5e Character Sheet - Expanded

5e Character Sheet - Expanded


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5e Character Sheet - Expanded

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Last Updated: 03/10/15 (Preview)

4.1 (03.10.15): Set AC fields to auto font size. Corrected Saving Throw proficiencies to transparent check boxes.

If you are going to click the "red arrow" to lower the rating, please leave a comment as to why. I'd love to hear your feedback to help me improve the sheet.

I took the alternative character sheet and expanded it to include a few extra elements. This is currently a 4 page pdf file that should be printed in booklet format. The first page is dedicated to the "role playing" and non-combat encounter based aspects of the game. The second page is dedicated to combat encounters. The third page is dedicated to equipment, treasure, and encumbrance. The fourth page is a classic spellbook with additional space for mount/companion/wild shape. Stay tuned for updates, and please provide feedback to help me help you help me help my players.

Version History
4.0 (03.09.15): Completed form fields for pages 1-3, and now all fields/checkboxes are form-enabled. Added weight calculation to all sections. Added attack and damage calculations. Created aggregate Att/Dam bonus to place next to item description.3.6 (01.30.15): Completed most forms fields on Page 1. Redid layout of Page 3.3.5 (01.30.15): Corrected font size on text fields to Auto size on Page 1. Fixed tab order of Skin.

3.4 (01.29.15): Correct form fields for ability scores on Page 1. Formatting and tab order of Form fields adjusted. Added fields for Skill modifiers and tab order.

3.1 (01.28.15): Form enabled most of Page 1. Tab Order set for Character Creation on Page 1. Race and Racial Traits calculation complete.

3.0 (01.27.15):
I have done a complete rewrite of Page 1 and Page 2. My initial design was to ease character creation. However, when playing with these sheets there is too much page turning between Page 1 and Page 2. I have combined the most pertinent elements from Page 1 and Page 2. Waiting on some feedback on this updated design before I continue with form creation. v2.3 is still available for download.
2.3 (01.25.15): Added form elements for all text/choice options on Page 1. Added Racial Traits calculation based upon Race selection. Started creation of function library for Ability Score logic.

2.2 (01.25.15): Added breaks between sections on Page 1. Realigned middle circle and distributed heights on Page 1. Increased size of History on Page 1. Moved Languages to Page 2. Compressed size of Proficiency on Page 2. Started to create form fields on Page 1.

2.1 (10.16.14):
Increased font size on a number of elements. Fixed weapon damage and bonus on page 2. Fixed HD on page 2.

2.0 (10.01.14):
Complete. High quality 4 page booklet.

1.1 (09.15.14):
Higher quality conversion from PNG to PDF. Added in 4th page for casters.

1.0 (09.14.14):
3 pages uploaded. Page 1-roleplaying, skills, abilities. Page 2-combat, encounters. Page3-treasure, equipment.
  1. elSwitchblade
    Please leave feedback on things that you would like added to the sheets.
  2. Joshua Fredrickson
    I like the layout of your character sheet, it's beautiful from a design perspective.

    I can tell that you've put a lot of thought into it.

    I have a few suggestions:
    1. Enable form fields for typing into fields from Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader.
    2. I like the circle in the middle of the first page but some of the fields are sized in appropriately or split.
      1. Why are only some of the fields split with a black bar while others have no black bar. I think consistency will go a long way.
      2. Why are Vision, and Speed so large but the line directly below that for Deity, Domain and Organization is so much smaller.
      3. The height of the first 4 lines is super tiny, especially i comparison. I think you are trying to make common data larger, but the other lines are just too small.

    I think the circle of the second page is useful information.

    The only other thing I have a problem with is my back story is like 6-8 paragraphs which doesn't fit on the character sheet I'm not sure everyone would have this problem as there are many people who don't fully fill in the back story.

    Keep up the good work man!!
  3. Moonsryche
    Heck of a good job buddy!
  4. elSwitchblade

    Firstly, thank you for the compliment, and my apologies for the delay in getting back to you. Secondly, I have made adjustments to the first page based upon your feedback. Lastly, I am in the process of moving this to PDF and making it a dynamic! Thanks again for the feedback!!

    Take a look and let me know what you think.

  5. morepurplemorebetter
    Damn this sheet looks great! Makes me rethink some of the choices I went with Keep up the good work!

    Good luck with making it form-fillable. The version you have up now has checkboxes with thick black outlines were the ability scores go. You will probably notice that when you go edit some more, but just wanted to give you a heads up.
  6. leinadvirgo
    First I want to say I love the over all look and feel of the sheet. I was a bit hesitant about the one provided from wotc because it seemed to lack a bit of depth and detail needed to be useful. there are only a couple of things that strike me about the arrangement of yours that I would love to see revised.

    There should be a way in the "weapon and spell attacks" section to designate if it is a bonus action or a reaction, or find a way to incorporate those into their own area. I would probably do this by separating the ammunition section to quivers/cases check boxes and then twenty ammo circles like how its on the inventory page (it would also be useful to put the note about recovering half arrows after combat here as well, PHB 146). If that's too much of a change I would drop off the weight section and leave it only on the inventory page.

    The other big change I would make would be to move "class features" "racial traits" "feats" from page 1 and put them on page 2 (replacing the redundant stat/skills/saves) giving you room to put the health right next to armor and saves on page 1 and gives you plenty of room to add resistance and immunities right next to health as well (where it is going to be referenced most when calculating damage).

    I do love what you have done, all the little graphics add a beautiful touch, but with just a couple changes I feel it could give a better flow for regular use.

    I appreciate your time for reading this and more importantly for creating this sheet.
  7. elSwitchblade

    Thank you so much for your feedback! I will take a look at it a little closer this week and see what I can do to achieve your requests, and maintain the other requests I've received.
  8. PaladinRevenant
    Could you upload a version that does not contain the fillable forms? I'd like to be able to print a blank one without all of the calculated fields reading 0.
  9. Baeowulf
    Do you have any plans to make a version where you can enter in custom race information/a version that includes all the races from the dungeon master's guide and the unearthed arcana articles?
  10. Ponggoleechee
    Could you please add a printer-friendly download?
  11. Jacob Richards
    Is there / could you make / a version of this with the circles not there? I used to have a character sheet that had all the skills separated in their respective attributes like this AND included expertise AND Advantage stars, but I cannot find it anymore. =( For now I'm using this but I'd rather not have the space wasting circles.

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