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Saturday, 23rd June, 2018

Saturday, 20th January, 2018

  • 06:21 PM - Richards mentioned Scrivener of Doom in post The Kordovian Adventurers Guild
    Thanks, Scrivener of Doom! As you can see, the time between updates can stretch out fairly long, depending upon how much time passes between gaming sessions. (In theory, we try to play every other Saturday; in practice, it seldom turns out that way.) And if you're up for another Story Hour or two, you can check out "The Adventures of Baabby and Sam" and "The Durnhill Conscripts." Both are DMed by my son Logan, but that just means I get to be a player for a change. The first one's based on the Skylanders console games (and is already complete) but the second is straight D&D 3.5 with the same group of players as "Wing Three" and "The Kordovian Adventurers Guild" with the exception of Jacob (who's away at college on the Wednesday nights we play.) Anyway, thanks for the kind words! Our next session in this campaign is on the 26th, so expect a write-up in the week that follows. (The PCs will be returning to Kozakura to rescue that second merchant vessel.) Johnathan

Tuesday, 12th December, 2017

  • 01:27 AM - Richards mentioned Scrivener of Doom in post Wing Three
    Thanks, Scrivener of Doom; I'm glad you're still enjoying them, after all this time. Let me know if you start up a Story Hour of your new campaign - I'd love to give it a read! Johnathan

Saturday, 22nd April, 2017

  • 08:43 PM - darkbard mentioned Scrivener of Doom in post Judgement calls vs "railroading"
    ...allenge resolution frameworks. If I'm lucky, though, then I'm wrong about this! (I know darkbard is also running 4e Dark Sun. Any thoughts on this particular issue?) Unfortunately, my Dark Sun 4E campaign is still in its nascent stages, having only engaged in PC creation; some discussions about PC backstory, "kickers," and beliefs/goals; and my framing, as the DM, of the initial scene. So I have nothing to add here from praxis ... yet. I hope to have more to contribute to this sooner than later, but, with my work as an academic and this being the last stretch of the semester, real life continues to intervene. That said, I am curious as to why you think the particularities of the fiction/mechanics of a Dark Sun game might present difficulties to seamless integration in the fashion you suggest. (Though I also wonder if this is the thread for such a discussion. I would very much like to have such a conversation but perhaps as its own thread?) EDIT: Unless I'm seriously mistaken, Scrivener of Doom is also DMing a new 4E Dark Sun game and might have interest in such a discussion.

Thursday, 16th February, 2017

  • 10:38 AM - Quickleaf mentioned Scrivener of Doom in post The Shadow in the Flame: A Workshop on Designing Dungeons, Monsters, and a Villain
    Glad you gained something from it Scrivener of Doom! Yep, mind-mapping is a neat way to get your ideas down. Step 3: Quests & Character Hooks What good is a dungeon/adventure is the players don't have a reason to care about it, a reason to step through that archway? Rather than do this later, I like to bear it in mind right from the start, because I think it's that important. While we as DMs do want to create a logical, well-conceived, believable setting, we don't want to do that at the expense of playability. First, the Quest. My rule-of-thumb is to come up with more than one possible Quests; for a short adventure or side trek you can usually get away with one, but things become much more interesting when 2 or 3 quests can interact. In this case, I've outlined notes on 3 possible main quests (any, all, or none of which a DM might use); in my campaign I'll likely use all three. The Quest How do the PCs become involved with the Brotherhood of True Flame? This adventure works best if you foreshadow confronting the Brotherhood...

Tuesday, 22nd September, 2015

  • 05:35 PM - UnknownAtThisTime mentioned Scrivener of Doom in post My Neverwinter Campaign. (WAS: 4e Any contradictions between FR guides and Neverwinter setting?)
    Scrivener of Doom @S'mon Either of you run or use material from Lost Crown of Neverwinter in your campaigns? I do think it is possible an Arc that the group will explore is whether one of them is the true heir. I am thinking of biting the bullet on the paper adventure (maps!). Maybe I should just go the 'drivethrough' route instead and have a look? I have to admit, for a two combat Railroad Station, "gates of neverdeath" actually looks pretty darn useful upon my read. If "Lost Crown" proved to be that useful, It may be worth picking up as my "main line" for the PCs to return to if the spurs they travel fizzle out. I am pretty sure that This Neverember character will intrigue the team enough when they eventually meet him. (I hope the analogy works, but think "Arnold Shwarzenegger in his role as the Governator" Everyone seems to like him, but they are not sure why? And why is he so darn politically motivated, yet casually charismatic?) What is he up to? Is it all on him? Does somebody el...

