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Friday, 22nd November, 2013

  • 05:41 AM - FourMonos mentioned TwoHeadsBarking in post Assassination 2: The Lost Children
    ...y serve is troll. Each grist house has its own troll. The trolls are usually serving terms for punishment. Their meat is flayed off for cooking. Again and again and again." He shakes his head as he maneuvers you further into the city. Gowsam finally moves you to the Calabas. It is like entering another city, the streets and buildings look like they were transported from Sharn itself. He leads you to the main plaza, "This is the Roar, named for the dragon stature taking it center (which is roaring at the sky). A goblin market starts around sunset." Around the Roar, you see a Kundarak Vault, several inns, a House Orien enclave and the House Tharashk enclave. "Let's not keep our friends waiting." He leads you straight to the House Tharashk enclave. Sorry about the delay, just really busy. I also thought this would be a good time to have people check in. You know, make sure I didn't kill anyone with boredom. So I'll poke @MetaVoid @Neurotic @KarinsDad @stonegod @TwoHeadsBarking

Tuesday, 17th September, 2013

Monday, 12th August, 2013

  • 01:30 PM - FourMonos mentioned TwoHeadsBarking in post Assassination 2: The Lost Children
    TwoHeadsBarking I forgot to list prone as a condition for Alexia. Fixed in post. Vertexx69 I checked the coordinates listed against the map, you would take an OA moving away from the Warden, do you want to take the hit or change your action?

Saturday, 6th July, 2013

Tuesday, 4th June, 2013

Friday, 31st May, 2013

  • 07:32 AM - Neurotic mentioned TwoHeadsBarking in post Assassination 2: The Lost Children
    FourMonos, stonegod, KarinsDad, TwoHeadsBarking, does dominated ally counts as enemy for purposes of triggers like "if enemy moves/attack you can do something"? Also, FourMonos, please consider Venakhad's Bastion of Mental Clarity on area attacks against Will - I couldn't save Czern because Ven wasn't included in the attack (and because of his abysmal stat), but I would interrupt Spirit of nature's wrath if it is against will...please consider it if/when other minotaur(s) (or other enemies) use their attacks ... I will wait with my post to see what others do and heal at the end :)

Thursday, 23rd May, 2013

  • 01:31 PM - Neurotic mentioned TwoHeadsBarking in post Assassination 2: The Lost Children
    Priest calls upon his goddess and divine glow surrounds Alexia and both ogres who twitch and fall as holy light burns them. Alexia feels divine guidance helping her sword arm. The priest moves away from the melee, just in case. Blast 3 C16-E18 Divine Glow vs Ogre 1 Ref; Ogre 2 Ref; radiant damage (1d20+14=26, 1d8+7=9) - knocked prone Erm, vs Ogre 2: Divine Glow vs Ogre 2 Ref (1d20+14=16) - this hits due to -2 to defenses and forgotten +1 from coordinated explosion (Alexia is in the area) :) - knocked prone TwoHeadsBarking/Alexia gets +2 power bonus to hit TENT Venakhad Venakhad gains +1 all defenses vs ogres hit Move: shift to B18 Minor: meh

Tuesday, 14th May, 2013

  • 11:42 AM - Neurotic mentioned TwoHeadsBarking in post Assassination 2: The Lost Children
    Venakhad nods at the knights feat of getting ogres in a bunch. He blasts away with divine power, weakening ogres knees and fortifying his allies in the process. Standard: Hymn of Resurgence vs ogre 1; 2; 3; 4 (1d20+14=25, 1d20+14=32, 1d20+14=29, 1d20+14=27) - hits all four three, -2 penalty to all defenses. When any ally hits the target before the end of Venakhad's next turn, the target is knocked prone - so HIT AWAY! KarinsDad, TwoHeadsBarking, Dusk, Chael and Alexia get 5 temp hp or can make a saving throw Move: C19 Initiative +7; Senses Passive Insight 30, Passive Perception 21 HP 69/69, Bloodied 34, Surge Value 17, Surges 8/8 AC 24; Fortitude 18, Reflex 19, Will 24 +1 on all defenses against #1, #2, #3 1/1 AP Speed 6 Astral Seal Sacred Flame Divine Glow Hymn of Resurgence Bastion of Mental Clarity Prescient Maneuver Shinning Symbol Peacemaker's Light Healing Word Healing Word Healer's Mercy Divine Fortune Moment of Glory Return From Death's Door Iron to Glass Blade Barrier Symbol of the Holy Nimbus +2 Critical: +2d6. Property: When healing word is used Venakhad and allies withing 5 squares get 5 temporary hit points Healer's Brooch +1 Property: +1 NADs. When Venakhad uses power that regains hit points to the target(s) add +1 to regained value. Medic's Mace +1 Critical: +1d6 radiant damage, Property: when Venakhad uses Channel Divinity power one ally within 10 squares regains 4 hp. Daily power: standard acti...

