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Wednesday, 13th February, 2019

  • 09:37 AM - Hussar mentioned Shasarak in post Generation Ships--- Can we build one now?
    ...certainly do that. Sure. But, let's not pretend that we're not committing massive human rights violations to do so. "Some sacrifices" seems a tad euphemistic. Sure you can. I mean, what sort of changes do you think they will be making? Everyone gets 10 extra meals and gets 20 kids? They are going to be on a generation ship. They aren't going to be making suicidal decisions. Any changes will be minor, constrained by the survival requirements that come with being on a generation ship. You are presuming 100% rational decisions. I would never presume that. I mean, a change could be, "murder half the population then we can all have more kids and eat more". Societies have certainly done worse. Or else they just plant and grow food/animals on the new planet. Seeds don't take up much space and by the time we send a generation ship anywhere, cloning will be much more refined. We will be able to grow animals to breed on the new world. Hard to plant in space. Shasarak was sending supply ships during the voyage, not the end. Which means that you have to send the supply ships more and more often because you hit the upper limit of speed and the generation ship is getting further and further away constantly. The only way to make sure that supplies reach them regularly is to send them more and more often. It's not feasible. Of course, if "humanity is at stake" then there won't be any resupply ships will there?

Sunday, 10th February, 2019

  • 01:19 AM - Hussar mentioned Shasarak in post Generation Ships--- Can we build one now?
    Wow, Shasarak, who claimed that arranged marriage is slavery? Not me. I claimed that as part of the slavery of the subsequent generations, just like slaves, they would be forced to lose reproductive rights. Never said anything about marriage. But, yeah, if you are forced into a specific job in society, your reproductive rights taken away, forced to conform to extremely rigid behavior, and not given any actual choice, I don't really care what you call it. I call it slavery. But, hey, feel free to consider yourself technically correct if that's what floats your boat. After all, that's the absolutelest most important kind of correct. Good grief, talk about missing the bloody point.

Friday, 8th February, 2019

  • 10:34 AM - Dannyalcatraz mentioned Shasarak in post The Battle Continues Over "Childish Things"
    Shasarak Pursuasive? Maybe or maybe not. Depends on how open or closed minded someone is, and what particular assertions are made to them. Objectively, definitely not. Because creative fields are always subjective. I know some very educated people who think James Joyce has no business being taught as literature. There are others who decry that Mondrian, Pollack, DuChamp, Warhol and almost any major figure in modern art is called a Master in any context. Only time will tell if Bill Laswell, David Bowie, Jaco Pastorius, Johnny Cash or anyone else in the history of recorded music will be immortalized like Bach, Mozart, Debussy and the like have been.

Monday, 17th September, 2018

  • 02:09 AM - LordEntrails mentioned Shasarak in post How do you like your published settings? Static or evolving? And through what medium? it's worth the hassle. Even worse is when players own different versions of the setting and expect to be able to use what they own...and by extension expect you-as-DM to accommodate that. My surprise was more about the amount of “setting police” players that seem to be out there, according to many posts in this and similar threads. If I want to use the 1e gray-box version of Forgotten Realms (maybe with some additions of my own), and one player is expecting the 3e version because that's what she's used to, while another player is looking for the post-apocalypse 4e version - yeah, there's going to be some mismatched expectations up front followed inevitably by erroneous assumptions during play. The only way to avoid this is to not use FR as a setting.... On the other hand instead of not using FR as a setting you could say that the campaign is starting in Year 1357 DR and run from there. In 40 years of running all types of campaigns I've never run into a problem like those. Shasarak's solution has always worked for me and I've never made a big deal about it and I don't remember a single player ever complaining or even asking about it. Again, I don't see why a timeline doesn't work. It has always worked for me. I guess I'm just special.

Tuesday, 24th July, 2018

  • 05:51 AM - pemerton mentioned Shasarak in post A discussion of metagame concepts in game design
    Why would you leave out the official quote I provided for you that a dragon being magical in combination with the wing strength is how it flies. It makes it appear that you argue disingenuously when you do things like this. (1) I was replying to Shasarak, who I thought was suggesting that flying dragons are physically possible. (2) That is inlcuded in my (iii): it doesn't really make sense to think of the world of D&D using such scientific categories as gravity and fluid mechanics. A world in which beings have "innate magic" that combines with their muscualture to let them fly is not a world in which scientific categories such as gravity and fluid mechanics have application. (Whichi was TwoSix's point some way upthread.) I also think it is worth nothing that in 3E (at least according to the d20srd) a dragon's flight is not SU. Of course they are biomechanically possible. That is what the physics says. What kind of respiratory system does a DnD Arthrod have? Maybe you are imagining the wrong sort.I'm talking about the real world. Are you asserting that D&D giants are biomechanically possible in the real world? If you are, that's interesting because I thought the general opinion was that, with the possible exception of fi...