Wednesday, 16th September, 2015

  • 12:43 AM - UnknownAtThisTime mentioned Scrivener of Doom in post 4E Forgotten Realms Mystra did whu?
    ... I just want to make sure I understand the setting as published because I want to avoid contradictions if I have to research or explain something or choose to change something. I think I know: 1385 DR: Mystra is killed by Cyric, at the behest of Shar. The weave collapses. Spellplague ensues. 1451 DR: Hotenow erupts leveling Neverwinter. (bad mages were trying to kill bunches of people to perform some ritual. fail.) 1461 DR: Settlers start to return to NeverWinter to rebuild but have a tough go at it until Lord Neverember decides to swoop in years later 1479 DR: 4e setting baselined, this is the year of my adventure. My question is ... I have seen reference to Mystrra returning in or about 1480, and the effects of the spell plague diminishing. Is that true as it relates to 4e material, or is that a reboot for 5e? Or am I hallucinating? I am content either way but I'd like to know what the official andswer is as it is related to Mystara and her return in 4e. Make sense? @Scrivener of Doom , I am sure you can answer this.

Saturday, 29th August, 2015

  • 09:29 PM - DMMike mentioned Scrivener of Doom in post Cure: One step closer to understanding?
    Scrivener of Doom, care to explain the 4E solution/circumvention? Or is it just 4E's treatment of hit points as candy that can come from anywhere, even a healing surge, that makes recovering HP (or losing HP) a non-issue? One solution to the meta-health problem: a cure spell can heal wounds or prevent future wounds. This gives unscathed characters a reason to seek curing. I think it works in-game as well, since if your previous damage didn't look like a wound, then your next orc-greataxe-clobbering doesn't have to look like a wound, either.

Saturday, 22nd August, 2015

  • 02:05 AM - Talmek mentioned Scrivener of Doom in post The Ultimate Tabletop RPG Room Wish List
    aramis erak - With your group do you typically let your players go through books during the session? My group and I all agreed to keep the books available but not to actively look up rulings unless it was life/death circumstances. I do owe my players more comfortable chairs, but they have actually started bringing their own to leave at my place (which is also a win - saving money!) Scrivener of Doom - Would you consider overhead fluorescent lighting to be acceptable (although not fitting for the setting, it does provide LOTS of light)?

Friday, 14th August, 2015

  • 10:48 PM - Richards mentioned Scrivener of Doom in post I Did Something I've Never Done Before in 38 Years of Gaming...
    Talmek - I'm thrilled to hear about your family's 5E game! I've had many pleasant years gaming with my two sons (I started them out with AD&D 2nd Edition when they were 10 and 8; now they're 31 and 29!), and I wish you many happy years of gaming with your family. Scrivener of Doom - Thanks for reading through the Story Hour, and I'm glad you enjoyed it. (And I agree with your "XP" selections - those were some of my favorite bits, too!) Nytmare - It started out with my co-worker Dan, his son Jacob, and my son Logan. A few months later, we added Dan's wife, Vicki. And about 6 years later, we added Jacob's little brother, Joey. Other than a few "guest appearance" sessions with my eldest son, Stuart, when he was home from college, it's been just them for the entire campaign. And thanks to everyone else for the congratulations. This has definitely been a highlight of my gaming career. And hopefully those of you with younger kids will get to DM for them when you feel the time is right. Johnathan

Tuesday, 4th August, 2015

  • 10:40 PM - MoutonRustique mentioned Scrivener of Doom in post 4E conversions of 5E
    Scrivener of Doom A most excellent plan! I'm printing it out and reading it tonight - I should have something concrete to contribute by Thursday (fixing the canoe rack tomorrow - might take an hour, might take the whole day : I'm not what you'd call "handy", as a general rule...)