Monday, 13th May, 2013

  • 09:10 PM - FourMonos mentioned TwoHeadsBarking in post Assassination 2: The Lost Children if adjacent to Chael. Malehan (B-22): 64/80; HS 9/9; AP 1; Second Wind; Status: Alexia Madgearu (B-18): 70/70; HS 11/11; AP 1; Second Wind; Status: Bellagon (E-15): 8 THP 49/65; HS 7/7; AP 1; Second Wind; Status: marked Venakhad (A-18): 69/69; HS 8/8; AP 1; Second Wind; Status: Rohna (B18-C19): 5 THP 67/88; HS 13/13; AP 1; Second Wind; Status; Ogre 1: Movement: None. Standard: Heavy Flail vs. Czern: 25 vs AC, miss. Czern is marked TENT. Ogre 2: Movement: None. Standard: Brutal Sweep (blast 2) vs. Rohna, Alexia: both miss. Ogre 3: Movement: None. Standard: Brutal Sweep (blast 2) vs. Chael, Dusk: both attacks miss. Ogre 4: Movement: None. Standard: Charge vs. Bellagon: miss. Bellagon is marked TENT. Ogres: 24 AC 22 F 19 R 19 W 1: (C-D, 16-17) Damage taken: 18 2: (D-E, 18-19) Damage taken: 3. (C-D, 21-22) Damage taken: 52, -2 attacks TENT (Alexia), marked (Chael), bloodied 4. (F-G, 15-16) Damage taken: Warden: ?? AC ?? F ?? R ?? W (AA-16) Damage taken: TwoHeadsBarking You get three attacks vs. Will for Ogre 1, 2, and 3 for Wail of Anguish. We may have to have someone NPC Czern one more round while he is celebrating his graduation and sowing his wild oats across Europe. Oh, to be young again... ;)

Thursday, 2nd May, 2013

  • 08:37 AM - Neurotic mentioned TwoHeadsBarking in post Assassination 2: The Lost Children
    "Bring them closer together if you can! Single step suffices." telepathic voice echoes in Alexia and Czerns head. stonegod, TwoHeadsBarking Not really super important, but if Ogre 1 steps "down" 1 all three will be within blast 5. Same for #3, but Rhona blocks it...

Monday, 25th February, 2013

  • 06:06 PM - FourMonos mentioned TwoHeadsBarking in post Adventure: Poisoned to the Core DM: FourMonos Judge: KarinsDad
    I would advice to give it a cinematic closure (i.e. describe our success in a poetic way -I mean, there's still the dying guy in the tavern- ), award whatever xp we have earned, and call it a day. Well, that seems to be the majority (Velmont is busy right now, R1 is MIA, CaBaNa is busy with life, dimsdale experienced what I'm struggling with and VV is understanding (and thank you for that!), but I'll ask TwoHeadsBarking if he is motivated to finish the adventure. If not, we'll have a nice finish... with a hook for the follow up down the road.

Sunday, 24th February, 2013

  • 05:05 PM - KarinsDad mentioned TwoHeadsBarking in post Adventure: Poisoned to the Core DM: FourMonos Judge: KarinsDad
    ...ully, when the gaming bug bites you again, and life has evened out, you will be able to rejoin us. You will be missed :). You also made me contemplate my current time commitments. To be honest, I have spread myself too thin and my reaction has been to procrastinate. I need to cut back to be fair to all the players. For that reason, I will likely be weaning down my characters (mostly in L4W) as their adventures come to an end. I also can't run two adventures at once. I need to shut down "Poisoned to the Core" for now. A second version may come to the fore once my other adventure "Assassination" has come to its completion. My apologies to those involved in "Poisoned". Since I'm finishing this adventure in the middle of a fight, I'm not sure the best way to proceed. I will check with KarinsDad. Thanks in advance. Typically, one of the judges takes over. Send an Emali message to the leb judges ( ) asking for them to step in. renau1g stonegod TwoHeadsBarking I have 90% of a new adventure finished that I should be sending to the judges later today. So, I will probably not be taking over this adventure as I am playing in one and will be DMing another.

