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Seeking a decent weekly game with good attendance. Sunday preferred, weeknights acceptable. I play well with others, and I am always happy to pick up the class that no one else took.
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Sunday, 6th December, 2015

  • 10:26 PM - Scott DeWar mentioned Systole in post General Discussion
    ***shakes fist angerly Systole*** Curse you! I was looking at a mixture of eggs, mushrooms bacon and other sturr. I my head I heard the words from evil unto evil the Taunting words of the Don: "Wigglies nibbling on bits" I was looking a a plate of noodles marinara and those words kept popping in my head and wiggling around GAH!!

Friday, 26th June, 2015

  • 03:14 PM - jbear mentioned Systole in post Upcoming Adventure Review
    Soooo ... how are those adventure approval's coming along? I would love to get at least one of my characters active again. *twiddle's thumbs making his best patient face* Systole How are you feeling about pushing through to the end of 'FRom Whence None Return?' Is it far off from its conclusion?

Saturday, 23rd May, 2015

  • 02:52 PM - jbear mentioned Systole in post [LPF] From Whence None Return
    @Systole Hey mate, when do you think you will get a chance to move this along? Just to mentalise (it helps me be patient :P ; it goes without saying thank you again for picking up where SK left off, its very much appreciated).

Thursday, 12th February, 2015

  • 10:18 AM - perrinmiller mentioned Systole in post General Discussion
    Does anyone know the status of From Whence None Return? It seems to have stalled, but I'm not sure if this issue has already been addressed: Usually Satin Knights is on the ball. SK has had RL intrude for several months now. Systole has known this and should have stepped up to take over long before now. Same with jkason SK’s high-level game that has been sitting for over 2 months now. But SK did offer some hope that he was going to have more time from mid-January. That was a month ago though.

Friday, 17th October, 2014

  • 06:18 AM - GlassEye mentioned Systole in post [LPF] Evil Unto Evil
    Systole Numbers look good except for Encounter Gold. I get a total of 66,825 gp for 22,275 each. The number used in the previous chart per person is 20,258. I may have made an error but if you could double check just to be sure. Experience numbers are fine.

Monday, 5th May, 2014

  • 07:25 AM - GlassEye mentioned Systole in post [Tavern Thread] The Dunn Wright Inn
    ...otta fix da demned door. Agin." One of Venza's notorious Planks bravos enters the bar and looks around with a bold stare and a caress of the hilt of his rapier for anyone who dares look his way. He steps aside but in front of the door to keep it from swinging closed again. Walking into the bar after the bravo is an old woman, shoulders slightly hunched, dressed in a dark gray dress ragged along the hem. A linen scarf of the same dark gray covers her hair and frames her face. Her tanned, lined face and gray clothing all serve to draw attention to her clear, sky-blue eyes. Though the old woman seems spry enough to not need it, she carries a walking stick that she raps on the floor of the inn before speaking in a thick, foreign accent. "I seek the Daughter of Fumon, a cunning woman..." She lets her gaze wander round the common room until it lights upon Mirra sitting and studying a book at the bar. She approaches the bar and stands looking at Mirra. "What do you read?" Systole Recruiting Mirra for Lost Imperium. The old woman has an Inner Sea accent and looks to be of Goti ethnicity.Fumon is the Pell god of storms, also called the Changewind and the Breath of the Seithr.The old woman has a noticeable scent...She smells of Hamamelis, a plant colloquially known as witch hazel or winterbloom. . . . . Mother Telka . . . .

