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Wednesday, 16th September, 2015

Tuesday, 8th July, 2014

  • 06:38 PM - Knightfall mentioned A'koss in post Campaign Guide: Crow God PbP Game!
    I tried to post the 'shout out' below on a Kulan campaign group recruitment post. Little did I know that mentions don't work in the campaign groups. Oh well, I'm posting it here, regardless. Shout out to World of Kulan campaign group membership, regarding the recruitment post linked above: A'koss, Arkhandus, Big Mac, Clay_More, CleverNickName, Evilusion, freyar, Hand of Evil, Hobo, jaerdaph, Jürgen Hubert, marketingman, Piratecat, Psion, Relique du Madde, Scott DeWar, steeldragons, the Jester.

Friday, 14th February, 2014

  • 06:26 PM - Knightfall mentioned A'koss in post Kulan World Journal
    Calling in these members of the Social Group for their thoughts... A'koss, Blackrat, Dog Moon, freyar, Hand of Evil, Piratecat, Psion, Scott DeWar, steeldragons, and the Jester.

Monday, 24th December, 2012

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Monday, 5th August, 2013

  • 09:13 PM - JRRNeiklot quoted A'koss in post 02/08/13 New playtest packet to released today. [Udate: PACKAGE OUT!][
    Whaa... RGFD alumni! I haven't thought of the old newsgroup in ages. Ah, the refined debate... the innovative house rules... it's all coming back to me now. I have a sudden urge to mull some wine. Yeah, it's likely we've likely had this conversation... a couple of times I'm sure. ;) Yeah, but did WOTC ever fix that problem with the printer? :cool:
  • 03:47 PM - CM quoted A'koss in post 02/08/13 New playtest packet to released today. [Udate: PACKAGE OUT!][
    I personally like to roll for HPs, but offer my players the choice of rolling or taking the average of their hit die if they prefer fixed hit points. I see no reason that both options can't coexist in the same game. Even with rolling a "reroll 1s" option is probably fair. I far prefer to roll for hps, and I suspect that some players in organized play mode would prefer to roll if they had their druthers, they just don't get to because of the format. Heh, I think we switched to average die rolls maybe... a couple years before 2nd ed came out. Before that I seem to recall allowing re-rolls for anything that was a 1 or a 2. I seem to remember seeing this conversation circa 1994 in The more things change, the more they stay the same... :)

Sunday, 4th August, 2013

  • 05:41 PM - hafrogman quoted A'koss in post 02/08/13 New playtest packet to released today. [Udate: PACKAGE OUT!][
    +1 to every ability score... doesn't really bother me. A bit bland, but 'eh... The other races tend to have a good array of perks. Not completely balanced mind you, but I think we'll get there. The +1 to 2 or +2 to 1 or a feat idea? I agree they'd need something else. I'd argue you could almost give them +1 to 2 or +2 to 1 and a feat and they'd still be okay balance-wise. They might be alright balance wise, but it brings us back to the central issue of why we're facing +1 to everything humans in the first place. If feats are to be entirely optional for the people/groups who refuse to use them, then we cannot give one to humans. As an option, alright, but not as an assumption. So then we'd be giving them two ability increase? A little better than +1/all, but not much. Perhaps an ability increase (with feat option) and a lore? Or a proficiency (weapon, armor or gear)? Or both? They're adding a little extra stuff here and there that I think gives us a little more leeway than ...
  • 04:30 PM - Olgar Shiverstone quoted A'koss in post 02/08/13 New playtest packet to released today. [Udate: PACKAGE OUT!][
    The +1 to 2 or +2 to 1 or a feat idea? I agree they'd need something else. I'd argue you could almost give them +1 to 2 or +2 to 1 and a feat and they'd still be okay balance-wise. The new feats are pretty darn powerful; I'm not sure it would be fair to do both.

