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    Today, 05:57 AM
    Motes of Gold When they awoke, their circumstances were bizarrely different. Wind whistled and whined around them. Each unit member found themselves stretched out on a rock, alone, and only as they began to pick themselves up did some of them realise that one or two of the others were close by: Rumdoom was on the same, large expanse as Gupta; Leon was on a smaller body above them. ...
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    Friday, 21st June, 2019, 04:02 PM
    It's quite understandable. You've waited almost eight years for that particular bucket to fall on my players' heads. And I worked very hard to have it fall right at the end of the session, so I'm glad you appreciated the comic timing.
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    Friday, 21st June, 2019, 05:04 AM
    Cracked Shell Before anyone had time to start making plans for a rescue, a roar and flash of light came from outside the palace. “Constables,” said Rock Rackus, with awkward solemnity, pointing out of a window , “Is that an asteroid I do spy?” Streaking across the sky, it disappeared from view, but a moment later light flashed and the ground shuddered. Moments later came the...
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    Wednesday, 19th June, 2019, 06:49 AM
    Copperhat the Headless is back on the loose!
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    Wednesday, 19th June, 2019, 05:38 AM
    Thistle Palace They chose the very far northeast corner of the palace to enter, in the hopes of finding some fey holding out in the bunker. Leon teleported them down there, leaving the Coaltongue airborne, then he got them into the palace with a dimension door. The whole eastern wing of the palace was eerily empty. Magic designed to keep the place in fine condition was busy scrubbing...
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    Monday, 17th June, 2019, 07:08 AM
    Silent Cavalry The next few moments were even more desperate: Gupta succumbed to the dominion of the Star Marshall and began to disrobe; the enslaved mantis-creatures created insane illusions of praying statuary that prevented the unit from seeing their foes and blinded Leon completely. Hidden outside the radius of this, Uru realised that Lacacia must have issued fresh, telepathic...
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    Thursday, 13th June, 2019, 06:14 AM
    Aurum Treasure Admiral Smith gave orders for the ship to proceed at full speed towards the enemy vessel. While they passed over the legion below, they couldn’t resist harrying them from above. Uru opened the bomb-bay doors, clambered into the Sunfish and fired on the devils with the Tyrant’s Eye. Uriel summoned a violent storm and lanced them with lightning. Gupta, Quratulain, Korrigan...
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    Tuesday, 11th June, 2019, 04:33 PM
    You'll find most of it comes from the original adventure, but you're welcome to use anything you like. I like that idea. It's a subtlety I may pinch if need arises. That's a fabulous map, thanks. Sadly, I'm just a few weeks behind with these reports, and we ran the session with the windskiff (on Urim, with the vaknids) only just last night. I forgot to provide a vessel, so we...
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    Monday, 10th June, 2019, 03:36 PM
    I do like to squeeze maximum value out of the material. Also, this new mask makes Quratulain look like the Terminator.
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    Monday, 10th June, 2019, 05:55 AM
    Legion’s Initiative For countless aeons the pit fiend Brhan Kinoro had wrought chaos and destruction across the multiverse, even before he was pressed into the service of the Golden Legion. In his case, the servitude was not onerous, for his duties were to kill, enslave and destroy – all activities to which he was naturally inclined. The fact that he now did these things at the behest of...
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    Thursday, 6th June, 2019, 06:27 AM
    Through a Glass, Darkly Here in the Bleak Gate, Cauldron Hill had not been eroded. An incongruous fire now blazed on one side of its saddle-like peak; on the other they could see three figures. Not wishing to alarm Rock and his friends by teleporting unexpectedly, they took the gith’s stone discs down to meet him, and left the Coaltongue circling at a safe distance, with Rumdoom and Uriel...
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    Tuesday, 4th June, 2019, 07:28 PM
    This section of the adventure, dealing with the tempestuous journey to the Gyre, was hugely enjoyed by the players, which came as a pleasant surprise to be me. I had thought it would play out as a bit of a grind, but it was challenging and exciting to the point where, during the mid-point break in the session, a couple of the players said, independently, "thanks for that, it was great!" ...
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    Sunday, 2nd June, 2019, 02:27 PM
    Turning, turning… To the outside observer, to crowds gathered at the foot of the hill watching their departure, the Coaltongue behaved in much the same way as Weary Enid’s whale had done when the Gyre reached its zenith: moved suddenly upwards, impossibly fast, and then vanished; a smooth, silent, mysterious transition. But for those on board it was truly terrifying – from calm to chaos in...
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Friday, 7th July, 2017