Tuesday, 25th February, 2014

  • 10:39 AM - perrinmiller mentioned Systole in post [LPF] Kaedyn's Quest
    ...plaguing Thornbury. Larsheil was a good elf, but he had no family and liked living alone in the forest. Most of the time his magic would be enough to defend himself, but the evil forces at work are strong,” she added sadly. The gruff centaur warrior sheathed his large blade and said, “Alright, I be gettin’ started on diggin’ graves fur dem dat deserve it.” Party Status: Ru: 34/39 HP remaining; Damaris: 34/27 HP remaining; False Life Thuvian: 19/27 HP remaining; Nora: 13/13 HP remaining; Spells Cast: Abilities Used: Ru: Ki Pool 2/3; Rngr Foc 0/1 Damaris: Bard Pef 6/12; Spells 1st 0/4, 2nd 2/2; Thuvian: Dark 0/1; Blind Dark 0/7; Spells 1st 1/5, 2nd 2/4, 3rd 2/3 Conditions in effect: False Life(Dam) We do not need to RP the grave digging and even the journey to Thornbury. The centaurs are not going with you, so if you have something more to discuss with them, then we can continue the scene. Once you all look to be parting company, I can advance the scene. Systole and jackslate45, I will be injecting your characters into the IC scene at the Inn in Thornbury, with the other three ending up there.

Friday, 17th January, 2014

  • 12:17 AM - perrinmiller mentioned Systole in post [LPF] Kaedyn's Quest is a muddled haze). I'll roll the Acro check to move just in case so things don't get bogged down, though (with the -4 Dex for Blinded):Huh, that changes things. I don’t have access to the rules at work where I drafted half of this combat. Sorry for the mistake. Instead of blanketing the area with 2 more darkness circles, I will just give the spells back to the two tieflings and they will probably not be used. That means you all don’t suffer as bad and there is 20% concealment from Dim Illumination from those circles instead. That would not change the results from round 3 much, but it could certainly change Tyrion’s actions as he might have attacked instead and you probably need him to. I will allow a retcon for his turn in Round 2 to include an attack on G6 from stopping his movement at J13 or J14, jackslate45. I will allow a retcon for Ru before I resolve his actions for Round 3 if it would change something, jkason. I don’t think Ru would do anything different in Round 2. Systole, you need to succeed a Concentration check to keep the Enlarge Person spell to trigger. I did not roll it for you, figuring you knew you would have to. ;) soulnova, please include your mini-stats and maintain them as you mark off spells used and rounds of Bardic Performance. Edit it into your last post. Doesn't Enlarge Person potions also take 1 round to go into effect?

Tuesday, 14th January, 2014

  • 11:00 AM - perrinmiller mentioned Systole in post [LPF] Kaedyn's Quest
    @Sunshadow21; You will need to keep track of elevation in your OOC crunch, and make applicable Fly Skill checks for difficult maneuvers. Trees: For simplicity, the trunks would be straight until 20 feet elevation (as I did not put any of the small saplings on the map as they count for the difficult terrain). The leave canopy ranges from 50-75ft up. Since the original square would be squeezing, I moved Thuvian to L11 Systole: 5ft Step in the undergrowth for large creatures is okay. Except last time I checked, Full Round Casting time doesn’t trigger until free action on the following turn. So you have to survive the round before the spell completes. So I put him back to normal size and took away 5ft step for this round. I included an updated map. Real Updated Map

Wednesday, 30th October, 2013

  • 03:05 PM - perrinmiller mentioned Systole in post Upcoming Adventure Review
    Satin Knights, Mowgli, Systole, & GlassEye. Have any of you played Barrow Of The Forgotten King? Btw, jkason, you are my only choice for a Judge on that adventure. ;)

Saturday, 26th October, 2013

  • 01:31 PM - Maidhc O Casain mentioned Systole in post Upcoming Adventure Review
    If Systole is willing, I'd prefer to pull Kryeprift from Silent Tide and team him up with Qalabash, Mystie and his Mirra Weathersmith to make another party of four. SK is the judge for Silent Tide, and is also very familiar with the adventure. I can easily tone it down for a party of three, and don't really like playing DMPCs anyway. The only reason I had him in it was that there was nothing else for him to do, really.

Monday, 14th October, 2013

  • 12:34 PM - perrinmiller mentioned Systole in post Upcoming Adventure Review
    Systole, jackslate45, sunshadow21; What's the situation on your characters? I have players RPing and trying to wheedle information out of my NPC while we wait.