Saturday, 3rd August, 2013

  • 07:28 PM - Olgar Shiverstone quoted A'koss in post 02/08/13 New playtest packet to released today. [Udate: PACKAGE OUT!][
    Think about it in terms of attrition. Sure it's just 1/day. But 1/day, every day vs an army, town, castle... You could rout armies before they ever reached you. If you were smart you could rout an army before it every properly mustered. Destroy towns, food stores, fortifications... Still not meaningful in an army context. Meteor Swarm does, at worst, 12d6 damage to 256 (80x80 square, neglecting the reduced area for a burst) medium-sized creatures once per day, assuming they all clustered up together. That's not meaningful attrition to a medieval-style army (even assuming it's not a D&D army with its own spellcasters) that could take 10x those casualties in a single day's engagement. It's really a waste against normal soldiers who might have what, 10 hp each? The impact of the spell can be dramatically reduced by dispersing your units, too. [Edit: By that logic, modern armies should have been rendered irrelevant with the introduction of multiple-launch rocket systems, which can deliver p...
  • 07:11 PM - Olgar Shiverstone quoted A'koss in post 02/08/13 New playtest packet to released today. [Udate: PACKAGE OUT!][
    I haven't scrutinized the spell list, but making sure armies aren't rendered unfeasible or irrelevant should be one of the goals. Just looking at Meteor Swarm with it's 1 *mile* range would allow a wizard to hammer an army (especially one just mustering or on the move)... or a town... or a castle with impunity day after day. Since the spell doesn't originate from the caster - who would know where it came from? You'd better hope he doesn't have any way of blocking divination spells. Once a day is hardly overpowering. And while wizards capable of casting 9th level spells should be rare, they should definitely be a serious threat.

Saturday, 12th January, 2013

  • 07:20 AM - Gorgoroth quoted A'koss in post 11/1/13 google hangout with
    But the one thing I do not agree on is changing the idea of changing the Martial Die to based on Weapon Die. This is a lesson it looked as though they learned but now look to throw away. What you're going to have is, again, just a handful of desirable weapons as most players will simply gravitate towards the highest die weapons in lieu of everything else. The d6 Martial Die opened up a whole range of character concepts as viable/desirable which they are now closing the door to. And while I'm not opposed to their idea of turning extra die damage into multiple attacks they will have to keep a close eye on weapons or abilities that allow you to impose conditions on each of those attacks. You're right that with a simple change to swap a xd6 with, say, xd12 or 2xd6 (in case of a dwarf with a greataxe), it's a no-brainer to pick the biggest/baddest weapon you can find. However, that said, there is no reason why they can't also bake in disincentives to trade off that d12 of extra damage for a mane...

Saturday, 5th January, 2013

  • 02:51 AM - Markn quoted A'koss in post What's your ideal Fighter damage ratio?
    ... running across nifty enchanted weapons... which aren't the weapon you're used to (or wish it were). Mace of Disruption, Hammer of Thunderbolts, Maul of the Titans, Dagger of Soul Stealing, Short Sword of Sharpness, Wave, Whelm, Blackrazor, etc, etc. So you can see the benefit of having skill trump specific weapon if you want to change your character style over the course of a campaign or you take a toolkit approach to weapons. The idea being you eventually become so skilled at how to kill, it matters little *what* you kill with. A dagger to a dragon's brain makes the dragon just as dead as if you lopped his head off with a greataxe. But I can see that TH weapons could stand to have a little perk to offset the advantage of sword & board, etc. But I think all it would take is +1 to hit with TH weapons as +1 to hit goes a long way in 5e... This is one area I can see some issues. I think there are ways around it but the community as a whole would have to be supportive of the answer. A'koss, thanks for the detailed answers. I really want to learn the issues that come from this suggestion and it's posts like this that really help me!
  • 01:17 AM - Markn quoted A'koss in post What's your ideal Fighter damage ratio?
    The problem with this is that it makes a huge chunk of the weapon's list undesirable at higher levels as most will just gravitate to the highest die weapons they can use. This is why they went with skill bonuses being expressed with d6s regardless of weapon. That way, (especially at higher levels) *all* weapons are viable in your hands from dagger to greatsword and thus opening up more character concepts as viable. So, in conjunction with that, make weapons limited by Str. One suggestion in another thread was: Str <12 D4 weapons Str 13-14 D6 weapons Str 15-16 D8 weapons Str 17-18 D10 weapons etc This means a fighter with 17 Str, for example, would be willing to use any d10 weapon he can get his hands on but that each weapon could be defined by the type of damage and/or other effects it could dole out. It leaves it open for the fighter to use whatever weapon he wants. I would think the same could be done for Dex weapons (ranged/thrown). Also, if someone wanted to use a higher damage wea...