  • 10:20 PM - SanjMerchant mentioned gideonpepys in post Flint: Real World Parallels?
    Aodhan and Ethelyn have African racial features. So do Heward and Nevard Sechim (in adventure 2), Malia Baccarin (in 4), plus Ken Don and Vitus Sigismund (in adventure 8). Plus, of course, Rock Rackus. I forgot about Sechims and Baccarin altogether (although I didn't think Baccarin was Risuri, but that's a bit beside the point of this particular tangent). And I have no idea how I forgot about Sigismund when writing that post when I've been literally reading about him in gideonpepys 's campaign journal (though, again, I think I was thinking of Risuri specifically). No fracking clue how I, or anyone, could just forget about Rock. TL;DR, I have no idea what I'm talking about. :-P Eladrin have Indo-Persian features. I'm trying to recall how many elves we had -- Nilasa is a half-elf and sorta Indian-y, while most of the other elves (like Ottavia Sacredote, Livia Hatsfield, or Lauryn Cyneburg) are more European. But elves, as we all know, have lots of sub-races. I keep forgetting that Ottavia is not straight up Human. (By the way, I realize it was probably born of the Pathfinder Oracle's Curse class feature, but her being deaf and Luc speaking sign language with her is a great touch.)

Thursday, 23rd March, 2017

  • 06:45 PM - Truename mentioned gideonpepys in post What's the "win" scenario in adventure #3?
    @gideonpepys, I agree that this is a reasonable approach to take. But it doesn't appear to be supported by the text. It does say that moving the seal away from the portal releases the Thing from Beyond, but it doesn't say that doing so ends the ritual. (In fact, it says the opposite: the ritual cannot end unless the seal is next to the portal.) For Collapse, "a dangerous collapse can be achieved" but not "if the seal is not next to the portal." If you collapse the portal (by destroying all 8 lanterns while the seal is next to the portal) then The Thing emerges when the link to Apet ends. But it doesn't say that the link ends when The Thing emerges. @RangerWickett, what was your intent?

Monday, 8th July, 2013

Monday, 24th June, 2013

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Wednesday, 19th June, 2019

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Monday, 13th May, 2019

  • 04:59 AM - SanjMerchant quoted gideonpepys in post [ZEITGEIST] The Continuing Adventures of Korrigan & Co.
    OK, apologies for reaching backwards a bit, this exchange They did not charge towards him, as he expected, but one began to declaim: “I apprehend you to be unmatched warriors whom I could call peers. I welcome you to a place of negotiation…” A shot rang out and the ghoul fell. ... Looking askance at its fallen brother, a second ghoul took up the speech: “ Let us set aside titles and honours and speak among the ancient stones. Much time has passed since I rode through these lands, and…” Another shot. The second ghoul fell. ... just reminded me of a bit of banter from the set up to my never-even-got-onto-the-damn-Coaltongue attempt at running this: I posted about how non-lethal KO's were being handled at said this: (Plus, I'd like not to have to write up a lot of replacement NPCs, thank you.) To which one of my players naturally responded: Player: I shoot Bunthar Jorgensen! DM: (rolls dice) Well, he's dead. Coincidentally, a man steps out of the crowd and intr...

Saturday, 27th April, 2019

  • 11:07 AM - Zipster quoted gideonpepys in post Adventure 12 Question [Spoilers, natch]
    Okay, so we DMs know how the PCs are getting back from the Gyre, but how do they think they are doing it? I don’t think my players will be happy about going if the trip is theoretically one way.I think, at this point in the game, the PCs are generally on a level of resourcefulness that they should be thinking that they can find a way; that something will present itself. If it's played up as necessary to save reality, or to stop Nicodemus then the PCs will have little reason not to go. At this point, hero has an implication of sacrifice I think.