Friday, 4th October, 2013

  • 02:51 AM - perrinmiller mentioned Systole in post Upcoming Adventure Review
    Thanks, but I'm going to pass on this one. I'm trying to thin out the games I'm playing in and focus on my GM-ing. Once I clear the field a bit, I'll jump back in playing...or maybe keep GM-ing. I haven't thought that far ahead, yet. :)Understood. Systole, soulnova, jackslate45, jkason, and sunshadow21: I am working on the next adventure for 3-4th levels. I am contemplating relaunching Forge of Fury or something homebrew that picks up after A Visit with Father Kedric (that follows after The Sword and the Fallen Angel). 1st, are you all interested in playing in my game? 2nd, have any of you played Forge of Fury (3rd ed D&D adventure)?

Saturday, 24th August, 2013

  • 02:37 PM - perrinmiller mentioned Systole in post Upcoming Adventure Review
    @Grayn , there are some discussions going on regarding temporary retirement of characters. With a few weeks before SK's high-level game kicking off and there are only beginning discussions going on regarding games for my 8th & 9th level characters, I might make a 3rd level character while one of those are parked for a prolonged period. I have a 1st level sorcerer from another game that I could quite easily convert to LFP and level up to 3rd to fill in a spot if recruitment is looking light. @Systole and @jackslate45 , other than SK's game for the 9-11th levels, there is nothing in the works for the few characters around 9th level that are not planning to play in it. There may be a need for one or two games in the 8-9th level range yet. It is hard to say, but with Agno retiring and some people being inactive, there may not be more than 2-3 characters around 8th level currently waiting. Once we stop RPing in GE's game that will bring Borric and Syl back around as well for two 9th levels. Syl could go for SK's game, but I will still have either Cythera or Borric available along with Tyrien. Zelena is not going to be continuing in LPF, SD emailed me leaving LPF so she will not be a factor in future planning it looks like. Do you guys have an estimate about when you might be ready to start up? Edit: Gerald007 already said he plans to use Syl for SK's game.

Wednesday, 21st August, 2013

  • 09:20 AM - perrinmiller mentioned Systole in post Borric Hawkins, Male Human Fighter Borric considers the gnome's words and shrugs, "Okay, so maybe permanently blocking it is an overreaction." "But that place on the other side did not appear to be of this plane of existence. Are you sure we did not cross into another realm? I am certainly no expert, though." Then the fighter gets a gleam in his eye and an excited look on his face, "However, if we must consider dealing with what lies on the other side for the good of civilization, then I think we need a flying ship with some magicked ballistae. Additionally we could even use a few tamed flying mounts, maybe griffins or something." "We certainly are not rich enough or powerful enough in magic to do this alone... at least not at the moment. I think we have the makings of a new quest!" Considering the Judge's current discussion on a co-DM model, I am getting some ideas for a follow-on. But that would need Systole and GE on board.Borric Hawkins Initiative: +4 Perception: +10 AC: 28 (25 w/out shield, 26 flat-footed, 13 Touch) - 29 With Prot from Evil HP: 88 Current: 94 CMB: +14 CMD: 27 (29 vs. Disarm/ 31 vs. Trip) Fort: +10 Reflex: +7 Will: +6 (+8 vs. Fear) Conditions in Effect: Ioun Torch (in darkness), Combat Reflexes (3 AoO), Step Up, Greater Trip, Power Attack (-3/+6), Fortune, Heroism, Bless, Prot from Evil, Align Weapon Current Weapon in Hand: Shield Chakram: 2/2 MWK & 6/6 Cold Iron remaining Light Hammers: 2/2 remaining

Saturday, 16th March, 2013

  • 12:06 AM - Scott DeWar mentioned Systole in post Character Level Up Approvals
    Systole: I have a question: What is C. Hode's fav. class? druid? if so, why is there only +1 for that instead of +3 on your skill points? other wise i see nothing wrong.