Monday, 15th June, 2015

  • 01:46 AM - MoutonRustique mentioned Scrivener of Doom in post Edit and save .monster files.
    You could try [...] of a schema illustrates. :confused: While I understood everything you said, I have NO clue how I would go about doing... well any of it. Was a time... was a time... (I was an engineer for a bit and did write code for a living, but that is just so far gone... so far...) Kinoboy Scrivener of Doom Also... with Masterplan there were some fairly complete files floating around the interwebs for a bit. I found this little thing a while back - you might want to have a look :

Tuesday, 19th May, 2015

  • 06:03 PM - innerdude mentioned Scrivener of Doom in post Star Wars & Savage Worlds
    I'm not American so what you described simply makes me want to regurgitate the contents of my stomach while simultaneously voiding my bowels. I will assume you otherwise meant it as a good thing. ;) Oh, Scrivener of Doom ....... chocolate + peanut butter is nectar of the gods....... ;)

Monday, 18th May, 2015

  • 04:09 PM - innerdude mentioned Scrivener of Doom in post Star Wars & Savage Worlds
    It's funny you bring this up, @Scrivener of Doom. I've been meaning to run a Savage Star Wars campaign for oh, maybe 4 years now and have never gotten around to it, so I don't have any direct experience with it....... But everything else I've done with the system so far (classic fantasy, modern zombie apocalypse, near-future cyberpunk) leads me to believe that Savage Worlds would make a fantastic foundation for a Star Wars campaign. In fact, if you're wanting more of an "Edge of the Empire" / Smuggler style game, Savage Worlds will be freaking brilliant right out of the gate. There's really only two things I could foresee being a bit of work up front: If you want to do lots of spaceship combat. You'll need to sit down and come up with specific vehicle stats for most of the common "stuff"---an X-wing, a landspeeder, a speederbike, a TIE fighter, a Corellian freighter, etc. I also don't have any idea the best way to do "dogfights" with Savage Worlds Deluxe. Would it work as a simple "chase" scene? For resources, check out the...

Sunday, 26th April, 2015

Friday, 10th April, 2015

Sunday, 22nd March, 2015

  • 02:13 PM - pemerton mentioned Scrivener of Doom in post The Best Thing from 4E
    I quickly realised Tolkien was a terrible worldbuilderI don't disagree with any of your substantive comments - the timelines in Middle Earth are ridiculous when compared to timelines for comparable cultures in real life - but don't you think there is something a little odd about the quoted sentence? (A bit like Scrivener of Doom saying Gygax was a terrible game designer. It comes out oddly.) What fantasy world has inspired more atlases, bestiaries, and emulators than Middle Earth? What fantasy world has been more spectacularly and convincingly visually realised (in pictures, and then in moving pictures by Peter Jackson)? It's unparalleled, and the fact that its economics don't make sense doesn't change that. (On Minas Tirith's food - notionally there are farms in Lebennin and the rest of that coastal region south of the White Mountains.)

Thursday, 19th March, 2015

  • 10:20 AM - pemerton mentioned Scrivener of Doom in post The Best Thing from 4E
    ... and in many ways, 3.X. Combat powers are clear, but stunts (page 42), skill uses, skill challenges options, chances of success (Easy, Moderate, or Hard) are all GM-adjudicated, which is directly taking power away from players and putting it in the hands of the GM. That is, if skill uses are clearly and completely spelled out, with many uses and DCs, the players can look at their bonuses, the DCs, and not only build characters in a concrete direction, ("if I get +X to Example Skill, then I'll be able to consistently do Example Action even if I roll a 1!"), but they also know their chances of success or failure without the GM coming up with whether or not it's even possible <snip> Am I missing something? Am I wrong? Maybe. And I'm open to finding out.It seems unlikely that you're wrong. I think you might be missing something - or maybe two things. The first is that you might be missing certain experiences. Manbearcat's comments resonate with me very strongly, as they do for Scrivener of Doom - including the description of the table atmosphere that accompanies illusionist GMing. It's something I absolutely associated with 90s RPGing, and with White Wolf and 2nd ed AD&D both as systems, and player cultures built up around those systems. I can see it, too, in the 2nd ed AD&D PHB, which is full of examples of PCs failing (but the players still having fun), of statements subordinating the players' agency to the referee's judgment, etc. If you don't have those experiences from that time then the comments may not speak to you. I think the second thing that you might be missing - but maybe not, because perhaps it is in play in your brother's GMing that you describe - is what, for someone like Manbearcat (I think) or me (I know), is at the core of illusionist GMing. It is not GM ad hoc rulings around DCs or damage in the 4e style. It is GM manipulation of the fiction in order to force outcomes. If this is what someone cares about, then a system of rigid DCs (such as 3E) doesn...

