Mind Blast! [Level 4; Temple] [WINNER!]

Mind Blast! [Level 4; Temple] [WINNER!]


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Mind Blast! [Level 4; Temple] [WINNER!]

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At the roof of the world, an ancient order watches over a vault of enchanted memories. When raiders attack their sanctuary, an unexpected explosion sends the vault spiraling into meltdown. It’s up to the heroes to save the memories… if they can keep their heads!

A 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons adventure for 4th level characters.

By Will Doyle, with illustrations by Stacey Allan.
  1. seankreynolds
    The criteria I'm looking for are:
    (A) encounters that play up various party roles (martial, skill, magic, etc.)
    (B) whether the adventure sites have a reasonable ecology (what, no bathrooms?)
    (C) the narrative flow of the overall adventure.

    I really like the concept of this adventure--being able to sample others' stored memories is a great way to seed plot hooks for future adventures or justify learning an unusual skill or class ability.

    It is odd that Greta the cook's flaw is fear of fire, considering that she's a cook and has to use fire as part of her job.

    Rebooting a character who is knocked unconscious is a lot of work for the GM and player. What happens if it happens again, is the new psychic fragment replaced by another?

    It's a little strange that the intellect devourers have blindsight 60 ft. but are unable to detect the children in the very same room with them.

    The imp encounter is amusing.

    (A) There are plenty of activities for martial characters. Recognizing the threat of the strengthening elemental is a good pointer at a mage or other spellcaster role, and the use of various rituals is a nice way to fulfill that role, too. The skill role is covered by various Perception and Survival checks and the rat traps. It would be nice if there was a magical or skillful way to bypass the door trap.

    (B) This place has a hungry imp, predatory owlbears and intellect devourers, and a heating system powered by a fire elemental. This satisfies my need to see a reasonable ecology in place so that it is more that just a flow chart of rooms with combats.

    (C) There's a good amount of foreshadowing, clues that are solved in later rooms, and references to information the PCs can learn elsewhere in this location. That makes the place a more coherent whole as an encounter site, and rewards players for paying attention and engaging with the story.
  2. Raskullockfoot
    Hi Will

    This adventure looks great. Would you mind if I use it at a small convention here in South Africa. We need some 5th ed adventures and no one locally has written any.

    Kind regards

    Richard van den Heever

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