Wednesday, 13th March, 2013

  • 10:39 PM - GlassEye mentioned Systole in post Upcoming Adventure Review
    There are three level 6's that are going to be finished with Ties that Binds... and then we have a few 6th levels that deserve to be taken care of. How many are ear marked for The Inheritance? Elenka will end Ties that Bind at 7th level (she hit 7th sometime in Feb; I'll have numbers for you soon, PM). The Inheritance has melee solidly covered with Tasanto and Tyrion. Soulnova expressed interest with Damaris (Galandra is more appropriate in level but Damaris has needed skills and support and should do fine if she stays behind the melee characters and is careful. Galandra would also make the group melee heavy). sunshadow21 has Thuvian and Quillion, both would work well in the group and for the adventure, if he's interested and has time. Systole has said 'if you need me'. If I get an affirmative from SS21 we'll be ready to go. Systole's character would still be welcome to join if he wants. Amien (played by Det) was a possibility but I think he would be better off by providing much needed melee for that mass of 1st level spellcasters sitting in the DWI.

Friday, 8th March, 2013

Tuesday, 15th January, 2013

  • 05:37 AM - GlassEye mentioned Systole in post [LPF] Greener is the Grass
    Just waiting for Vincenzo to act before I update and move to round three, Scott DeWar Systole Did you intend for me to roll for Boots? 'Cause I have to say that IC apparently doesn't like it when I roll for players: 1d20+7=16, 1d20+7=15, 1d20+7=10, 1d20+7=8 ScorpiusRisk Sylla stepped back into the space you've designated for Denizel so either we can select a new space or I'll assume Denizel stops at G-H/15-16

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Monday, 13th April, 2015

  • 07:41 AM - Wallraven quoted Systole in post Mageknight and Dreamblade minis for D&D?
    Thread necro! :devil: Shop for minis at Troll and Toad. Technically, EBay has the best miniature selection. However, if you want to buy 20 minis, you're probably going to have to deal with 17 sellers and the shipping adds up quick. Troll and Toad has a very good but not quite as extensive selection, but it's all in one place and the shipping is way cheaper. If you're in Australia, a good alternative to Troll & Toad is Games Empire. On the ones that I was looking at, their price beats eBay. Though you'll need to buy a bunch at once to avoid overpaying on postage (they have a $10 per-order postage fee, plus a 1.9% insurance fee). Star Wars minis don't generally work well as D&D figures, despite the common sizing. There are a few aliens that look good as demons or dopplegangers or other weird humanoids, and there are a few droids that might work as warforged. For the most part, the figures are carrying firearms or are immediately recognizable from the cantina scene. Overall, ...

Wednesday, 14th January, 2015

  • 02:22 PM - perrinmiller quoted Systole in post Pirvinia von Lichenstein, Human Female As they started spreading out too much, Pirvinia mumbled, “I guess I should have been clearer about sticking closer together. At least you two are are nearby.” Mazi had come back nearer. UPDATED MAP Privinia von Lichenstein Initiative: +8, Perception: +6 (8 with Mazi) AC: 14 (18 w/ Mage Armor) (Touch 13, Flat-footed 12)-> 18 with Mage Armor HP: 38 Current: 31 CMD: 14, Fort: +4, Ref: +4, Will: +6 (Add +1 to Saves with Resistance) Conditions in Effect: Eschew Materials, PBS, Precise Shot, Ring of Sustenance, Mage Armor Weapon in Hand: None Spells Remaining: 1st Level: 7/9, 2nd Level: 5/5, 3rd Level 4/4 Mazi Initiative: +2 Senses: low-light vision, darkvision; Perception: +14 AC: 19 (Touch 16, flat-footed 17) -> 23 with Mage Armor HP: 19 Current: 19 Fort: +0, Ref: +4, Will: +7 Conditio...

Saturday, 13th December, 2014

  • 01:32 PM - perrinmiller quoted Systole in post Upcoming Adventure Review
    I also don't mind running smaller groups. I'd rather do that than run a GMPC. I was thinking GMPCs would make smaller groups more viable for party balance. ;) If you want to play Sylla/Boots with Iago, that pretty much means we would have 7 characters needing games if everyone is still looking to continue. I am assuming that Iago is playing, because Larissa was going to play upwards in GE's adventure. However, I have my doubts on soulnova having the time to continue. If she cannot continue, then we are down to 5 players & Systole who is DMing: Pirvinia - Sorceress Tsarruk - Barbarian Iago - Alchemist Ru - Slayer Samad - Bard Looks like a balanced party and there is no reason for me to take on another game for that level.