Friday, 5th April, 2019

Friday, 30th November, 2018

Wednesday, 13th June, 2018

  • 10:11 PM - Zipster quoted gideonpepys in post Clergy hierarch information
    If the hierarch in question impregnated Linia against her will, is it possible that the child was held in stasis in some way, either by her or by the clergy? I ask only because one candidate who springs to mind is Cardinal Silvestri. But he died 500 years ago. Hm. Slvestri is possible, but definitely not what I was originally thinking. Seems there isn't a whole lot of information about many hierarchs. I can't imagine that the vault doesn't have any sort of things which would keep something in stasis. PC trapped there for 400 years as an infant in stasis, freed by Masardik after returning from Risur. It could definitely work. Thanks for a different idea!

Tuesday, 12th June, 2018

Monday, 11th June, 2018

  • 03:19 PM - Karma Kollapse quoted gideonpepys in post [ZEITGEIST] Ekossigan, Adventure #5 and dark stuff in Zeitgeist (Spoilers. Obviously)
    I never mentioned in my earlier post, but my players failed to stop Ekossigan and he murdered all the orphans. I really didn't expect that to happen and it was exceptionally dark. It was the first time the group's failure had had such dire consequences, and really built up tension for the finale. Eeeeep! Did they end up encountering Ekossigan in the complex later? I feel like one of those threads is bound to end in failure - terrorists cause a lot of murder, Ekossigan kills a lot of orphans, or the B-Team are all brutally murdered / mutilated by Kell.

Sunday, 8th April, 2018

  • 12:16 PM - VisanidethDM quoted gideonpepys in post Of iron, wood and flesh - a 4E ZEITGEIST chronicle
    From a roleplay perspective, though, if Boyd knows Gale, surely the Vekeshi might at least approach him to try and send her a message in adventure 2? (I guess no one needs to be asked to assasinate Rock, though. It doesn't add a huge amount.) Yes, I plan to play out his relationship with Gale, and knowing the guy who plays it, he's going to try to infiltrate the cult anyways, so he can pick up the roleplaying threads as a double agent.
  • 12:14 PM - VisanidethDM quoted gideonpepys in post Of iron, wood and flesh - a 4E ZEITGEIST chronicle
    Quick question about using 4e, if you have time: Does the character builder still work? Or are you guys somehow managing without? It still works if you have a running sub (and since they introduced the 5E online tools, you can resub for the 4E ones too). still has everything. Of course Zeitgeist material has to be updated manually.
  • 10:49 AM - VisanidethDM quoted gideonpepys in post Of iron, wood and flesh - a 4E ZEITGEIST chronicle
    Might Boyd also have an affiliation with the Vekeshi? I ask only because that theme always felt to me like it should be played out in secret, not writ large, given it is a clandestine organisation. (One of my players was a martial scientist, but also a mystic.) The vekeshi subplots are well worth exploring. (In fact, it's the only theme that involves an actual plot rather than occasional bonuses and areas of interest.) It was the Danoran tiefling general who pretended to be the guy who killed him, right? I suggested the theme to Boyd's player but he wasn't really interest. I think the guy who plays Bruce may "double dip" (in roleplay terms) in that part of the story.

Saturday, 7th April, 2018

  • 09:23 AM - VisanidethDM quoted gideonpepys in post Of iron, wood and flesh - a 4E ZEITGEIST chronicle
    Me too. Love the crunch! But yes, the fights take a long time. I've found that I now pack minis only for fights I know the players can't avoid. Because if you pack minis, you want the players to fight, right? Still, 4e combats are great. Like a hugely thematic tactical boardgame. I know at least one of my players who really misses that aspect of the game. (But I know at least two who definitely don't!) Your roster of characters is exciting. I'm looking forward to reading more. Pretty much, yeah. 4E asks for your time but doesn't waste it. If the fights are well staged and well played and there's not too many of them, the payoff is huge and something other systems rarely can replicate. I'll be posting the last character and the chronicle of the first 2 sessions later today.

Tuesday, 27th March, 2018

  • 08:12 AM - Karma Kollapse quoted gideonpepys in post [ZEITGEIST] Ekossigan, Adventure #5 and dark stuff in Zeitgeist (Spoilers. Obviously)
    Thanks for the replies! The thing is - and this is my hot take of the thread reading it only half way through, not having actually GMed it - I feel like the fact that Ekossigan is able to do something this evil is half the point. The Cloudwood has lost most of its police force, so everything that is happening is a direct result of the chaos that the Obscuriti are (unintentionally) inflicting on the world. Add some really nasty witchy panic to the townspeople and I think it makes for an interesting scenario to parallel with the terrorism and gang war. Toning down Ekossigan himself (making his targets adults or even in-mates) makes the plot less compelling, and I feel it'd be easier just to take it out and give the other two threads more focus. I'd rather not put in lots of work to make a less interesting version of the sub-plot. Asrabey can just show up unannounced later (I can't recall whether there's anything he needs to know or do beforehand). That's if the players veto the idea of running...