Tuesday, 29th January, 2013

Saturday, 8th December, 2012

  • 06:14 PM - FourMonos mentioned TwoHeadsBarking in post Assassination! DM: FourMonos Judge: Renau1g
    ...the structure) Sludge is difficult terrain. Boxes of Debris are difficult terrain. Map: Here. You can see something wrapped in a cloak and bound with ropes on the platform behind the troll. (Blue square on map) Czern Belog (T-13): 44/85; HS 10/15; AP 0; Second Wind; Status: Chael (E-17): 33/66 +5THP; HS 8/12; AP 1; Second Wind; Status: +2 defenses (Dusk), bloodied Dusk: (E-18): 16/33 AC 21 F 23 R 19 W 15 Status: +1 defenses (Chael) Malehan (W-12): 37/68; HS 6/9; AP 0; Second Wind; Status: +2 AC Alexia Madgearu (F-13): 24/65; HS 9/11; AP 0; Second Wind; Status: kal-Tarron (U-12): 24/56 +6 THP; HS 1/8; AP 0; Second Wind; Status: Bloodied, +2 defenses TENT Venakhad (U-14): 28/59; HS 5/8; AP 0; Second Wind; Status: Rohna (W-14): 35/76; HS 6/13; AP 0; Second Wind; Status; bloodied Olaf: 74/85 HP GCF3: Clawing Charge (ending up in G-15) vs. Alexia (2 attacks): 23 and 25 vs. AC (rolls) which looks like hitting once for 15 damage. Not sure if you want to re-roll that d20 @TwoHeadsBarking since you indicated likely using if for Chael. GF1: Movement: Stand. Standard: Fang Bow vs. Chael: miss. Harpy 3: Movement: Double fly up out of battle. Swamp Thing: Standard: Move 5 squares, now off the map. Troll: Start: Regeneration 10. Movement: Stand. Standard: Double Attack vs. Czern (33 vs AC for (16-1) 15 damage) and Malehan (17 vs. AC: Miss). GG2: Bite vs. Czern: 16 vs. AC: miss. GF2: Free: Drop Bow. Minor: Draw Handaxe. Standard: Handaxe vs. Rohna: 30 vs AC (roll) hits for 16 (-1) = 15 damage. Troll: 23 AC ?? F ?? R 20 W (X-Y, 12-13) Damage taken: 208 Status: Used Call Troll Shade x4, slowed TENT, used Shadow Blind, OoE (Malehan), bloodied Troll Shade 1: (R-S, 11-12) Troll Shade 2: (Q-R, 15-16) Troll Shade 3: (X-Y, 14-15) Troll Shade 4: (R-S, 11-12) Gnolls: 22 AC 20 F 18 R 17 W 1. GCF1 (F-18) Damage taken: 98 damage, bloodied 2. GCF2 (F-14) Damage taken: 98 damage, bloodied 3. GCF3 (I-11) Damage taken: 82 damage, bloodied, affected by Unluck (Alexia) 4. GCF4 (...

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Friday, 2nd August, 2013

  • 11:42 AM - KarinsDad quoted TwoHeadsBarking in post Assassination 2: The Lost Children
    Move->Minor: Screaming Drakescale power to give Ted a -2 to attack rolls until the end of my next turn. Standard: Guiding Strike vs Warden. Hits Will 27 for 14 psychic damage and (assuming I hit) Ted takes an additional -2 penalty to attack rolls until the end of my next turn. Minor: Sustain Wail of Anguish. -4 more for a total of -7 to hit. Now all we got to do is get 4M to roll lower than an 18 on Ted's attack rolls. ;)

Wednesday, 31st July, 2013

Monday, 15th April, 2013

  • 09:58 PM - KarinsDad quoted TwoHeadsBarking in post Assassination 2: The Lost Children
    Invisible Castle seems to be down. Did the built-in dice roller not get restored yet, or is it here and I'm blind? Well, my diplomacy's at +19 with Words of Friendship. If you FourMonos wouldn't mind rolling it that would be great. For my other game, I used It seems similar to IC.

Friday, 15th February, 2013

  • 12:55 PM - KarinsDad quoted TwoHeadsBarking in post Assassination 2: The Lost Children
    She then looks directly at Venakhad and replies aloud, "In my experience, matters are a little more complex than you're making them out to be." "What are you talking about?" Chael asks as she sits down next to Alexia and Dusk crawls under the table, knocking some chairs down, and leaning against Alexia's legs, trapping them against her chair. "It was very odd how frequently I was getting struck at first in that last battle, as if some sort of magic was in play. I hardly got touched in the early fights." A reference to 4M rolling out of his butt. "Dusk, knock that off." Chael says with some exasperation as she pulls Dusk back a bit. *Dusk, knock that off.* "Sorry about that Alexia. Dusk likes you and wanted to show you that by cuddling with you." Chael says, a weak smile on her face.

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