Friday, 12th December, 2014

  • 10:17 AM - perrinmiller quoted Systole in post Upcoming Adventure Review
    Blessed are the Cheesemakers is ready for a look-over. It's targeted for ~6th level, but I've left it rough so that I can fudge encounters. Who'll be coming, and who'll be judging? Pirvinia is playing in your adventure, Systole. She cannot play in mine. ;) Kaedyn’s Quest Series continues and I will need a numbers checker Judge as well. I have a plan and just need to outline the encounters. I can PM those to the Judge once I get a sucker… er, volunteer. :p My idea was to take the slower posting players in my group, if that works for everyone. But looking at who is available we only have 6 players with Systole making 7 if he wants to continue running either Rhas or Mirra. PM - Pirvinia Jkason – Ru BigB – Tsarruk Soulnova – Damaris Mfloyd3 - Iago Commander_Fallout - Samad Systole – Mirra or Rhas We can make 2 balanced groups of 4 each if Systole wants to NPC one of his characters to have both in play. I could add an NPC to Kaedyn’s Next Quest too, either Ariel or perhaps Kaedyn himself if necessary.
  • 10:13 AM - perrinmiller quoted Systole in post [LPF] Kaedyn's Quest
    Thanks for the adventure, PM. Can we get a list of treasure, too? I don't think we ever figured out that breastplate that Rhas took.All listed in the first post of the thread. It was a +1 Breastplate. Other notable items: Ring of Protection +1 (2000gp) +1 Mithral Shirt (2100gp) +1 Mithral Buckler (2005gp) +1 Ransuer (2310gp) CSW Potion (750gp)

Tuesday, 21st October, 2014

  • 09:50 AM - perrinmiller quoted Systole in post Upcoming Adventure Review
    Ok, I have an inkling of an idea. I'll need a little time to see if it works into something. Are you playing, jkason? Just want to be sure. Also, if any of you have elements you want added to the adventure now is the time to speak up. I have to level up Tyrien to 11th yet and purchase new gear anyway. I might need some down time for crafting (probably not as I have butt loads of DMC). I could conceivably bump Sylla to 10th for this if need be, but that means it would be one wizard, two and a half archers, and one Boots. There is also Mfloyd3’s Larissa (cleric with at least 1 level of fighter) who will be 8th level. That would make 4-5 depending on JK’s answer.

Friday, 17th October, 2014

  • 07:07 PM - Scott DeWar quoted Systole in post [LPF] Evil Unto Evil
    Crime Scene 1 studded leather +1 circlet of intellect +2 Black Blades 4x cloaks of resistance +1 potion of invisibility chain shirt +1 comp longbow +1 (+1 str) ring of deflection +1 Graveyard Ring of Spell Knowledge II Bracers of Armor:2 ??? Headband of Wisdom +2 Second Crime Scene 1 potion of barkskin 1 potion of jump 1 potion of lesser restoration 1 potion of delay poison 1 potion of endure elements 1 handy haversack 2 studded leather +1 1 chainmail +1 1 dwarf waraxe +1 1 short sword +1 Final Battle Wand of Mage Armor (25 charges) 375gp potion of cat’s gracex2 300 gp ea potion of cure moderate wounds x2 300gp ea maybe one left potion of cause serious wounds (NOTE: cause, not cure!) 750gp wand of acid arrow (38 charges) 3420gp +1 light crossbow 2335gp amulet of natural armor +1 2000gp ring of protection +1 2000gp Book of the Grave (preconstructed spellbook) 1265 gp +1 humanbane rapier 8320gp +1 mithral chain shirt 2100gp tunic of careful casting 5000gp stalker's mask 3500gp inquisitor...