Monday, 23rd July, 2018

  • 04:03 PM - Kobold Boots mentioned Shasarak in post A discussion of metagame concepts in game design
    @pemerton, Shasarak The gravity conversation interests me if only for the two points that immediately come to mind. 1. Gravitational forces assuming 1G constant will not prevent really large things from flying given enough lift and thrust. Similarly it will not prevent large bone and muscle mass creatures from evolving given the right circumstances. 2. Whether or not something is magical or not really depends on whether or not your sensibilities allow for something to exist in a conventional physics sense or not. (e.g. This huge dragon isn't airflow optimized and his wings aren't large enough to provide lift or gliding control so it has to be magic.. ) Note that where physics ends and magic begins in any person's world is a personal thing and may actually vary depending on the subject. The huge dragon may require magic to fly (and may have learned enough to do so) whereas the smaller one may not require it to fly (and as such may have developed its own tricks instead.) Regardless, the physics/magi...

Tuesday, 17th October, 2017

  • 10:22 AM - pemerton mentioned Shasarak in post RPG Combat: Sport or War?
    I'd like to stress that when playing a 'grittier' RPG system, you have less freedom, in a way: Since combat is lethal, it's something that must be avoided at all cost. Players _must_ come up with ways to overcome their opposition by means other than open combat, otherwise your campaign is going to be short-lived.For me, this illustrates the point I've been making upthread, to Saelorn, Shasarak and billd91. In a genuinely grim & gritty RPG, ambushing someone with a sword, or a crossbow, should be (more-or-less) as dangerous as dropping a rock on them. It's purely an artefact of D&D's mechanics, which rates a sword at d8 or d10 but leaves the rating of a boulder to the GM, that results in a fighter being unable to kill someone in a weapon ambush but able- at least at the tables of those GMs mentioned - to kill someone with a boulder ambush. Which once again relates back to Aenghus's point, that the effectiveness of the boulder vs the sword turns primarily on end-running around the damage rules. It's entirely an artefact of mechanics, not of "narrative first". In a "narrative first" game involving people of "flesh and bone" (to quote Saelorn), an ambush with a sword or bow should be capable of lethality. (And in games like RuneQuest, Rolemaster, Burning Wheel, etc - ie with broadly simulationist action resolution mechanics - it is.) But D&D chooses to subordinate letha...

Friday, 7th July, 2017

  • 05:02 AM - hawkeyefan mentioned Shasarak in post Mearls on other settings
    ...terest them. This way, DMs can easily keep unwanted assumptions 100% out of their rulebooks and their games. In my own case, if the Great Wheel of Planescape and all of its polytheism was a separate expansion pack, while the Players Handbook made no mention to it, then I would be at peace and able to enjoy the game better. Different DMs are sensitive to different things, but we can all benefit from compartmentalizing the options. I disagree that it's WotC's responsibility to cater to the sensitivities of DMs and players. I think it's up to the DMs and players themselves to decide what material to use or not. I mean, I get the appeal of rule books written exactly to my personal preference...but it's simply not a realistic expectation. So Ravenloft was never meant to be a living setting in its own.? It's only visited from others? That's where my lack of history trips me up :) I thought it was a fully fledged setting that could host campaigns without needing outside support? As Shasarak said, the many realms that made up the Demiplane of Dread, the setting for the Ravenloft game, were each made for a particular dark lord. These realms were the domain of a dark lord, but also their prison as well. Each of these dark lords was taken from another world...Toril, Oerth, Krynn, or any number of unnamed worlds. Typically, the PCs in Ravenloft adventures are drawn through the misty barriwrs from their world and into the demiplane of dread. So the setting was its own, but it was conmected to the other worlds and interacted with them.