Wednesday, 21st February, 2018

  • 11:48 AM - Morrus quoted gideonpepys in post Views?
    So, moving forward, will 'number of views' be permanently removed? I don’t currently have an answer to that question beyond what I said. Sorry! :)

Thursday, 7th December, 2017

  • 06:06 PM - Tormyr quoted gideonpepys in post [ZEITGEIST] The Continuing Adventures of Korrigan & Co.
    BOOOM! *snip* Korrigan sent to Han Jierre again: “Thanks for the message. I regret to say that the messengers ran away before I could give them my reply.” This whole episode was inspired by Tormyr's earlier post, without which I would not have reflected on the fact that this would be a nice, dramatic moment to have a concerted attack against the unit. I really beefed up the porteurs, making the squad on the submarine the elite of the elite, boosted by potions and rituals. Having the attack come at night on board ship added some variety (the characters weren't awake or equipped), but it soon became apparent that the marines stood no chance of making a kill. It was fun though! *snip* Hey, I rewrote the future! ;)

Saturday, 2nd December, 2017

Monday, 9th October, 2017

  • 05:03 PM - hirou quoted gideonpepys in post Question about starting Zeitgeist
    I think it makes a great, comedic counterpoint to the oppressive high stakes of Cauldron Born. Also, it's fun for the players to really let rip in a foreign land, without having to sneak around or investigate a complex mystery. Talking about complex mysteries... I know you didn't mean it, but this sounds unexpectedly sarcastic after my session. The party finally started to wonder whether they are actually the good guys after murdering poor captain Thrag Vidalia and then realizing he was mind-controlled "by purple-skinned Risuri enchantress". And they have close to no means of proving this to a fort full of orcs on a brink of war. Oops. While the new player lightheartedly signed a contract with potential 600k gold loss for Risur at Liss Railways.

Sunday, 8th October, 2017

  • 02:06 PM - Tormyr quoted gideonpepys in post [ZEITGEIST] The Continuing Adventures of Korrigan & Co.
    *In a prolonged encounter that went unreported at the time, Korrigan really did take one for the team: the Governor of Macdam was a ridiculous gentleman who wore very old-fashioned, lace-fringed clothes buttoned tightly over his rotund frame, and a very obvious wig. To complete his 'look' he sported a tiny moustache beneath his bulbous nose. A man of some pretention, he was overjoyed to receive an official guest and personally ‘entertained’ Korrigan over dinner with a rendition of the national anthem of Risur, performed on a screechy violin. All the while, his pet capuchin gorged dates from a bowl in the centre of the table, and spat the pits with suspicious accuracy – ricocheting off the silverware and pinging off wine glasses to whizz past Korrigan’s head. [Here, Korrigan employed ‘I love the smell of witchoil’ for the second time in as many days and remained unphased by the monkey.] The end result of this interminable dinner was that Korrigan got what he came for. ** Uru had been fading...

Sunday, 1st October, 2017

  • 07:41 PM - Nevvur quoted gideonpepys in post GMs of EN World: What player behavior annoys you the most?
    I read a Chris Perkins article once where he advised DMs not to get irked when players whip out their phones. He said he regarded it as part of the challenge for the DM to keep players off their phones. I have a great group, but the players do spend a lot of session time staring at a screen, faces all lit up by something that has nothing to do with our game. Following Perkins I have so far resisted asking them to stop, and tried to persuade them to zone out by increasing tension, changing the tone of my voice, etc. But modern technology is hard to compete with. (Just ask my 4-year-old who would rather spend time on the ipad than do just about anything else.) It does get under my skin sometimes, especially when more than one player - sometimes three or four out fo a group of six/seven - has succumbed to the lure of social media. Especially since if I did the same myself the whole game would grind to a halt. I'm tempted to do so in a passive-aggressive demonstration ("See? How do you like i...

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