Saturday, 27th September, 2014

  • 03:45 AM - perrinmiller quoted Systole in post Upcoming Adventure Review
    Evil Unto Evil is a week or so from ending, depending on how fast the final RP bits go. That'll put three level 10-ish characters back in the DWI (Heinrich, Tyrien, Eanos). Actually there is more to this in the big picture, three games are close to wrapping up: Evil Unto Evil (3 x 9-10th level PCs) - DM is Systole Lost Imperium (5 x 4-6th level PCs) - DM is GE Kaedyn's Quest (4 x 6th level PCs) - DM is PM Some of us are actually playing in two out of the three games. We are going to need a DM for higher level game and 2 for mid-level games. And I think we have a few 3-4th levels around on the sidelines as well.

Monday, 15th September, 2014

  • 11:56 PM - Scott DeWar quoted Systole in post [LPF] Evil Unto Evil
    Level drain is a Fort save, SdW. Rolled it for you and you passed. Small minion destroys the fire elemental with some lucky rolls for the minion followed by a few unlucky saving throws for the fire elemental. ooc: Level drain: OOPS! Loss of elemental: sucks IC: Fort save vs dc 15 1d20+6=16 move: 30 feet updated map Standerd: cast fireball at [circle/slash sign] apply Dancing Flames: You can use this ability to alter any fire spell you cast with a duration of instantaneous by removing any number of squares from its area of effect **removing Eanos and Tyrien from the blast Damage: 10d6=46 dc 21 reflex Init +2, Perception +10 Move 30' +30 [haste] [s]AC: 12; 14 [w/ shield spell]; 16 [w/ Ablative Barrier spell]; 18 [w/ shield and abl barr] touch: 12; Flat Foot: 10 [B][shield or ablative barrier may apply] AC: 16 touch: 16; Flat Foot: 10 with ablative barrier and haste AC: 19...

Thursday, 4th September, 2014

  • 05:20 PM - jkason quoted Systole in post [LPF] Evil Unto Evil
    Hold yer horses, jk. That was just an update for Tyrien finishing out the round. You can take the Perception check and do some yelling this round, but the attack will have to wait. I'll hold off on an update in case you or SdW want to take some free actions this round.. Gah! I'm so sorry. I totally flaked. :( Edited the original post and reset mini-stats to reflect not-attackingness. It looks like a Know check is "not an action," so I left that and the Perception roll in place, and trashed the rest of it (and its fluff narration). Again, apologies for that. The prospect of more big explodiness apparently ate my logic.

Saturday, 30th August, 2014

Tuesday, 26th August, 2014

Tuesday, 19th August, 2014

  • 01:00 AM - Scott DeWar quoted Systole in post [LPF] Evil Unto Evil
    and that sound you just heard was the :):):):) hitting the fan. did you know that the :):):):) hitting the fan sounds like : M - A - R - I - N - E! place holder for Heinrich's action - looking into the bag of tricks to figure out what to use . . . . ooc: sorry guys, I wore myself out yesterday. I am back and I have some action: "Eanos, can you teleport to her and bring her back to here? If you can, I can summon tentacles that will cover 40 foot circle. Is goot idea, ja?"

Thursday, 7th August, 2014

  • 09:51 PM - jkason quoted Systole in post [LPF] Evil Unto Evil
    I was more concerned with glowing like torches once we got into the catacombs, if we decided to hide or something, though I suppose we could cover quivers with cloaks if it got to that. The smell of dead things is stronger here, and Eanos has had a couple close calls with gagging already. I mention this because he's downwind, and it might be a good time to consider whether Scent will do more harm than good once you get inside the ruins. Unfortunately, looking at the spell description, Bloodhound doesn't have a (D) by it, so I don't think Eanos can dismiss it. That could make things interesting. Maybe Tyrien really should be the scout so Eanos doesn't give them all away by puking. Please let me know who's carrying the grave salts. Eanos should have carrying capacity for it, though he's already carrying a bunch of the scrolls, so it might be better if Tyrien has it, so the resources are better distributed?

