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Friday, 14th September, 2018

  • 03:16 AM - Rune mentioned steeldragons in post The EN World IRON DM 2018 Tournament Scheduling Thread
    Perhaps some former contestants, judges, and/or alternates from the last few tournaments might want to get in on the fun? Leopold LongGoneWrier LucasC Lwaxy MortalPlague PnPgamer Radiating Gnome Slit518 steeldragons UselessTriviaMan Waylander the Slayer Wicht Wik Yaztromo

Thursday, 22nd February, 2018

  • 03:21 PM - lowkey13 mentioned steeldragons in post Fluff, Rules, and the Cleric/Warlock Multiclass (WITH POLL!)
    You're absolutely right, sir. The landscapers have done a wonderful job with the sod, and I will remove myself promptly so as not to cause unsightly divots. Well, I wouldn't have put it like steeldragons but I think there is a divide in viewpoints. If I can put it in this way- Some people view fluff as important, in some ways. The flavor is baked into the class. It is part of the "world." Others view the fluff as unimportant; the rules are all that matter. Combine that with different views of what a class means in D&D. Some people have a more formal conception of the class, whereas others view "class" as just a constellation of abilities. This gets even more muddied when it comes to muticlassing; for the second group, multiclassing allows those people to pick and choose abilities between classes in order to create a concept (a gestalt) of what they really want; others view multiclassing more like the old way; that it is moving from one "career" to another, or, perhaps, advancing slowly down two lines (the archetypal F/MU). I don't think that there's a wrong way to play, but they are different approaches. For me, the idea that a Cleric would Multiclass with Warlock i...

Wednesday, 21st February, 2018

Friday, 16th February, 2018

  • 10:11 PM - CleverNickName mentioned steeldragons in post Survivor Cleric Domains- LIFE DOMAIN WINS!
    Arcana Domain 19 Death Domain 11 Forge Domain 20 Grave Domain 3 - 2 = 1 Knowledge Domain 21 Life Domain 20 Light Domain 19 Tempest Domain 18 + 1 = 19 (Nice try, rczarnec). This is the obvious choice for clerics of Zeus, too. Trickery Domain 16 War Domain 21

Monday, 12th February, 2018

  • 07:34 PM - Quickleaf mentioned steeldragons in post Sorcerer spell chains
    ...nalyze the aura of one creature you see. You learn its current hit point total and all its immunities, resistances, and vulnerabilities. Read Moods (2 psi). As a bonus action, you learn a one-word summary of the emotional state of up to six creatures you can see, such as happy, confused, afraid, or violent. View Aura (3 psi; conc., 1 hr.). As an action, you study one creature’s aura. Until your concentration ends, while you can see the target, you learn if it’s under the effect of any magical or psionic effects, its current hit point total, and its basic emotional state. While this effect lasts, you have advantage on Wisdom (Insight) and Charisma checks you make against it. Perceive the Unseen (5 psi; conc., 1 min.). As a bonus action, you gain the ability to see auras even of invisible or hidden creatures. Until your concentration ends, you can see all creatures, including hidden and invisible ones, regardless of lighting conditions. ...I could easily see adding a version of steeldragons "see magic" into the mix of Aura Sight.

Sunday, 31st December, 2017

  • 11:02 PM - Quickleaf mentioned steeldragons in post Preview of the Witch Class I am working on
    Great insights steeldragons As always :) If you interpret "witch" as "crafter of magic", what differentiates a witch from an artificer? My view of witchcraft/witchery is probably biased as I've met several contemporary "witches" and read about historical Italian witchcraft (Stregheria)... but I've always seen witchcraft as a sort of mystery cult focused on initiation into secrets. It's the secret knowledge aspect of witchcraft that most stands out to me as a basis from which to form a game-definition of a "witch" that is distinct from an artificer / druid / sorcerer / warlock / wizard. While I've never gone the distance of making it into a class, in my homebrew campaign world which goes by the epithet "Witching Grounds", I've really played up that secret knowledge witch concept in a couple ways on the DM's side... Witches often know True Names of otherworldly beings and can summon/control/banish them. Witches can sense possession and other forms of magical control of others. Witches know ancient ...

