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Monday, 23rd July, 2018

Wednesday, 30th May, 2018

  • 05:56 AM - damned quoted unnatural 20 in post Fantasy Grounds Ruleset Usage Q1 2018 -- All Holding Steady!
    Interesting. With that many players and so few on the FG Lfg forums, it appears most have a group in mind before jumping in. Most groups are long running and need to do very little recruiting. For example one of my groups have been running for over 7 years on Fantasy Grounds - of course there has been attrition and replacement - but very little recruiting activity for the number of sessions. The other group has been going for around 2 years and is in a similar boat.

Wednesday, 25th April, 2018

Tuesday, 19th September, 2017

  • 06:44 PM - barasawa quoted unnatural 20 in post A "Bright" Future for a Shadowy Game
    Maybe I'm visiting the wrong forums, I thought 5th edition was pretty well received? Core I mean. The errors and quality control in various splats seem to be a huge issue. Right forum, and that's fine. I found SR5th disappointing, but I figured that was just me. I started hitting some forums a few months back, and the comments I saw were overwhelmingly negative. Maybe that's just the opinions of a bunch of grognards, but it's still just opinions. If you like it, and your group likes it, there's nothing to stop you from playing it! Having fun is the main goal of gaming in the first place, so have at it. :)

Monday, 31st July, 2017

  • 06:54 AM - Cerin quoted unnatural 20 in post Fifth Age: A hard science fiction 5e conversion
    Is that because Hyperlanes is more cinematic? I've heard great things about it, is the reason I ask. I love the work Capn Charlie has done here. I'm looking for an engine to run FFG's Dragonstar. I'm not sure 'Hard Sci-fi' would be appropriate. I'll admit I've not actually played Hyperlanes as my group looked over the players book and passed. So this is just my opinion based on reading the handbook. My biggest beef with Hyperlanes is its' gambit(spell) system. It makes things that should simply be player decisions or actions into spells. The best example I can think of is the Sun Blind gambit: "Move your speed positioning yourself between your target and the sun in your star system. So long as you remain between the sun and your target, you are invisible to the target." That burns a spell slot. Other gambits seem too much like magic for my taste. Beyond that, when I first looked at the Fifth Age I felt it needed more weapons, armor and items, but it has significantly more option...

Saturday, 25th March, 2017

  • 04:33 PM - Curmudjinn quoted unnatural 20 in post WOTC teasing
    It's Planescape:Torment Enhanced Edition That's a letdown. I wanted it to be tabletop related. Not a slight rehashing of a 30 year old game. Now, a total reboot is another thing.

Tuesday, 21st March, 2017

Thursday, 16th March, 2017

  • 03:59 PM - Quickleaf quoted unnatural 20 in post "Dust" and "Midway" - Codenames for Upcoming D&D Hardcovers
    Why would Dust equal Dark Sun? How was Dagger related to Storm King's Thunder? Given how Chris Perkins described Storm King's Thunder as merging "Against the Giants + Shakespeare", I guess that "Dagger" was a reference to this line from Macbeth act 2: "Is this a dagger which I see before me, The handle toward my hand? Come, let me clutch thee." "Cloak" for Curse of Strahd makes sense when you look at the cover of the Hickmans' classic I6 with Strahd wearing a billowing cloak. And "Labyrinth" for Tales from the Yawning Portal makes sense both because it's a collection of dungeons and because it's retro (like the 1986 Jim Henson film Labyrinth). Not sure what the codename for Out of the Abyss was. Of course the codenames are to protect their internal development, so they can change it up any way they like, but so far Wizards has been playful with their codenaming, offering hints for us fans. No reason to expect that's no longer true for "Dust" and "Midway." I may be wrong here, but ...

Sunday, 5th March, 2017

  • 02:57 PM - Tersival quoted unnatural 20 in post Running Eberron in 5e
    Well, giving it some more thought, you do use Survival to track… A thing I think we may be missing here is the potential to give proficiency in a set of tasks… A small group of Giants using ancient rediscovered giantish technology fits really well. And brings Argonessen in as a faction you might work for, from a whole new angle… Cannith: is guess that most Dragonmarked Cannith crafters *are* magewrights, artificers, or something similar. They are the #1 source for everyday magic items, … Orien: What about Wis checks to navigate, plus checks to examine, repair, and operate Orien Teleportation Circles and Lightning Rail trains? … Mark Of Shadow: I think that works fine, but musical instruments aren't nearly as useful as disguise kits, so maybe two instruments? Anyway, I think a lot of House stuff can be covered with backgrounds, Tharashk I found hard to pin down. They have prospectors, inquisitives and bounty hunters but their ECS magical abilities are mostly divination around finding directi...
  • 11:18 AM - Onslaught quoted unnatural 20 in post Running Eberron in 5e
    This guy has done a lot of conversion work: This is quite nice! He also tackles the old racial prestige classes with racial archetypes... which... I think is a cool idea!

Thursday, 2nd February, 2017

Wednesday, 1st February, 2017

Monday, 9th January, 2017

  • 11:58 PM - Kobold Avenger quoted unnatural 20 in post Unearthed Arcana Introduces The Artifcer
    I do hope so! Though, per canon, there are no guns in Eberron. I remember that being a point from Keith Baker. But I personally felt that firearms could have been ancient Dhakaani weapons that were forgotten after the war with Xoriat.

Thursday, 29th December, 2016

  • 01:11 PM - Nylanfs quoted unnatural 20 in post Pathfinder Comes To Fantasy Grounds & d20Pro
    Shadowrun 5th edition? Might I get a link? This is for 4e, but he talks about making one for 5e. Sent from my SM-G900P using Tapatalk

Saturday, 24th December, 2016

Sunday, 13th November, 2016

  • 07:25 PM - iserith quoted unnatural 20 in post Using movie plots in campaigns
    This is why you are one of my favorite posters. I'm completely jealous of @Plaguescarred. Thanks for the kind words! LOL @ "Hootsworth". It's amazing how the right name and a couple of words (tuxedo, owlbear) enable one to perfectly picture a character. I love coming up with (often ridiculous) names for things. In my experience, it also helps players to remember NPC names whereas "typical" fantasy names are forgotten.

Thursday, 6th October, 2016

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