Sunday, 3rd August, 2014

  • 09:16 PM - Scott DeWar quoted Systole in post [LPF] Evil Unto Evil
    If you're all prepped, I will move this along Sunday or Monday. There is not much to prep for, so I am ready. Heinrich will not jump at maximum defenses until he smells the rot on the wight''s breath . . . . .

Wednesday, 23rd July, 2014

  • 11:10 PM - Scott DeWar quoted Systole in post [LPF] Evil Unto Evil
    Gemma answers Heinrich's questions while the priest digs through his scroll case. "The lagoon's always been a dark place. It seems like it got darker these past years, but yesterday was the first time I've seen anything monstrous there. The catacombs are about two hours' walk away. Say, five miles or so. There are a few tracks through the woods that we use when we need timber for our boats and firewood and such. There's one path that'll go close by the ruins and I can draw you a map to get you the rest of the way. How old they are and what dangers are in them, I've no idea. They're old elven magic, and that's a good enough reason for the likes of us to stay away." ooc: Is that pick of the priest dean martin? ic Heinrick is unscathed, but does not realize it at first. He smiles a chagrin look on his face. He contemplates Gemma's information and searches his memory of what he has learned by prusing dusty tomes in his uncle's library. the Elvin ruins - knowledge: 1d20+17=29 the lagoo...
  • 10:15 PM - jkason quoted Systole in post [LPF] Evil Unto Evil
    Re: Haggling. Restoration spells can only remove one negative level per week. In the interest of not gimping Tyrien for the final push, as well as making some concession to haggling, I think offering the use of a Greater Restoration scroll for the price of two regular Restoration castings is fair. I thought energy drained negative levels were temporary until 24 hours went by, which would mean Restoration clears all of them? If I'm reading the spell right, anyway, it looks like the one week limitation is for permanent levels only? No worries either way. I'm mostly asking because this is my first interaction with negative levels, and I'm trying to make sure I understand how the rules / spells work surrounding them for future reference, since I figure it's the kind of thing my higher-level characters are going to run into more and more of.

Monday, 14th July, 2014

  • 09:47 AM - perrinmiller quoted Systole in post The AFK Thread
    I had crazy work issues all week, because my boss is quitting and I do NOT want to be promoted. (Both his quitting and my not wanting the job are because the position reports to the CEO, who is the New Yorker version of Kin Jong Un.) I'll try to update stuff this weekend. Work stress can suck, literally suck away creativity. Good luck with it, Systole. Keep your head down and out of the line of fire.

Saturday, 21st June, 2014

  • 12:48 AM - perrinmiller quoted Systole in post [LPF] Kaedyn's Quest
    Is the ground solid enough at R16 (where most of the gnolls are without affecting Ru and the others?) to successfully cast Grease on it?? Yes, grass and dirt can be greased. Attack on whatever gnoll is easiest to hit (probably 4) (1d20+10=15, 1d10+6=16) Well, a Timely Inspiration will kill another gnoll, I think. Not sure if Damaris wants to spend it.No matter which gnoll he aims at, the target will have +4AC for cover and Timely Inspiration would be moot. Since the previous one didn't "go off," do I need to roll it again, or can I just keep it? Yes, roll again. I don't want to start banking readied rolls. Same for pre-rolled AoO & "use them or lose them".

Wednesday, 11th June, 2014

  • 05:38 PM - jkason quoted Systole in post [LPF] Evil Unto Evil
    One correction: The heads of the two gangs are Reginald King and Alfonse Cato. (I'm not sure if I've actually given you Cato's first name yet, but it's not the closely guarded secret that King's first name is. If I didn't you can assume you've picked it up somewhere.) That said, it is unlikely they're brothers, and no one has mentioned anything to that effect. There are also a couple spells and abilities that you've discovered but are not on the list you just gave. Ack. I meant that to read "think of Faizal..." as I was considering them metaphorical brothers. I was trying to be clever with the family metaphor and Eanos' truncated speech pattern, but it just got muddied. Sorry about that. Whether real or metaphorical, though, Eanos is interested in trying to figure out if there was any female presence tied to La Famiglia's upper caste.

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