Thursday, 7th December, 2017

  • 06:48 PM - Rune mentioned steeldragons in post Scheduling for the IRON DM 2017 Tournament
    Perhaps some former contestants, judges, and/or alternates from the last few tournaments might want to get in on the fun? GuardianLurker Imhotepthewise Iron Sky Leopold LongGoneWrier LucasC Lwaxy MortalPlague PnPgamer Radiating Gnome Slit518 steeldragons UselessTriviaMan Waylander the Slayer Wicht Wik

Thursday, 21st September, 2017

Tuesday, 22nd August, 2017

Monday, 14th August, 2017

  • 08:45 AM - Quickleaf mentioned steeldragons in post A Class Thread By Any Other Name...
    steeldragons I've advocated a similar approach for a while, calling for more fighter & rogue subclasses. My ideal for the PHB would have been something like: Bard 2 Barbarian 2 Cleric 7 Druid 2 Fighter 6 Monk 2 Ranger 2 Rogue 6 Sorcerer 2 Warlock 2 Wizard 8 = 41, close to PHB just with different distribution. Then I'd expand on Bard, Barbarian, Druid, Ranger', Sorcerer, and Warlock options is supplemental hardbacks. One wild thought: what if there was no need for a "general default" fighter, wizard, or what have you? For example, there could be a generic rule - maybe in the customization chapter (alongside multiclassing & feats) - about forgoing choosing a subclass in favor of getting bonus feats / proficiencies / saving throws / known spells / certain class features (e.g. Fighting styles or Eldritch invocations). If there were just a bit more feats supporting casters, I think this could work very nicely. EDIT: Here are my thoughts on how I'd ideally tweak the classes: Read Languages for ro...

Sunday, 2nd July, 2017

  • 09:52 PM - Quickleaf mentioned steeldragons in post What do you want in a published adventure? / Adventure design best practices?
    ...); HP 38; Spd 30; Senses 15; Lang common, ignan, jhatab’enar; Resist fire; Saves Str +0, Dex +1, Con +1, Int +6, Wis +5, Cha +0; #Att 1 fire bolt +6 (120 ft), 2d10 fire; dagger +4 (5 ft), 3 (1d4+1) piercing; Special geased; Spells (save DC 14, attack +6) cantrips control flames (EE), fire bolt, light, mage hand; 1st (4) burning hands, detect magic, mage armor; 2nd (3) flaming sphere, scorching ray, suggestion; 3rd (3) dispel magic, fireball, haste; 4th (1) wall of fire; CR 6 (2,300 XP); p. #. And in a third guard room I have... Mamluk of the Imperishable (2). Medium humanoid LN; AC 15 (17 with shield); HP 19; Spd 30; Senses 13; Lang common, ignan; Resist fire; Saves Str +2, Dex +1, Con +2, Int +0, Wis +1, Cha +0; #Att 1 longbow +3 (150/600 ft), 5 (1d8+1) piercing and 3 (1d6) fire; longsword +4 (5 ft), 6 (1d8+2) slashing; Special pack tactics, solidarity; CR 1 (200 XP); p. #. And that's not even including the area descriptions! I have to question Lanefan steeldragons are "short form" stats really a good idea across the board? Or only for very specific types of small "fun house/monster menagerie" dungeons?
  • 08:39 PM - Quickleaf mentioned steeldragons in post What do you want in a published adventure? / Adventure design best practices?
    ...An open arch is inscribed with Ignan runes: Death begins in water and ends in fire. It leads to a cool quiet semicircular chamber 15’ (4.5 m) in diameter. At the center is an 8’ (2.5 m) diameter circular well accessed via four pointed arches arranged in the cardinal directions. A winch-operated chain hangs down the middle, connected to a bucket. A narrow 6” (15 cm) brick ledge spirals along the inside of the well. On the upper level… The well is 60’ (18 m) deep before reaching water, with four pointed archways at about midway and four more archways at the bottom. On the main level… The well is 30’ deep before reaching water, with four pointed archways at the bottom. The well’s shaft continues up for another 30’ (9 m) where there are four more archways at the top. On the lower level… This is the base of the well, with a bucket floating on the cold dark water. The well’s shaft extends 60’ (18 m) up, with four pointed archways at about midway and four more archways at the top. steeldragons Terrific reply :) Well, preferably, you could use a reference to the original page, as Lanefan suggested, ideally if they're in the same spread. I personally, wouldn't mind referencing the original page number if there are several of the same creature...but then you're defeating the purpose of "ease of use/having it there in front of you on the page you need it." Obviously, if there is a difference/change in the creature (beyond just hit points), if it's wearing different armor or using a magical two-handed sword with special abilities instead of a glaive or whatever, then it gets its own block again. But, I suppose, if it appears four times in four different spreads, then yeah...kinda stuck/you should print it again. But saying "this is getting to be too much, so I'll shunt all of this other stuff, from EVERY room, and put it elsewhere in its own section" doesn't really solve the problem, does it? It's still page count. It's still material -which now the DM must be flipping b...
  • 05:48 AM - Quickleaf mentioned steeldragons in post What do you want in a published adventure? / Adventure design best practices?
    Lanefan steeldragons So, if I were taking the Oni (ogre mage), what would its abbreviated stats look like? Something like this? Oni: Large giant; AC 16; HP 110; Saves Str +4, Dex +3, Con +6, Int +2, Wis +4, Cha +5; #Att 2 glaive, +7 (10 ft or 5 ft in Medium size), 2d10+4 slashing (or 1d10+4 in Medium size); senses 14 (darkvision 60 ft); change shape, magic weapons, regeneration (10); innate spells (at will – darkness, invisibility, 1/day –charm person, cone of cold, gaseous form, sleep; CR 7 (2,900 XP); Monster Manual. And then if an Oni appears elsewhere in the adventure 4 times, you repeat that abbreviated stat block each of those 4 times? What about much more complex monsters? Things like Archmages or Beholders? What about rooms where who is in the room changes significantly based on different times of day, ceremonial circumstances, etc?