Friday, 23rd June, 2017

  • 05:32 AM - Yaarel mentioned Shasarak in post Why FR Is "Hated"
    @Shasarak and @Azzy You are kinda proving my point about ‘D&D peer pressure’ to pretend to ‘worship’ ‘gods’. If I told you, I hate Kobolds. I imagine your response would be something like. Thats nice. I dont care. But when I say, I hate polytheism. You guys seem as if unable to stop yourself from launching into some kind of reallife culture war about issues that I couldnt care less about. I enjoy D&D without ‘gods’. I watch televisions shows where polytheism is irrelevant. I want to play games where it is irrelevant too.

Monday, 12th June, 2017

  • 02:30 AM - Hussar mentioned Shasarak in post Why FR Is "Hated"
    It's interesting that you bring up Caderly Shasarak. That's one of the few FR books I actually have read. Although, it was a LONG time ago and I don't think I read all of them. Wasn't there something about a killer yo-yo in those books? Anyway, think about what you just said though. Cadderly is the exception. Most of the priests don't adventure, and never did. Yet, funnily enough, there were higher level clerics than Cadderly at his temple. How did they gain levels? They specifically weren't adventurers, so, what did they kill or loot in order to gain several thousand xp points to go from 1st to, say, 3rd level. Just to roll this back to the idea of NPC's using PC rules. Lanefan spells it out pretty well. In AD&D, sure, you could use NPC rules for a humanoid (and only a humanoid - sorry, no class levels for your beholder), or, you could kinda sorta just bolt on some PC abilities onto an NPC, or, as was the much more common case, you could use a unique stat block. 3e changed all that. Not only did you have the option of...

Friday, 19th May, 2017

  • 12:34 AM - robus mentioned Shasarak in post To Post or Not to Post: An Ethics Question
    Something that is being ignored is fair use. I'm not saying that this is a case of that (I'm not a copyright lawyer) but it certainly sounds like the work is transformative (by recontextualizing the works) and there is certainly no impact on the "market" as the works have already been freely shared on the Internet. So the legality and the ethics are not as cut and dried as they may appear. And Shasarak is correct that an awful lot of stuff on the internet would be illegal if including others work was the only criteria.
  • 12:00 AM - LordEntrails mentioned Shasarak in post To Post or Not to Post: An Ethics Question
    Shasarak, I know where you are going with this. And I'm not going to have a debate with you about it. Suffice it to say in your country and mine what you are suggesting is illegal. In almost every ethical system what you are suggesting is unethical.

Saturday, 15th April, 2017

  • 01:41 AM - LordEntrails mentioned Shasarak in post We're Finally Mainstream! Now What?
    Shasarak, I simply can't follow your arguments. It seems like you are taking comments and arguments from anyone that doesn't side with you as being all in one pool, or something. But anyways, it doesn't matter. Labels are only as good as people are willing to agree upon them and use them consistantly. Which isn't happening here.

Tuesday, 14th February, 2017

  • 03:28 PM - Sadras mentioned Shasarak in post Whatever "lore" is, it isn't "rules."
    Simply having an opinion about a call is nothing to apologize for. Here is the thing though Max, doesn't a Onetruewayism zealot also state their opinion? It becomes increasingly messy to differentiate which unfavourable opinion of one's game is tolerable and which one is not. This might all just be a simple matter of etiquette. @Shasarak did the exact same thing with me in the other thread, calling me a lazy DM because I don't allow every character concept under the sun at my table when I DM. It ain't right either way. His style and my style are clearly different, but we shouldn't go around making disparaging remarks of each others preferences. Hiding behind it just an opinion doesn't give it a free pass. Sorry. EDIT: We cross-posted. Just saw your post above. ;)

Sunday, 12th February, 2017

  • 01:04 AM - pemerton mentioned Shasarak in post Whatever "lore" is, it isn't "rules."
    Imaro, Maxperson, Shasarak: Wizards Presents: Worlds & Monsters, p 62: [T]he design for elementals themselves had to change. . . . The elemental archons are a good example of a new creature born of this design approach. THey were created by the primordials to be elite soldiers . . . In the elemental hierarchy, they form the basis of world-scouring armies. The designers know that these are new creatures - they are not a reconcepting of Jeff Grubb's creation. It surprises me that this is even contentious. Again, contrast eladrin: from pp 40-41 of the same book: Some of the existing good-aligned monsters did incorporate neeat designs that we wanted to preserve and improve upon. Most of the eladrins fell into that category. . . . [W]e noted their generally fey appearance, and this led to a natural association with the Feywild. . . . Eladrins were already powerful magical beings in previous editions of the game. Now they have a very similar role, but as mysterious lords and ladies of the Feywild. When they a...