Sunday, 11th January, 2015

  • 05:32 AM - tomservo999 mentioned Scrivener of Doom in post Ghosts of Leilon 5e adventure
    Some really cool ideas for your campaign :-) I've Gotten a lot of inspiration from the blog by Scrivener of Doom as well for my Neverwinter game.
  • 04:53 AM - LapBandit mentioned Scrivener of Doom in post Ghosts of Leilon 5e adventure
    First, let me say that I am using by Scrivener of Doom (how do you @ a user anyway?) as 95% of the inspiration for this campaign I am going to run. His blog is awesome, you should read it if you are running anything in the Forgotten Realms and for general insight anyway. My adventure description (going to be running this on roll20, but still putting together the adventure itself) so far is : The once sleepy mining town of Leilon (South of Neverwinter, south-west of Phandalin) served as a convenient resting place for travelers on the High Road. Now, the few travelers who still take this route shun Leilon, going miles out of their way to avoid even laying eyes on the town. The High Tower of Thalivar long stood as a landmark here, abandoned by a forgotten mage. For generations, the tower proved a tempting target for plunderers-and, too often, a grave for them as well. The people of Leilon knew that the tower held guardian monsters, and they were content to leave it alone. However, the Spellplague's twisted magic unleashed the creatures tra...

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Monday, 15th July, 2019

  • 07:09 PM - Tony Vargas quoted Scrivener of Doom in post 40 Million People Have Played D&D [UPDATED!]
    Um, there's the implied context of my statement: In the context of the RPG hobby, players are lazier.That's an unwarranted generalization. Playing is less demanding than running, generally speaking. It varies with the game. Chargen can be incredibly involved in some system, for instance. Other systems take a lot of the load of the GM and share it out to the players. True, in the context of D&D, players have less of a burden, though, again, it varies both in degree and nature. For instance, in the current ed, the DM has a very heavy burden relative to the prior ed, and, while it's perhaps comparable in degree to what it was in 3.x, it's not a matter of time/effort in prepping detailed monsters, NPCs, challenges, & magic items, rather, it's mostly a burden of responsibility. Finally, a lot of us both play and DM. Our innate laziness or industry does not change when we shift roles. It's neither a particularly controversial viewpoint nor lacking in logic. Where you went wrong was in drawi...
  • 05:53 PM - Mistwell quoted Scrivener of Doom in post 40 Million People Have Played D&D [UPDATED!]
    Um, there's the implied context of my statement: In the context of the RPG hobby, players are lazier. It's neither a particularly controversial viewpoint nor lacking in logic. I think within your implied context, my retort stands. It's bad logic. It is controversial, as seen by the fact almost nobody here agreed with your statement and most responses were disagreement. You just assuming it's not controversial because it's what you happen to believe is...well...kinda lazy. Look around - you're not seeing what most people would call an "not controversial" reaction. I don't think laziness can be measured by mere "player vs DM role" choice. I don't think there is a correlation there. You have some DMs who just open a published adventure and start DMing right from the book without any prep (what you might call lazy). In contrast, you have some players who spend weeks working out a back story and hours outside the game working up after action game reports and journals for the group, handling treasur...