Saturday, 3rd June, 2017

  • 07:58 PM - Lanefan mentioned steeldragons in post Survivor Classic Modules: THE SINISTER SECRET OF SALTMARSH WINS!
    Think I incorporated all of the changes since rczarnec. Posts 247 to 248 crossed the streams. Anyone is welcome to double check my corrections. But think this is where we are. [EDIT: Dammit! Too slow. Maxperson's additions included below. I'll do my own in a separate post.] A1-A4 Scourge of the Slave Lords 4 B2 The Keep on the Borderlands 21 C1 The Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan 22 EX1-EX2 Dungeonland/Magic Mirror 7 G1-G3 Against the Giants 10 I1 Dwellers of the Forbidden City 21 I2 Tomb of the Lizard King 11 I3-I5 Desert of Desolation 25 L1 The Secret of Bone Hill 15 S4 The Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth 25 T1 Village of Hommlet 21 U1-U3 Saltmarsh Series 19 WG4 Forgotten Temple of Tharizdun 21 X1 Isle of Dread 23 X2 Castle Amber 22 steeldragons I think you've given EX1-2 some extra points. In post 247 (the last accurate one, I think) it had 13 points. It then got downvoted in posts 248, 250 and 251 with no mitigating upvotes, so should currently be sitting on 4 points after post 258. Will fix with my own vote, next post.

Monday, 29th May, 2017

  • 07:26 PM - Kobold Stew mentioned steeldragons in post Survivor Classic Modules: THE SINISTER SECRET OF SALTMARSH WINS!
    [note: steeldragons dropped B1 by 2 and not 3, but it's a wash since ccs killed it anyways. No corrections needed.] A1-A4 Scourge of the Slave Lords 19 B2 The Keep on the Borderlands 22 B4 The Lost City 11 C1 The Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan 22 C2 The Ghost Tower of Inverness 17 D1-D3 Drow 13 EX1-EX2 Dungeonland/Magic Mirror 20 G1-G3 Against the Giants 21 I1 Dwellers of the Forbidden City 25 I2 Tomb of the Lizard King 17 I3-I5 Desert of Desolation 26 L1 The Secret of Bone Hill 8 L2 The Assassin's Knot 6 Q1 Queen of the Demonweb Pits 15 S2 White Plume Mountain 21 S3 Expedition to the Barrier Peaks 11 S4 The Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth 27 T1 Village of Hommlet 25 U1-U3 Saltmarsh Series 22 UK2 Sentinel 15 WG4 Forgotten Temple of Tharizdun 22 X1 Isle of Dread 20 X2 Castle Amber 19 So many of these modules are excellent. In thinking about what to vote for, it really has brought back a flood of memories, of modules played, replayed, or only thought about.

Saturday, 6th May, 2017

  • 12:13 AM - MoonSong mentioned steeldragons in post So long and thanks for all the fish!
    ...ular "they", for instance. My understanding is that this is uncontroversial in non-American English-speaking countries, but in America the singular they became another political hill to die upon because we'll do that crap with just about anything. I remember about a decade or so ago when light bulbs became this huge, divisive political flashpoint. We're a pretty ridiculous people. :p That said, English grammar is mostly a melting pot of ever-changing guesswork where there are more exceptions than "rules", no matter where you live and speak the language. It's enough to make one wonder why some folks get so bent out of shape over those so-called "rules". Since this thread is all over the place anyways I will just point out that the "singular they" works very well, and I often find it a positive to have conversations without knowing genders. Wait a little plz. I'm aware of singular they, and I prefer descriptivism. I just commented on steeldragons using "he/she". If we were using a different language we either would quickly know Thedip's gender from the way he talks or wouldn't need to know it at all. You know, because of speech patterns or gendered adjectives and nouns.