Saturday, 4th February, 2017

  • 04:20 AM - pemerton mentioned Shasarak in post Whatever "lore" is, it isn't "rules."
    what inherent value would you say it has for you to hew as closely as possible to what feels like the structural essence or foundation of the setting? I asked (a version of) this question on the other thread. Shasarak answered - roughly (but I hope not too loose a paraphrase) the answer was that the setting is a work of art, and departure from canon is a type of "affront" to the artwork. ("Affront" is my word, not Shasarak's - it's not quite right, becuase the artwork doesn't itself have feelings, but for present purposes hopefully it conveys the general idea in a comprehensible fashion.) Respect for my players. If I tell them I'm going to run Darksun, I feel obligated to give them Darksun, not some bastardized version.This seems to imply that one of the reasons you think that my decision to include the WoHS in my GH game was that it disrespected my players. If that is correct, it makes it even more odd to me that you haven't made any inquiries about the circumstances of the case. Is it relevant, for instance, that I started GMing that group as the outcome of a "revolt" against a prior GM whom the rest of us all agreed was terrible - and that it was on the basis of an offer to run a game ...
  • 04:04 AM - pemerton mentioned Shasarak in post Whatever "lore" is, it isn't "rules."
    ...s there are? Maybe they liked the extra magic sub system?Well they clearly liked the magic system, given that they engaged with it via PC building when they were under no obligation to do so. They also liked the story. (I think it's a fairly compelling one. That's why I put it into my game!) But some of them were certainly quite familiar with GH. And even those who didn't know it very well would have seen the well-known cover of Unearthed Arcana with its two moons. I think they simply realised that two visible moons doesn't preclude a third invisible one. I'm not saying that the 3rd moon is canon - of course it's not. I'm saying that adding it doesn't make the game cease to be a GH game. Any RPGing will mean that the setting takes on non-canonical features/elements.I think most Greyhawk GMs would agree with you there.Maybe. That said, this thread consists of a significant number of posts - from Maxperson, Imaro and maybe some other posters (eg I'm less clear about Shasarak on this poiint) - stating that my GH game is not really a GH game precisely because of addditional elements - like the 3rd moon, and the WoHS to go with it - that I have introduced. there's a differences between grabbing someone's work whole cloth and dropping it into your setting, slightly modifying someone else's work and using another's idea as inspiration to springboard off of for your own creation.This is not in dispute either. In my case, the WoHS are dropped largely whole-cloth into GH, with only as many changes made (Suel origins, astronomical details, relationships to other sorcerous traditions) as are needed to have them fit into their new home. My claim is that such a whole-cloth drop (with such slight modifications as are needed to make it work) doesn't make the game cease to be a GH one. as more material got published for campaign settings as well as in Dragon Magazine and in novels, there were a lot more players cropping up with passing familiarity in the se...

Tuesday, 31st January, 2017

  • 03:02 AM - Maxperson mentioned Shasarak in post Whatever "lore" is, it isn't "rules."
    But the only reason you have given for it being "alternative GH" rathwr than GH per se is that you, Maxperson, would have certain expectations disappointed. You have expressly eschewed offering any reason that is not individual and particular to you. Pretty much everyone has a line where settings stop being that setting. It varies from person to person, so of course I can't speak to anyone but myself. My line isn't your line. Your line isn't Shasarak's line. His line isn't Imaro's, and so on. The line does exist for everyone, though. How is that a reason for judging whether or not it is really a GH game (as oppposed to, say, a game that you want to play in).I didn't say I wouldn't want to play in it. I said I wouldn't view it as Greyhawk.