Thursday, 11th July, 2019

  • 09:49 PM - Mistwell quoted Scrivener of Doom in post 40 Million People Have Played D&D [UPDATED!]
    Pernicious, eh? Players are fundamentally lazier than DMs. There is far less work to do as a player. There are fewer responsibilities, especially between sessions. This is not good logic. How lazy you are as a person cannot be measured by whether you choose to play or DM for a game.
  • 02:34 PM - Jer quoted Scrivener of Doom in post 40 Million People Have Played D&D [UPDATED!]
    Being a DM requires none of the things you listed. Wait - it doesn't? Are you saying that the DM doesn't have to run more characters than the players do? The DM has to run all of the NPCs the players encounter including all of the monsters - the players only need to worry about one character. If you get your fun out of immersing yourself in a single character - either because you like to immerse yourself in a role and play it to the hilt, or tactically because you like to figure out how all of your different abilities can be used on a battlefield, or for any other reason players have for enjoying playing a single character, then you aren't going to get that fun out of being a DM. Are you saying that the DM doesn't have to lose more battles than the players do? If you're DMing right you will lose and lose and lose again because if you don't your players aren't going to come back. If you get your fun out of the thrill of winning a battle, you aren't going to get that fun from being a DM. ...
  • 03:22 AM - Jer quoted Scrivener of Doom in post 40 Million People Have Played D&D [UPDATED!]
    People are fundamentally lazy so playing is the easy way out. By contrast, DMing requires effort and accepting responsibility: That clashes with the innate laziness of most of us. . This attitude is pernicious and wrong. The main reason that players don't want to DM is because they don't find DMing to be fun. Us weirdos who like to run the game, coming up with dozens of characters and plots, losing hundreds of battles, and generally having to play second fiddle to the "stars" of the game are the strange ones. It's like the difference between being an actor and a director - neither one is lazier than the other, they each get fulfillment from different parts of the creative process. (And there are those who enjoy both. I rarely get to play the game anymore - once a year or so when I'm at a con - because I DM all the time. It's a different experience playing vs. DMing, and frankly even though I like playing, I prefer DMing. That doesn't make me better than my players, it just makes me someone ...
  • 01:07 AM - Zardnaar quoted Scrivener of Doom in post 40 Million People Have Played D&D [UPDATED!]
    People are fundamentally lazy so playing is the easy way out. By contrast, DMing requires effort and accepting responsibility: That clashes with the innate laziness of most of us.Honestly, I don't think 5E is as easy to DM as 4E. With 4E, everything is there on the stat block. With 5E you still have to look things up. And then there is...... which are arguably even easier to run. B/X, in particular, is a dream to run or play and everything you need to know is so easy to find. If only the people behind B/X had been able to rewrite Gygax's impenetrable prose and poor design so that AD&D had been playable as written....That's kind of 2E. 2E is way easier to understand for modern players. They also seem to like the art last week I took the 2E phb 1989 and 1995 along with the Druids hand book in. Encounter design and pacing are way easier in the OSR games as well. It's because everything is daily whileicing short rest and long rest classes in 5E makes things a bit harder along with hit point inflation a...

Tuesday, 2nd July, 2019

  • 09:24 AM - Hussar quoted Scrivener of Doom in post WotC Looking For A New D&D Producer?
    I love seeing all the titles WotC manufactures on what seems like a weekly basis. Wow, kick at a football game.
  • 08:20 AM - Dannyalcatraz quoted Scrivener of Doom in post Mearls' "Firing" tweet
    Ahhh, yes, Americans. The only nation in the world where most of its population are monolingual in their second language. Keep yukkin’ it up, and we’ll launch another wave of culture bombs at you. Dallas, Baywatch, NFL/MLB games, Jersey Shore, the Dumb & Dumber franchise* think that’s all we got? * let that last one sink in for a bit.

Wednesday, 20th February, 2019

  • 06:50 PM - Matchstick quoted Scrivener of Doom in post Critical Role Goes Independent From Thursday
    The bigger news here is that TalksMachina is seemingly coming to YouTube. I think they're all on YouTube already, they're just not listed. This is a great move for CR, but it's probably going to be tough on G&S.

Friday, 6th April, 2018

  • 10:00 AM - Tymophil quoted Scrivener of Doom in post [4e] Masterplan
    I use 11.9. I was finally able to find 11.10... But not 11.11 so far. Do you know of any add-in that was developped for Masterplan?

Monday, 2nd April, 2018

  • 08:57 PM - Ancalagon quoted Scrivener of Doom in post Do We Still Need "Race" in D&D?
    Yes. If anything, RPGs more accurately use the term "race" than we do in real life. (I'm known to fill in forms that ask for race with "human".) Correct. By having all humanity be a single race, it is a denunciation of real-world racism, by showing that the differences some people put so much importance on are meaningless.

