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    Thursday, 11th July, 2019, 01:12 AM

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    Sunday, 7th July, 2019, 02:27 PM
    The fact that Paizo is selling expensive print copies and deluxe print copies of books and adventures for the 2E playtest probably goes a long way to increasing criticism of the system. You have a lot of fans/hopeful fans putting a good chunk of change out for something that ended up being very different than the PF1E playtest. At some point afterwards, you (Paizo) talk about how...
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    Saturday, 6th July, 2019, 02:15 PM
    As a fan of 4e, and not 3.5, I absolutely do hope that PF2e is Paizo's 4e to its 3.5 (PF1) :) I disliked the playtest. But the gameplay in Oblivion Oath has got me pretty excited to see it. It seems to be, like 4e, a game that plays better than it reads. We shall see.
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    Tuesday, 2nd July, 2019, 02:34 AM
    race as class fits certain styles of fantasy where all the dwarves sorta feel the same with just minor differences. Are the hobbits that different in lotr for example? not really. They have some minor differences that could just be choices in the hobbit class (paths). One of the advantages in this fantasy setting is humans and their diversity. I think that is why AD&D moved away from it to...
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    Friday, 28th June, 2019, 09:12 PM
    except for thief and monk
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    Friday, 28th June, 2019, 09:08 PM
    I have never had a player abuse this. Most of the time they forget they have it, and it only comes up so often. I think it is more the type of player using the spell, than the spell itself.
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    Tuesday, 25th June, 2019, 01:00 AM
    Players want to climb with parkour ... that is athletics. Players want to jump really far ... that is athletics. Players want to flip over something ... that is acrobatics Players want to slide down something ... that is acrobatics Players want to run across something narrow ... that is acrobatics players want to leap off a buildings and land with out dying ... that is acrobatics to avoid...
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Friday, 12th December, 2014

  • 03:45 AM - I'm A Banana mentioned Wrathamon in post Running Eberron in 5E
    ...ference between "I prepare and cast fireball" and "I make a bomb that explodes using the mechanics of fireball" largely boil down to whose action triggers the effect. Meanwhile, other classes that can use fireball (such as sorcerers and sun clerics) have additional mechanics that make them stand apart from each other. If the goal is to simply replicate what the 3e/4e artificer could do, the artificer can be a subclass and prepare spells in items that others can trigger. If the goal is to make the artificer an independent class, they must have more to distinguish it than letting allies trigger their spells. "I think otherwise" is fine, but it isn't much of a reason for anyone to agree with you. Earlier, people said that subclasses based on creating certain items could support the class. I argued that the proposed subclasses seemed a little arbitrary. Someone came in and had the brilliant idea of using artificer PrC's as a basis for subclasses. I'm on board with that. Recently, Wrathamon proposed an alternate item crafting system perhaps with different "rider effects" that artificers could choose. That sounds like it has some meat, too. I can totally see an artificer class condensing out of that cloud of vaporous hypothetical mechanics. But notably, both expand the mechanical place of an artificer beyond an armor-wearing, club-wielding, trap-disarming wizard who lets others trigger their spells. Warlocks and sorcerers both won their independence from wizards in a similar fashion: their mechanics are more than "I am a blood wizard who uses spontaneous casting and a spear" or "I am a sword-wielding wizard whose magic spells are gifts from beyond this world." Meanwhile, assassins couldn't jump away from rogues because they couldn't get a unique enough head of steam, and swordmages are a kind of fighter now because "I am a fighter who casts spells" is not big enough to leave a subclass. So there is a distinct mechanical scope that a class needs to achieve in 5e ...