Thursday, 3rd January, 2013

  • 05:13 PM - Chris_Nightwing quoted A'koss in post What's your ideal Fighter damage ratio?
    I support what D&DN is trying to do now, even if the numbers need some work. At low levels your skill only plays a minor role gradually transitioning to high levels where the specific weapon plays very little role and your skill is what really matters. As I've touched on in other threads I really like this idea as it allows for the greatest flexibility in character concepts. This keeps all weapons as viable/attractive options at high levels instead of just a handful of the most damaging ones. A Riddick-style dagger fighter at high levels is nearly as lethal a greatsword wielding fighter. And as more attractive magic items become available your style can change (axe -> +1 longword -> dagger of soul stealing -> glaive of dragonslaying -> hammer of thunderbolts -> (Short) Sword of Kas...). All weapons become viable in your hands. This is why I don't want to see [2w], [3w]... boosts return, as they quickly make a lot of weapons unattractive. Daggers can be kept viable by means other than doing a...

Tuesday, 1st January, 2013

  • 03:46 AM - Jeff Carlsen quoted A'koss in post Martial Damage Dice and Skill Die reset?
    Seeing an example of how it all comes together in say, a 10th level fight with some tactical play involved as well as hazards, ranged, melee, reach, spell action I think would be very beneficial. Address some of the corner cases. Oh, of course. Examples are always good. I'm mostly pointing out that we seem to be hovering over a complexity threshold, specifically in how mechanics interact.

Friday, 28th December, 2012

  • 05:55 PM - mlund quoted A'koss in post Damage in this Packet is Totally Out of Control
    You have to be careful about that though, because very quickly you run into the same issues we had before where there are only a few ideal weapon choices and no player would touch anything else. The problem is without the weapon's damage bonus keeping up relevance as a percentage the shield's persistent contribution (+1 AC vs. Flat Math) makes all the two-handed melee weapons a trap-choice for character's with shield proficiency at higher levels right now. I would also add that I'd like to see some specialties and maneuvers that require certain types of weapons. So, if you want to play a glaive specialist, you start with the polearm specialty, and take a maneuver (or sub in a feat) that works with slashing weapons. I think this is the sort of thing I'd hope to find in a fighter splat book. (Hopefully, a fighter splat book that is released a healthy amount of time after the original rulebooks, with plenty of time for playtesting...) And, although I like all this detail, I'd also like to se...

Thursday, 27th December, 2012

  • 10:26 PM - I'm A Banana quoted A'koss in post Bring Back Bonus Attacks
    Yeah, I can't say as I'm eager to see multiple attacks come back either. There's enough for players to do already. You already have potential extra actions with Haste, Cleave, Whirlwind Attack, Two Weapons, Surge, Reactions, Extra Reaction Feats... Oh, man, "come back?" My thri-kreen ranger/monk with a quickened ki focus and all the minor-action attacks she can pile onto herself wonders if maybe the rumors of their death have been greatly exaggerated. ;) Ruffling Sting + Twin Strike + Convert Move to Minor for Thri-Kreen Claws + Flurry of Blows + Quarry Damage + Quickened Ki Focus basic attack + Action Point maybe for something that lets me move and make an attack or two so I can still get my 8 squares of movement... Anyway, multi-attacks are part and parcel of the play experience, IMO. It's fun, it feels powerful, it's awesome. Maybe not something you want to happen every round in every combat, but 1/day or so on a big fight? Yeah, that works.