Sunday, 19th March, 2017

  • 12:19 AM - Hussar mentioned steeldragons in post 5e Warlord Demand Poll
    This is an example I was talking about, when I said that you keep saying things and accusing others of untrue things. "My campaign to banish the warlord"? The only thread I created on the topic (and the last thread I created period), was this one from 2 weeks ago. I'm arguing in favor of including the Warlord class in that thread. So I'm going to ask you nicely. Please stop accusing me of doing things I've not only not done, but are actually the opposite of my actual position. Dude, I'm totally sorry. I got your user name mixed up with steeldragons. Totally my bad.

Monday, 6th March, 2017

  • 09:42 PM - OB1 mentioned steeldragons in post Prestige Classes?
    I don't know. I don't mind the UA's first attempt. I don't think it really worked the way they wanted. But it had potential. I WOULD probably reclassify them by a different name than "Prestige Class" since that has some baggage and, apparently, bad feeling that comes with it. I'd like the concept of prestige class/paragon path to be something new. Archetypes already covers the idea of classes mix-mash or super-specialization. I'd use PrC to give some level to some things that dont have level progression in the game: races and background. ex: someone with the guild artisan background could take the Guimaster PrC to increase the background feature and gain new features related to his increasing status within the guild. A dwarf could take the First-born of Moradin PrC to increase his dwarf-ness, like immunity to poison, shape earth cantrip or precious metal-sense. I'd add paths for things like lycanthropy and vampires curses or the like as well. steeldragons how about Story Class or Quest Class as a new name? IE. Sometimes a character's adventures lead them to encounter new forks in the road that can change the path of their career. Below are rules for a unique kind of class specifically for players to use with the optional multi-classing rules. Quest Classes are only 4-5 levels long and have prerequisites that can only be met via adventuring. Again, I'd be fine if WotC just provided some official guidelines for creating and leave the specifics to the DMs table, though I would welcome inspiration in the form of some of these as well.

Saturday, 18th February, 2017

  • 04:34 PM - FrogReaver mentioned steeldragons in post Inquisitor (Cleric/Paladin Hybrid)
    steeldragons While it's convention in 5e to have classes have multiple subclasses, there's nothing in the design that says a class is required to. It's also not required anywhere for a class to have a subclass at all. So an Inquisitor class doesn't need either.

Wednesday, 19th October, 2016

  • 09:38 PM - bedir than mentioned steeldragons in post Is a Half-Caster -but still Magical- Cleric too different?
    steeldragons I enjoy the thought of Clerics/Warlocks and maybe Paladins being built on a short rest Invocation(y) mechanic with Wizards/Druids and maybe Bards/Rangers/Sorcerers on the long rest. It not only offers variety but can be explained though the lore. C/W contact a higher power for their gifts. W/D use their understanding of the world to change it.

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Monday, 29th April, 2019

  • 02:53 AM - Umbran quoted steeldragons in post Good, Evil, Nature, and Druids
    You keep asking bout Nature like it has its own sentience..rather than being the conglomeration of the energies and materials of the physical setting: life, death, the elements, the sun/moon/stars, the trees/stone/streams, animals, plants, weather. No, Nature would not "care." Though as mentioned, a druid could not be [a.k.a. pursue/promote/advocate for] "evil" and remain a druid/retain their druidic powers. Nature does not "care." Nature simply "is." If nature does not care, then why does alignment enter into it? Why does an "evil" druid lose their powers? Are not "good" and "evil" just two more parts of the Grand Scheme of Things? Why does nature differentiate if it does not care? In a game where there's no mechanical impact of alignment (so, you cannot magically detect good or evil) *how* does Nature differentiate those who have gone astray if there is no sentience of any kind to it to judge?

