested in there was a Combat and a complexity 1 SC to Pursue Fleeing Pre...
  • 12:46 PM - EzekielRaiden quoted Pobman in post Who's still playing 4E
    I'd love to see a video of a group playing through a "Skill Challenge done right". Does anybody know if such a video exists? In theory, I could post the chatlog for some of our skill challenges. We aren't able to use mic and sound because the DM can only play late at night, when the little one and his better half are abed. Thus all of our stuff is spelled out in the text, and for a skill challenge in particular, almost all of it is represented there (since we don't use the Roll20 battlemap for that much, except for the DM to keep tally of successes/failures). However, I'd want to get group agreement before I did anything like that. It's one thing to share a few cool memories and file the names/numbers off. It's quite another to post exact quotes of the people involved without their knowledge or permission.
  • 12:19 PM - Balesir quoted Pobman in post Who's still playing 4E
    I'd love to see a video of a group playing through a "Skill Challenge done right". Does anybody know if such a video exists? I would be surprised if it does, because capturing one would be like trying to bottle laughter. Running a really good SC is hard, even if supremely satisfying when it comes off. Very much like running really memorable combats, I think. I can usually manage "pretty fun and moderately satisfying", but "memorable and amazing" strikes randomly and more seldom. FWIW I find increasingly that DungeonWorld's advice about player moves can be extrapolated to SCs. Use them only when you can identify a specific intent that the players/characters have, and use it to judge progress toward that intent. Each failure brings some cost, hard choice or dilution of that intent - complete failure means that the intent is not realised, but you should keep the outcome interesting and moving in an interesting direction ("Fail Forward"). Also FWIW I posted some systemic notes that I use w...

Thursday, 17th December, 2015

  • 01:40 AM - MoutonRustique quoted Pobman in post Coolest 3pp or "rare" mechanic
    Hi, I was the author of the Legendary Locations blog posts. Thanks for the kind words, after the morning I had had, it was just the thing I needed to cheer me up. :)Well that's half-great to hear! :) (only half because you're presupposing that the day you had was fairly bad - not great to hear; but then you were cheered up - great to hear! :p) Also, it's always strange (to me) to interact with people who produce these things : it's kind of like actors - it's strange to think that they are real people... (Although in my case, I get the same kind of thing from students : when they see me outside school many are a bit baffled - like they thought I slept there or something. ;) ) A word of warning though, the Midgard Campaign settting isn't for 4E and the articles I wrote referenced the page numbers in the book for further information about the places I talked about. I just liked the Midgard Setting and when I read the location descriptions the idea of using the 4E disease track for them...

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