Wednesday, 26th December, 2012

  • 11:40 PM - mlund quoted A'koss in post Damage in this Packet is Totally Out of Control
    One of the problems you can run into with specific weapon specializations is when, in true D&D fashion, you find an awesome weapon... that isn't one you're specialized in. Frankly, I think this is a problem even when there are 0 additional mechanical consequences for changing weapons. When someone formulate a character with a concept in mind that involves a particular weapon and then you find a loot weapon that outside that concept it can be irritating. Kerrek the Chain killed enemies with a spiked chain made out of his manacles and chains from his days as a Pomarj galley slave. Yes, he's proficient with the Great Ax in a pinch. No, he's not taking the +3 Frost Ax of Legend to wield. (My goodness, how bad are Loot Weapons in a Samurai-themed game like Legend of the Five Rings?) In 3.X he'd sell it away at horrible exchange rates for money to enchant his signature weapon. In 4E he'd turn the Ax into Residuum to be used upgrading the Spiked Chain. In other systems or rules variants he wou...
  • 11:15 PM - Derren quoted A'koss in post Damage in this Packet is Totally Out of Control
    One of the problems you can run into with specific weapon specializations is when, in true D&D fashion, you find an awesome weapon... that isn't one you're specialized in. The broad, skill-based approach keeps everything from boiling down to a couple of ideal weapon choices. Even the Weapon Focus/Weapon Specialization feats apply to all your proficient weapons which helps keep your options open. Say you find a frostbrand longword.. but you're specialized in a maul. Or later a Hammer of Thunderbolts... but you're specialized in that longsword. Or after an epic adventure manage to acquire Blackrazor, the mightiest weapon you're ever going to run across... but oh... you're specialized in that greataxe. Certainly there's no reason you can't have a particular weapon you favor, and even pass over a greater weapon to remain true to your concept, but why mechanically pigeon-hole yourself? With a broad skill-based approach, your character concept can change whenever and however you want ...
  • 05:34 AM - Rune quoted A'koss in post Martial Damage Dice and Skill Die reset?
    From twitter we've gotten a good answer on this from WotC. At the start of your round you must decide (if you're a fighter) how you are going to spread around your MDD between your attack / maneuver and parry. If you use all of your dice in an attack, you will have none left to use in your parry (except your skill die) until your next turn comes up. So it becomes a tactical choice whether you want to be more aggressive or defensive or a bit of both. Actually, as pointed out in this post, there's some ambiguity on that point. Seems some staffers are doing it one way, and some are doing it the way it actually reads. My suggestion: When in doubt--try it both ways and report how they work!

Tuesday, 25th December, 2012

  • 06:53 AM - timASW quoted A'koss in post Bring Back Bonus Attacks
    Whirlwind Attack and Volley maneuvers essentially do just that. For every MDD you trade in you get an additional attack. Yeah but those both really suck. What it needs is multiple attack options that are actually viable options, not just dummy traps for newbs like the current whirlwind attack.

Monday, 24th December, 2012

  • 09:34 AM - Knightfall quoted A'koss in post Which of my continents do you want more information about?
    Been a while KF... :cool: Yes it has. Heh. Yeah, I'm just starting to take a more serious look at the new edition. While there's certainly room for improvement, overall I like a lot the things they're trying to achieve with it. Toying with some campaign ideas (Greyhawk-Planescape... kicked forward 100 years), but I might try my hand as a player for a change. We'll see what time allows. I was looking at the playtests when they first coming out, but I got away from it. (I was concentrating on my Greek and Roman Mythology night class.) 'm hoping to look at the lastest playtest package before my new night class starts in January. We'll see. It's not as big a priority to me as developing Kulan and my other RPG campaign worlds. How are your campaigns going?! Right now, I'm not running any campaigns. (I wish.) I haven't even been playing D&D. (Sigh.) Creating my new wiki here on EN World is allowing me to get my roleplaying fix. Plus, it will be good to have a place for ALL of my homebrewed Kula...
  • 08:30 AM - Knightfall quoted A'koss in post Settings for D&D Next?
    I'd love to see Greyhawk, that would definitely be my #1 choice. And then after that... Planescape. I think it would be nice to have Greyhawk as well, it would just need a more unique makeover so it wouldn't be so similar to FR, since they're both similarly structured settings. Greyhawk is nice for its gritty sword and sorcery feel. I definitely think its a great time to revisit Greyhawk. However, I don't think WotC should make any sweeping changes to the setting. Instead, roll it back to the original Gygaxian version and then add the best of the rest into it (but don't go overboard). WotC should look towards the FRCS from 3E as their guide to making a new Greyhawk campaign setting hardcover. If they build the setting in such a manner, I'll buy it!!! Also, I don't really see Greyhawk as being similar to the Forgotten Realms. FR has changed too much to be considered similar in style to Greyhawk. It has been ripped apart and patched back together too many times. Sure, Greyhawk went through...

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