Sunday, 28th April, 2019

  • 08:18 PM - uzirath quoted steeldragons in post Good, Evil, Nature, and Druids
    Back in AD&D 2nd I had a cleric who was convinced that there was an absolute morality because no matter the position of the deity, spells like Know Alignment and Detect Evil would always return the same. Back in the day, I remember bashing my head against the alignment system on so many occasions, both as player and DM. We used to rename Detect Evil "Permission to Murder." Moral ambiguity is at the heart of so much drama. It was a radical day when we realized at some point in high school that we could dump the whole thing without breaking the game. You keep asking bout Nature like it has its own sentience..rather than being the conglomeration of the energies and materials of the physical setting: life, death, the elements, the sun/moon/stars, the trees/stone/streams, animals, plants, weather. Well, yes, that's one way of imagining nature. I didn't want to preclude the possibility of a personified nature, which is relatively common in mythology, folklore, and RPG settings (the Greek Gaia c...

Tuesday, 12th March, 2019

  • 04:57 PM - Aaron L quoted steeldragons in post Jon Peterson Shares Aronson's Original OD&D Illusionist
    If only he could spell "invisible." ;) One need only look at the 1e Magic-user class level titles to know the answer to that is a hearty "yes." hahaha 3rd level? "Enchanter." 7th level? "Necromancer." Conjurer and Evoker are both in there. "Spellbinder," I think was one. Magician. Warlock. So, yeah. "Take a magical word referring to a magical thing and we'll just stick that in." Defining the school, and then further "flavors" of arcane magic and types of magical practice is really a 2e and significantly more 3+e thing. Point taken, but even in 1E the spells were grouped into Schools of Magic which were listed at the top of the spell description, and most of the names of the Schools made some kind of sense by either the traditional meaning of the terms, or at least some kind of symbolic connection... all except Invocation/Evocation. It's not a big thing, and doesn't actually mean anything in the long run. But ever since I started playing D&D when I was 14 and I understood what the n...

Tuesday, 8th January, 2019

Monday, 7th January, 2019

Saturday, 8th September, 2018

Tuesday, 4th September, 2018

  • 07:50 PM - Celebrim quoted steeldragons in post Revised and rebalanced dragons for 1e AD&D
    I'm very much looking forward to your descriptive write ups on the metallics. Really great (and huuuuuge amount of) work. The metallic write ups are nearing completion. I'm asking for feedback a bit early because I'm less happy with them than the chromatics, and in particular I think the Brass write up is inspired but I'm much less enthusiastic about the other ones. A bit of background, I've never actually used a metallic dragon in game, and I've not really been happy with how metallics played out in settings where I was the player, or with any of the lore I'd seen built around them (mechanically or in its write up). I've just never seen the point of them - why do we need good dragons and what role would they have in a story where the PC's are protagonists? (I've often speculated that the good dragons were actually intended to be the oriental dragons in a lose way, before becoming their own thing when oriental dragons were considered more closely.) In fact, my lack of use for metalli...

Friday, 31st August, 2018

  • 02:49 PM - lowkey13 quoted steeldragons in post What makes D&D, D&D?
    EDIT TO ADD: The separation of magics/spells between MUs and Cles....and thus carrying over/through the game in all incarnations, whatever the titles/names for them. Other systems use different magical organizations...either teased out into every possible different facet/contingency or different magics based on magical practices, to the all lumped together (a la some neo-pagan/modern day idea) of "all magic is magic" with spells divided by ethical or moral intent, i.e. "white/grey/black" magic, or other thematic groupings ("blue" magic for the air, "red" magic for dealing damage/blood/war, "green" magic for nature/plants, etc...) and different character classes/concepts use whatever "color" of magic best suits their individual flavor. But all of that has blossomed and branched and interwoven over the decades all began from the simple idea that a "wizardy guy" has/used different magic [different spell list] from a "priestly guy" and nary the twain shall meet...though nowadays they meet, maybe, a ...

Thursday, 30th August, 2018

Wednesday, 18th July, 2018

  • 04:27 PM - TwoSix quoted steeldragons in post Pathfinder 2 Character Sheet #6: Ezren, Human Wizard
    This was my first thought. Might work out...but, realistically/in play, how often are you taking 4 or less HP of physical damage? Seems like a "Shield Block" is going to be a limited DR/absorbed hp, but will "shatter" every time. A cantrip for +1 AC, plus the ability to be used as 4 extra hit points roughly once a battle, seems pretty decent to me. Plus the fact we don't know how it scales.