Sunday, 7th December, 2014

  • 08:24 AM - Orich Starkhart mentioned Wrathamon in post Armor as DR
    ... successful hit always does a minimum amount of damage. Problem solved.I suppose this can address the problem that sufficient Armor DR makes a character invulnerable to low damage weapon attacks, what about increased vulnerability to higher level high-damage attacks making DR seem pointless? DR works better in 5e than in 3e, since high level hit points are defined in a way that emphasizes longevity over physical destruction. DMMike, please elaborate on this point about the definition of hit points. Bringing up Reactions is interesting, because it also brings up action economy. The move/action/reaction system is fantastic - except that -defending yourself- falls completely outside of that economy. For 5e, parrying should be an Action and/or Reaction, while damage reduction applies to all hits. Agreed, and parrying could be added as a possible action/reaction, akin to the existing "Dodge", but I think Sadrik's "Parry" is independent of action economy, thus could coexist with Wrathamon's counter proposal to use an action or reaction to "parry or block". Such a parry or block attempted as a reaction may be much like a Shield spell - implemented specifically in response to a known-damaging blow. Gamers should be able to subtract DR from damage in the time that it takes to carry their pencils to the correct spot on their character sheets. Indeed. I think a big weapon can hold things at bay and give less opportunity to attack the person, i.e., increase their parry score. I hold you away from me with my sword and shield. If you sneak one in you will have my armor to contend with. Yes, but the defender waiting for an attacker to approach already gets an Opportunity Attack, interrupting their attacker's movement, when the attacker tries to come within the defender's range. Maybe the attacker can complete move and their attack only if they avoid a successful hit from the defender's reaction attack (perhaps necessitating a change/clarification of the rule that the...

Friday, 5th December, 2014

  • 09:05 PM - Orich Starkhart mentioned Wrathamon in post Armor as DR
    ...mmodated by either: a) the parry modifier to a weapon should be normalized to 0 for the melee weapons, while small and light weapons (e.g.: dagger) get -1, pole weapons (e.g.: spear, halberd) get +1, or b) the base Parry for a human becomes 6, to account for adding both Proficiency and weapon parry bonus. You could go 2/4/6 for the DRs I suppose, but I worry about magic making the ACs to high and making HP last too long. perhaps 1/3/5 may work.. I think you mean magic making the DR, rather than AC, too high? Does my suggestion above about applying the magic bonus to Parry deal with this issue? As far as HP lasting too long - this is of course going to depend on the specific DR value(s) and on the nature of attacks the characters suffer in the campaign. The math has to work differently if we simply translate a fixed AC to a fixed DR. But because in D&D damage per attack tends to increase with level of encounter, going to an Armor as DR system risks the behavior mentioned by Wrathamon, that the armor-wearer becomes less vulnerable than in the unmodified rules to low-damage attacks, but less protected in the attacks of foes that deliver higher damage per attack. A certain degree of this makes sense - a dagger wielded against a plate armored champion in melee would have a hard time doing any real damage at all. One possible mitigation for the fact that armor-as-DR doesn't reduce hit probability, so in this system armor helps less than AC against high-damage attacks: perhaps DR can be proportional to proficiency bonus? At its most simple: light armor DR = prof medium = 2*prof heavy=3*prof This does mean the dagger-armed (d4 damage) PC cannot expect to hurt the mail armored NPC (DR=6 at levels 1-4) at all unless the PC makes critical hit the attack has significant damage bonuses of some sort (ability modifiers, magic enhancement, circumstantial or class feature bonuses, the attack qualifies for additional damage dice (e.g., Sneak Attack) there is explicit p...

Saturday, 8th November, 2014

  • 01:33 AM - Cernor mentioned Wrathamon in post DMing for Only 1 Player [Any Tips?]
    I started in 4e when my brother ran me through Keep on the Shadowfell... He gave me an NPC companion (and later a second PC to control), and kept it interesting by not sticking to the book. DMing for a single player has a lot of similarities with a group, and you will see that most of them work equally well for more than one person, but my biggest tips are: 1. Echoing Wrathamon, don't be afraid to throw an artifact at them (or powerful magic item), even at a low level. You could have them come across an artifact, have the story revolve around it for a time, then move on to bigger and better things-- The plus side of which is that you can make encounters more difficult and more interesting, because they'll be buffed up beyond what they should be. 2. Don't start them at first level. Keep in mind that they'll burn through resources a lot faster than a full party, and being alone they won't have anyone to take hits for them. Personally I like levels 3 or 4 to start, because they don't breeze through the levels anymore and have the foundation of their class build done (especially path specializations). 3. I know this is a common sentiment, but give them support! Add in a second PC for them, or an NPC to help them out. It may reduce their sense of vulnerability, but ideally it should make them more invested in the world because they develop a relationship wit...

