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Looking to join a pathfinder game in my area.
east alton, 62024
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Friday, 25th March, 2016

  • 03:28 PM - Ralif Redhammer quoted Descartes in post Your Top 10 Fantasy Movies
    The second D&D movie, if it had come out first, would've probably been better-accepted. But after the drek of the first one, pretty much all forgiveness was already spent and lost. Still, the first one's soundtrack, when taken on its own, is pretty good. The 2nd Dungeons & Dragons movie was low budget but really reflected a night of gaming. I have a flimsy overall plot and you give me bad dialogue and choices. Sounds like most games I've been in.

Sunday, 19th April, 2015

  • 01:41 PM - MarkB quoted Descartes in post Second Trailer for "The Force Awakens"
    Just read an article where Hamill says he kept stumbling over that line, has as opposed to had. Is this a flashback narration where he is speaking to a younger sibling who grows up to become a sith lord? The force is strong in that family maybe the emperor created a Vader child to have a backup when Vader inevitably turned on him and he had to kill Vader. This may have happened between Empire and Jedi. Anakin did become a Force spirit at the end of RotJ - maybe Luke still thinks of him on the present tense because, well, he's still present. Brr, there's an unhappy thought - we might be subjected to transparent-glowy-Hayden-Christiansen performing the "ghostly mentor" role.

Monday, 23rd March, 2015

  • 06:59 PM - gamerprinter quoted Descartes in post Gamerprinter's Map Emporeum
    Congrats my friend! It's awesome you can make a living doing what you love to do and do very well. I hope this leads to future projects and a flood of discarded ideas for us. As a DM inspiration can come from a simple sketch and the idea it invokes. JAK Well the sci-fi-esque maps a couple pages back were inspiration from the last strategy guide project I did - Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, so projects bringing inspiration has already started.

Tuesday, 19th November, 2013

  • 07:19 AM - Nellisir quoted Descartes in post Is humanity still evolving?
    I'm 40 yrs old and I don't remember anyone with peanut or gluten allergies to the extent they would need an epi-pen when I was in school. Apparently nowadays there are separate tables for the allergy kids in the cafeterias at school. The fact that food and respiratory allergies align with income suggests environmental considerations, rather than genetic, at least for now. (I make an effort to get my daughter out-of-doors and around/handling animals; I don't know if that's why, but she doesn't have any allergies, hurrah))

Monday, 18th November, 2013

  • 10:08 PM - Scorpio616 quoted Descartes in post Do you think it is reasonable not to tip your server?
    EDIT:First part covered by other posts on law and wage... I just got home from work and saw an article about a lesbian server who was not only stiffed on a tab but the person wrote a note saying the only reason was because they don't approve of her lifestyle.Why did she let the customer know what she did in her off time? Not only was it insulting but in the restaurant I work in that table of haters would have cost me money out of pocket. I typically have to pay out 4% of my total sales, I have to pay the credit card fee, and I only get paid $2.13/hr.What? Why are YOU paying for your sales at all? That does not sound on the level, nor does the restaurant putting the credit card fee on you. You 100% sure that is legal? I think this might be the right web page for the subject, but I'm not 100% sure.

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