Saturday, 28th January, 2017

  • 08:01 AM - Sadras mentioned Shasarak in post Do you care about setting "canon"?
    ... if you're playing canon, the setting of Krynn doesn't cater for those races, however we have a PHB and now Volo's Guide riddled with additional races and classes which do not have a history in that setting. Now If the intention of the DM is to create a game within the parameters of setting are you saying that is not allowable? Similarly, I have my own limitation for my setting, I don't permit monks at my table for whatever reason for my Mystara game. The players know this beforehand. We have been playing within this setting for the last 20 years and they're very much aware of this ruling. It is not as if they are coming every week to my table with a character sheet and I'm going "No, not happening" Not pre-adding everything that a player could possibly want to your campaign setting, and telling a player you won't add in a specific something they like under any circumstance are worlds apart. The former is fine, not at all lazy, and not what was being discussed. The later is what @Shasarak called "lazy". Sorry no you're very much misrepresenting him. @Shasarak has very much outed his intentions by neither responding to my post or @Caliban's. He firmly said that all should be allowed otherwise it's lazy DMing. I'm assuming this is because he still carries the scars of a bad DM or his players have limited (lazy) imaginations and can only play one-trick ponies.
  • 07:49 AM - AaronOfBarbaria mentioned Shasarak in post Do you care about setting "canon"?
    [MENTION=6701872]Apparently Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman were lazy because they did not allow Tieflings, Orcs, Half-Orcs, Drow and Lyncathropes in Krynn.Unless you have anecdotes of those two refusing to work something out with a player wanting to play one of those things, you've created a false equivalence. Not pre-adding everything that a player could possibly want to your campaign setting, and telling a player you won't add in a specific something they like under any circumstance are worlds apart. The former is fine, not at all lazy, and not what was being discussed. The later is what Shasarak called "lazy".

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Tuesday, 12th March, 2019

Wednesday, 20th February, 2019

  • 09:31 PM - Umbran quoted Shasarak in post What the heck is going on with the professional RPG industry in regards to Zak S?
    There was a period of time where you only needed one accusation to get a Mob riled up enough to go out and Lynch some poor fool. Shasarak will no longer be a part of this conversation, or any other on EN World. Ever. Please consider this as you post. As has already been noted - bad behavior does not have to be tolerated.
  • 07:09 AM - Dannyalcatraz quoted Shasarak in post What the heck is going on with the professional RPG industry in regards to Zak S?
    The question is, how is that applied in the field? I have seen quotes from a Police Officer saying that they will arrest the man without exception even when it is the man who has been wounded. That is probably an officer in need of more training. There was an incident on a 2018 episode of Live PD in which the man- who has been stabbed (IOW, was the victim)- was about to be hauled off...but a few seconds later, the issue was cleared up with a few more questions. The correct person was arrested; the victim got a trip to the hospital.
  • 06:39 AM - Dannyalcatraz quoted Shasarak in post What the heck is going on with the professional RPG industry in regards to Zak S?
    It is so bad that men get prosecuted 96% of the time which means that women escape prosecution 95% of the time. Which really does explain why Dannyalcatraz does not see anything. Now you’re making assumptions about me, and that means you’re making an ass of...well, definitely you. I didn’t want to bring it up, but I have experience with domestic violence outside of the scope of my employment. Two of my aunts were physically abused by spouses. One fought back and gave her attacker a nice shiner...and still lost. I know a Marine whose wife would wait until he was asleep before tying him to the bed and beating him. I have a cousin who was attacked by an in-laws wife on his front lawn- and contrary to your assertion, he was not arrested. She was removed, but not arrested.
  • 06:13 AM - Dannyalcatraz quoted Shasarak in post What the heck is going on with the professional RPG industry in regards to Zak S?
    I saw a statistic that said that 40% of men would suffer from domestic abuse at some stage in their life and yet if the Police turn up at your place after your partner beats you up it is the man that gets arrested every single time. As someone who has worked in the criminal justice system- albeit briefly- I can attest that “it is the man that gets arrested every single time.” is untrue. In fact most states have laws that dictate that, in a domestic dispute, responding officers must remove- but not necessarily [I]arrest[/I— at least one participating party (spouse, significant other, child, parent, roommate, renter, etc.) from the premises. Who gets removed is situationally dependent, and officers recieve training on how to assess who should go, including asking all involved if they have a safe place to spend the rest of the evening. They can even ask for someone to voluntarily leave, at which point a volunteer will be granted time and access to the premises to recover some personal effect...
  • 05:44 AM - Jester David quoted Shasarak in post What the heck is going on with the professional RPG industry in regards to Zak S?
    I saw a statistic that said that 40% of men would suffer from domestic abuse at some stage in their life and yet if the Police turn up at your place after your partner beats you up it is the man that gets arrested every single time. Yes. But that is a good example of the adage that there are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics:
  • 05:06 AM - Hussar quoted Shasarak in post What the heck is going on with the professional RPG industry in regards to Zak S?
    In the current toxic environment, yes they would be treated the same way except that the Anti-Forgotten Realmers will finally have an excuse for their bad taste. LOL, "toxic" that's funny. At least, I hope you meant that as a joke. :erm:

Monday, 18th February, 2019

  • 03:18 AM - Zardnaar quoted Shasarak in post Star Wars What I Would Have Done
    Well he is an Imperial New Order Janitor so of course he knows how to use a Light Saber as well as all other broom-class weapons. Well he wasn't deflecting blast bolts and used it like a light club.