Tuesday, 6th March, 2018

  • 04:56 PM - Gradine quoted Scrivener of Doom in post Hoard of the Cold Sun (ToD Storyline in Eberron)
    I'm about to settle in and read this but I just want to make a comment first: Tyranny of Dragons doesn't belong in the Realms; it belongs in Eberron. There's nothing that actually connects the story with the Realms, and WotC didn't make any effect to correct this. By contrast, this plot is very similar to the Tiamat-based plot outline provided in Eberron 3.5E's Dragons of Eberron. If you haven't already, read Dragons of Eberron and I think you'll find a lot of ideas about how to make these two adventures really sing in the world they were meant for. Thanks for the advice! I'll have to check it out. In the mean time I'm still working on the recap for Chapter 2. It was a very different kind of session; hardly any dice were rolled after they reached the camp, but it seemed like everyone was having a blast! I'm curious to see how they handle the dungeon crawl in Chapter 3. It's not a style I often DM as so even my more experienced players might be thrown off a bit.

Monday, 19th February, 2018

  • 04:44 PM - pnewman quoted Scrivener of Doom in post Fantasy and Science Fiction Writer Victor Milan Passes Away
    That's the first time I've seen someone triggered in that way by such a common euphemism. It is a common euphemism. That just shows how common axiomatic theism is in American speech. This is assuming facts which are not in evidence. Also isn't "triggered" is more of an emotional response? This is much, much, much more about what I think than it is about what I feel.

Saturday, 17th February, 2018

  • 01:05 AM - Shasarak quoted Scrivener of Doom in post Fantasy and Science Fiction Writer Victor Milan Passes Away
    He also co-wrote the very high fantasy double trilogy The War of Powers which I've read and re-read multiple times over the past 30+ years. It's begging for a big or small screen treatment. OMG, he wrote that? I love that series, especially the "Enemy of my Enemy is still a civilisation destroying God and maybe we should not have teamed up with them" vibe.

Friday, 16th February, 2018

  • 08:10 PM - Jay Verkuilen quoted Scrivener of Doom in post Fantasy and Science Fiction Writer Victor Milan Passes Away
    He also co-wrote the very high fantasy double trilogy The War of Powers which I've read and re-read multiple times over the past 30+ years. It's begging for a big or small screen treatment. Yeah, The War of Powers is quite good. I'm a fan of a lot of late '70s/early '80s fantasy, before too much D&D influence crept into the genre and, more importantly, before it became so formulaic with way too many POV characters you need a briefing book to keep track of. However, as the double scimitar fighting style of one of the major antagonists may have inspired Drizzle Douche'nozzle maybe I shouldn't hold these books in such high esteem.... ;) Huh, didn't recall that but you're right about the two scims. Of course there are other sources of that, too, including Indiana Jones. RIP Vic Milan.

Saturday, 20th January, 2018

  • 10:52 AM - pemerton quoted Scrivener of Doom in post Session report - Carceri
    pemerton, did you ever post a conclusion to this campaign? I don't recall one and I've also had no luck with Google. Anyway, would love to know how it concluded if you ever feel up to posting any sort of update.Hi Scrivener of Doom! We're still partway through the Carceri episode. Because of our rule that we won't play this campaign unless we can get everyone there, we have'nt got in a session of it since the one I posted there, as one of our number has been renovating his house most weekends for the past year or so. When we do play it again, and resolve it, I'll be sure to post. Not to bang my own drum too much, but have you looked at my Cortex+ or Traveller actual play reports?

Monday, 8th January, 2018

Sunday, 7th January, 2018

Saturday, 6th January, 2018

  • 03:50 PM - Garthanos quoted Scrivener of Doom in post How to transfer D&D 4e Adeventure Tool to a new PC?
    Masterplan allows you to export to html and then you can copy and paste into a Word document. There would be a feature I would like in Character Builder. I have been adding content into character builder and it becomes nicely useable but I would like then make it nicely presentable. If another engine imported Part files that would be nice.

Friday, 5th January, 2018

  • 12:48 PM - Myrhdraak quoted Scrivener of Doom in post How to transfer D&D 4e Adeventure Tool to a new PC?
    Another alternative is to ditch Adventure Tools and use Masterplan. Unfortunately, that means exporting any of your custom monsters to monster files which can be some work. (Or does AT do that already? I haven't used it for such a long time.) Masterplan is a surprisingly good monster builder and running encounters in Masterplan makes book-keeping during an encounter so much easier. I used the Adventure Tool to do a Rich Text copy of the monsters which made it very easy to port 4th Edition monsters into a Word document and modify them. Without this capability it is much more tedious to convert 4th Edition monsters into my own 4.5 Edition game.

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