Tuesday, 12th June, 2018

Monday, 28th May, 2018

  • 11:02 PM - Demetrios1453 quoted steeldragons in post Yugoloths: Do They Have an Identity Beyond the Blood War?
    I thought "the Blood War" was a 3.5 or 4e fabrication. I don't remember ever hearing the term or about it from the AD&D days. The Blood War was a 2e invention. It definitely played a big role in the 2e Planescape line.
  • 08:39 PM - vincegetorix quoted steeldragons in post Yugoloths: Do They Have an Identity Beyond the Blood War?
    I thought "the Blood War" was a 3.5 or 4e fabrication. I don't remember ever hearing the term or about it from the AD&D days. Devils, Demons, and Daemons in 1e were simply embodiments of their respective flavor [Lawful/Neutral/Chaotic] of evil. Though Daemons as a mercenary kind of fighters/traders/double-dealers between and/or for both devils and demons has been a niche of theirs from the get go. I'm not even sure there's Blood War going on in 4e. IIRC, in the Dawn War cosmology, the Demons were originally the Angels/Devils (Angels served good Gods, Devil served evil Gods but were still lawful servants of divine dominions in the Astral Sea) of Tharizdun that fell in the when the other gods decided to throw Tharizdun's Dominion at the bottom of the Elemental Chaos, thus creating the endless Abysses. That's why in 4e Demons are considered Elemental creatures and Angels/Devils were Immortals. Since there's no easy way to travel from the Astral Sea to the Elemental Chaos, I doubt there was an op...
  • 06:25 PM - Mouseferatu quoted steeldragons in post Fey in 5e DnD the dazzling shining might and transcendent powers of -what are somewhat mistakenly referred to as- the "Gemstone Dragons." You've actually come up with a story that might incline me to include gemstone dragons in a campaign. Kudos; that is not an easy task, given how I normally feel about them.

Friday, 11th May, 2018

  • 03:29 AM - cbwjm quoted steeldragons in post Splitting cleric's subclass into domain and archetype
    It may or may not be appropriate...but there's a degree to which one must put up their hands and say "let the players, be players." Does it make sense to have a "mystic" archetype of the god of war, whose abilities grant weapon proficiencies and weapon attack/damage bonuses? No. Probably not. But if that's what the archetype says and a player still says, "I wanna be a mystic of the war god! Here's what I'm thinkin'..." Then, <shrug> it's for them to work it out and find they either love it or, perhaps, mixing diametrically opposed options in game, just because they are there, is not always a great idea. As the designer there's only so much you can do about that...and it'sa weight, I personally, tend to shrug off as much as possible. I create and develop the options that I think are cool...some of them go together great! Some of them /can/ work. Some of them are not at all intended to go together...but if a player wants to, who am I? In my own homebrew system, my classes follow something simil...

Thursday, 10th May, 2018

  • 11:19 AM - cbwjm quoted steeldragons in post Splitting cleric's subclass into domain and archetype
    I'm not sure on the implementation, but I love the concept! This is what could/should have been the Cleric's breakdown from the get go...and let it be [have been] the precedent setter for why/how other classes could have the same structure (as opposed to Warlocks just being this odd anomaly). You pick a domain at 1st, then an archetype("subclass": Crusader, Mystic, etc...) at 3rd. Warlocks: Pick a pact (analogous to the domain of a deity, the warlock has a pact with a patron...who that patron is is fluff) at 1st, then an archetype ("Binder, Cultist," whatever else...) at 3rd. Bards? Pick a college (valor, lore, etc...) at 1st, then an archetype (minstrel, chronicler, judiciar, etc...) at 3rd. ...maybe, even, Rangers: Pick a "lodge" (use a beast companion, study more magic, get more stealthy/speed/movement, etc...) at 1st, then an archetype (hunter, defender, slayer, etc...) at 3rd. Early days yet, I'm still working through it but thought posting the work I had done may bring in ...

Sunday, 6th May, 2018

  • 02:41 PM - Laurefindel quoted steeldragons in post Shadow Magic Arcane Tradition (updated)
    It's a decent write up. My concern is the 6th level ability might be a bit OPed. (Snip) It seems like adding "dim light" to advantage your spells borrow from Elmer Fudd, "too wittle, too wate." Iwould propose, as this is the"shadow caster" not the "darkness caster" that dim light be added to the 2nd level feature.(snip) What's a Cleric's channel or Paladin's aura these days? Make it the same as that...(snip) do whatever some other mages' or classes' 10th level features do. Thanks for the advice, duly noted. Yeah, I felt I was chickening out ont the 2nd level ability, but when homebrewing i try to err on the not-too-powerful side when I have a doubt. Yet I often fail at that too... As for the 6th level ability, advantage on poison saves and resistance to poison damage typically go hand in hand, at least in stat blocks of monsters and in the dwarf racial ability.

Thursday, 3rd May, 2018

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