Sunday, 17th February, 2019

  • 02:28 AM - Hussar quoted Shasarak in post Generation Ships--- Can we build one now?
    Yes, they are losing population, but not drastically. In the past decade, Japan has dropped from 127.8 million, to 126.8 million. That's less than one percent (it is 0.7% or so of the population, over an entire decade). In the long run, yes, you'd want to correct for it, but it isn't a situation to call for *forcing* people to have babies. Expectations in Japan is that by 2050, Japan will be down to 60 million people. These predictions are being taken so seriously that Japan is currently changing its immigration laws to make it easier for foreign workers to work here. They are predicting massive worker shortages in very short order. IOW, Japan is facing a very serious problem. And, one that a generation ship couldn't fix with immigration. Do you mena that you dont read all of the sci-fi books about the ships that explode in space or get destroyed when they crash land on a planet? They usually have one great action scene at the start but I have to admit not much character deve...
  • 12:13 AM - Zardnaar quoted Shasarak in post Star Wars What I Would Have Done
    That is a pretty good imagination that you have there, tell me exactly how loud they would howl if Disney made a good follow on movie to the original series? I think it is pretty easy for the haters to just lump everything together under a label like EU and then bash it, as if everything in the EU was somekind of literary masterpiece, and then make some far fetched claim that people hate x becuase they changed it. Of course people are going to look at everything else that is around and compare it. Never claimed the EU was great. I did say. They could have learnt from it and cherry picked the good parts. EU had plenty of interesting female force users for example. Rey is kinda boring because of her lack of character development/struggle. Her and Kylo have basically made 0 progression as characters since the start of TFA. There's no emotion there because the new character s barely know each other and Rey didn't have Beru and Lars to get mowed down. The pacing is also off along with ...

Saturday, 16th February, 2019

  • 12:42 AM - dragoner quoted Shasarak in post Generation Ships--- Can we build one now?
    Well, there is still a "long-term" need for your O'Nell Cylinder to fly somewhere else - the Sun won't be there forever. Though the question is for right now, in the future, I suppose much more will be possible. Even with more powerful engines, we will not need generation ships, as the time, subjective, will be less. Tau Zero by Poul Anderson is a good novelette on the subject. An O'Neill in orbit can also provide a base for building spacecraft for exploration of the Solar System and beyond. In a sci-fi setting I made, there are those, plus space elevators, where the orbital stations provide Earth with it's manufacturing and food production, and the Earth is like a park. An O'Neill Cylinder that stays in the solar system has a few conveniences that it would not have in deep space flight hasn't. I mentioned up-thread of using them in the Mars cycler orbit, they can be stepping stones. There is an old Soviet sci-fi film, A Dream Come True, where they sing "Apple Trees will bloom on Mars ......
  • 12:08 AM - Neonchameleon quoted Shasarak in post Star Wars What I Would Have Done
    How can she have a "home ground advantage" when she does not fly around her home ground? You know there is a pretty substansial difference between walking and flying right?. Luke had a "home ground advantage" and he still got punked. It baffles me the amount of mental gymnastics that you have to go through to equate the two characters. You wring your hands about Luke and a bunch of X-Wings defeating professional Tie Fighters and at the same time give Rey a free pass because of "home ground advantage"?B y that logic the Tie Fighters in RotJ should have easily taken out Lando with their "home ground advantage" Luke was in Tuskan Raider territory when when he got punked. And he wasn't trying to use his knowledge of the terrain. But spelling things out for you, you are aware that Rey didn't walk everywhere? She had her own speeder. You also remember Finn told her to stay low because it messed up their tracking. That meant that Rey was flying the Millennium Falcon as if it was a speeder ...