Friday, 19th September, 2014

  • 07:12 PM - doctorhook mentioned Wrathamon in post D&D5E Duergar PC Race Suggestions
    @Wrathamon's post cleared this up nicely, and I XP'd him for it, but it's worth repeating, so here I go. So you're telling me 4E's duergar are basically tiefling dwarves, but earlier editions duergar(and variants) were dwarves related to demons.Nope, no fiends of any kind. Pre-4E duergars were only related to dwarves, with the exception of half-fiendish duergars called "durzagons", who were a specific type of monster spawned from duergars breeding with devils. Pre-4E duergar were the dwarf-analogue of drow: evil, dark-skinned underdark-dwellers with innate magical (psionic) abilities. In 4E, the mechanics and fluff for durzagons was absorbed by duergars, except that these new duergars were racially infernal and bred from each other (similar to tieflings), rather than each one being an actual half-fiend like the durzagon was. So far, all signs point to 5E duergars being like pre-4E non-fiendish duergars.

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Thursday, 11th July, 2019

  • 09:20 PM - Hussar quoted Wrathamon in post The Evolution of Tieflings in D&D: Interviews with Zeb Cook and Colin McComb
    I am not a huge fan, but I did have a younger player start playing a tiefling in one of my home games. It has good role play potential, and she does a great job with it. Of course, I run in Greyhawk, so I had to fit them in. I ended up just tying them to Iuz and the Greyhawk wars, which seemed an easy way to explain their lack of history in the setting. Which is exactly how Ghosts of Saltmarsh presents tieflings in Greyhawk. Servants of Iuz. Great minds and all that. :D Considering how popular tieflings became in the 4e & 5e era. I think the change was a success. And, really, how popular is that actually? Aren't tieflings about as popular as gnomes? As in, virtually no one plays except a tiny slice of gamers who are REALLY passionate about the race? I've never even seen so much as a suggestion of playing one in any game I've sat in on. Wasn't it somewhere around the bottom of the pack in the D&D Beyond polling?
  • 08:28 PM - Anthraxus quoted Wrathamon in post The Evolution of Tieflings in D&D: Interviews with Zeb Cook and Colin McComb
    Considering how popular tieflings became in the 4e & 5e era. I think the change was a success. Considering that Tieflings were introduced into a core PHB in 4e, that probably has more than anything to do with their rise in popularity.
  • 08:02 PM - Imaro quoted Wrathamon in post The Evolution of Tieflings in D&D: Interviews with Zeb Cook and Colin McComb
    Considering how popular tieflings became in the 4e & 5e era. I think the change was a success. Or it might have been that they were (finally) put in the core rulebooks, you know the books that the majority of people playing the game actually buy and use... just saying. EDIT: And in 5e at least (not sure about 4e) they have already given variants of the monolithic Tieflings that players can choose.

Monday, 1st July, 2019

Tuesday, 25th June, 2019

  • 08:41 PM - Parmandur quoted Wrathamon in post D&D Essentials Kit Offers a New Place to Start
    The Target near me had them on a special end aisle section in from of the TV area. The Starter set was in the boardgame area. They had 3 essentials kits left and 1 starter kit in stock. So, where they sell Magic cards and nerd swag?
  • 08:40 PM - Beleriphon quoted Wrathamon in post 5E, Acrobatics, and Parkour
    Players want to climb with parkour ... that is athletics. Players want to jump really far ... that is athletics. Players want to flip over something ... that is acrobatics Players want to slide down something ... that is acrobatics Players want to run across something narrow ... that is acrobatics players want to leap off a buildings and land with out dying ... that is acrobatics to avoid some of the damage and athletics for distance. What Acrobatics isnt is the ability to climb something by using dex or jump really far by using dex. See THIEF 2nd story work. That sounds like what people are looking for but they dont want to play the Thief. Parkour masters are those who are athletic and acrobatic. edit: I liked the ability to bypass difficult terrain as an ability check. Keep in mind that 5E presents checks as ability checks, not skill checks. So what you're actually supposed to be doing is saying "What ability works here? Strength or Dexterity?" then ask "Is a character Pro...