Friday, 15th February, 2019

  • 10:04 PM - Neonchameleon quoted Shasarak in post Star Wars What I Would Have Done
    If we look at Lukes character arc the first thing that we see is him getting ambushed by Tusken Raiders and saved by Obi-Wan and the last thing we see is him attacking the Death Star with all the other Rebels. In contrast Reys character arc starts off defeating the elite professional Tie Fighters in a ship that she just stole and then her arc ends in her defeating a Dark Jedi in a Light Saber duel. So where is her growth in that? She starts off awesome and ends up awesome. You can not get more Mary Sue then that unless she managed to blow up the Super Death Star while at the same time defeating Kylo. If we look at Rey's character arc, it comes with her finding and then starting to sell BB-8. Power doesn't make a character arc, choices do. Unlike Luke she doesn't have a motivation "Follow The Plot". Meanwhile, unlike Luke, she needs a very substantial home ground advantage to deal with the TIE fighters (who unlike in ANH aren't on the new elite ship of the Empire) in a ship she at least fl...
  • 08:35 PM - Neonchameleon quoted Shasarak in post Star Wars What I Would Have Done
    You may want to watch that movie again, Luke gets saved from the professional elite pilots by Han. If it was Rey then she would have just killed them all herself while all the other X-Wings watch, she is that good. You may want to watch that movie again. Luke gets saved from Darth Vader by Han. He more than holds his own with the normal pros. If it was Rey she'd have had something like a home field advantage to use to even the odds in her favour.
  • 07:59 PM - Neonchameleon quoted Shasarak in post Star Wars What I Would Have Done
    Remember when Luke went up against Vader in the New Hope and defeated him in a Light Saber duel? Me neither. Anakin defeated Dooku as well IIRC as well in AoTC. The one main tweak I would have made is Rey losing to Kylo or giving her a tweaked back story (which I think she needs anyway). Luke in his first time in combat and his first time in an X-wing went up against professional elite pilots and kicked their asses while outflying almost all the experienced Rebel Alliance pilots. He then makes a literally impossible shot, turning off his targeting computer when Obi-Wan tells him to use the force. As for the lightsaber battle, if you watched then Darth Emo was kicking Rey's ass despite her being an experienced staff-fighter (established earlier in the story; there's far more textual evidence Rey could handle herself in melee in actual combat than that Rey had flown anything more than his speeder). And then he made a mistake - he told her to use the force at which point she call...
  • 04:21 PM - dragoner quoted Shasarak in post Generation Ships--- Can we build one now?
    Is there any way we can increase the amount of energy that we can use on Earth? I mean we are burning trees and dinosaur juice now and on the other hand the Sun releases a million times more energy in 1 second then the earth uses in 1 year. Eventually, except in the confines of the question, not today, that is the simplest answer. Sure, we will increase power generation, and if we build a smart grid we won't lose 40% of generated power due to Ohm's Law, from pumping power into a hundred year old grid with hundred year old power plants. It's really baby steps to get into space though, the knowing comes from doing, right now, if we built an interplanetary vehicle, it would be very primitive in design, like one of those Duryea cars in comparison to modern ones. That's before any consideration of an interstellar vehicle. Plus the fundamental truth is that if we could create a vehicle where people could live on some thousands of year journey, we could build an O'Neill Cylinder at a Lagrange...
  • 10:03 AM - Dannyalcatraz quoted Shasarak in post How Did I Become a Grognard?
    Do you know the worst thing about Games Workshop? At a glance the stores look enough like an RPG store that you start to get excited and then they are totally not. Been in one of their stores. I can’t say you’re wrong.
  • 09:09 AM - GreyLord quoted Shasarak in post How Did I Become a Grognard?
    If you read the rules, one of those describes your character as having a movement speed of 30' per round and other as 6 squares per round. So which one is best for miniatures? Depends. 3.5 had 5' steps...and when I got the basic box it included all the miniatures (and more) to play. Some people even just got the box FOR the miniatures. It was the boardgame aspect that actually finally won me over to play 3.5 as a game with those boxes. 4e, we played with the grid, but the absence of the quality and amount of miniatures that had been available with 3.5 release actually discouraged us to play. Which is easier to play with miniatures...a TON of cheap miniatures for sale at retail (3.5)...or a greatly diminishing amount of miniatures for sale that you actually might have to use 3.5 miniatures or use those from other games to play? There's a REASON we didn't always use miniatures and used theater of the mind with 4e in many campaigns. I am not unusual in that I played 4e wit...

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