Friday, 14th June, 2019

  • 12:56 AM - R_Chance quoted Wrathamon in post Dragon Reflections #22
    I always considered B/X and B/E+CMI to be the same. I know they aren't now because I never really played them. I incorrectly assumed they're were when I was 8-20s ... whitebox Original was homebrew D&D to be honest. ;p The various incarnations of Basic / Expert / etc. are, imo, the evolution of that line. I never worried too much about it because original / advanced D&D was the basis of my game. And that's "woodprint" / whitebox for original D&D :) Still have one woodprint and one surviving whitebox set along with the supplements. And yep, homebrew was constant with it. We played Chainmail's fantasy appendix miniature battles / campaigns before D&D came out and we homebrewed that too. That was just gaming then. Fun, experimental and... undefined. We tried tons of things out, and d@mn it was fun :D *edit* Cleaning up the grammar...
  • 12:11 AM - R_Chance quoted Wrathamon in post Dragon Reflections #22
    This shows the side of Gygax I never appreciated. His petty bashing of others in print. He seemed very defensive. He had some reason for his bashing; he took quite a bit from others. Doesn't really excuse it, but it does give some context. Then too, it was a hobbyist niche, professionalism wasn't much of a factor then.
  • 12:07 AM - R_Chance quoted Wrathamon in post Dragon Reflections #22
    I also never understood having two versions of D&D. It was very confusing for me growing up and to be honest I didn't know anyone who played original D&D after 81 except using the adventures as content. It was portrayed where I grew up as the not cool version or for beginners only. I only played it when I was younger. A lot of us continued to play original D&D adding what we liked from AD&D. And there were three brands of D&D. Original, B/X, and AD&D. See? Even more confusing :) I don't think I ever made a strong distinction between original and 1E (or later even 2E). I bought and read Basic / Expert but didn't like the combo of class and race that came later with it. I had friends who loved BECMI in its later incarnation, but my game was always a mix of original D&D and AD&D with more AD&D as we went, sliding on into 2E. The big change (which took a lot of work) was the shift from the mixed 2E I used to 3E.

Sunday, 2nd June, 2019

Thursday, 30th May, 2019

  • 07:51 PM - Ralif Redhammer quoted Wrathamon in post Massive $750 10-Book "The Enemy Within Collector’s Edition" From Cubicle 7
    Yeah, I’m glad these sorts of luxury products (see also Beadle & Grimm's, of which I did splurge on the silver Saltmarsh release) exist, even if I can't really justify that expense most of the time. It shows a depth and growth to the hobby that didn’t exist prior (I can remember people grousing about the comparatively paltry price of Ptolus when it came out). There must be a market for super high end exclusivity

Wednesday, 29th May, 2019

Thursday, 23rd May, 2019

Wednesday, 15th May, 2019

  • 12:37 PM - Blue quoted Wrathamon in post New Unearthed Arcana: Revised Artificer
    seems all the other pets scale but the turret still doesnt? or did I miss something They scale slightly (HPs with level and INT mod for other things), with the only real level-based bonus is being able to summon a second turret once a day at 14th. (And activate them both with the same bonus action). So yeah, I'm with you - they barely scale.
  • 12:35 AM - iltharanos quoted Wrathamon in post New Unearthed Arcana: Revised Artificer
    seems all the other pets scale but the turret still doesnt? or did I miss something Yeah. It has hp = to your Artificer level x5.

Wednesday, 8th May, 2019

Saturday, 4th May, 2019

  • 12:45 AM - turkeygiant quoted Wrathamon in post Paizo To Make Kingmaker Bestiary... For D&D 5E!
    That would be a good conversion for Wotc to make. Not sure if Paizo owns the rights to that. Paizo is in a tough spot. Sales of pathfinder have plummeted. A lot of fans that went to pathfinder because they didn't like 4e have come back for 5e. PF 2e isn't sitting well with a % of their fans. Starfinder is the only signing spot and it's good to see them throwing more support towards it. But, to be honest an Advanced 5e Starfinder would be a huge hit imo and I would prefer it over the older d20 chassis version. I was so ready for Stafinder, it sounded so good and their credo that they would put what was good for Starfinder ahead of backwards compatibility sounded like a great development decision, but in the end it was just too much Pathfinder and not enough of its own beast. I grabbed the pdf and my gaming group looked it over but we pretty much unanimously agreed that it just wasn't what we were looking for in sci-fi. There was just too much in the base of the game that reminded us of what...

Wednesday, 1st May, 2019

  • 02:10 AM - CleverNickName quoted Wrathamon in post Shields, Leather, Daggers, & Healing Potions: Most Popular D&D Items
    DMs need to enforce that STR is used for jumping and climbing and not Dexterity (Acrobatics) Checks to parkour around the STR dump they took. :) probably not a popular opinion for many.Even less popular is my opinion that DMs should make sure every adventure has a balanced mix of skill challenges and save throws for all six ability scores, and just as many opportunities to grant Disadvantage as there are to grant Advantage.

Sunday, 28th April, 2019

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