SANTIAGO: A Myth of the Far Future (Novel)

SANTIAGO: A Myth of the Far Future (Novel)


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SANTIAGO: A Myth of the Far Future (Novel)

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Santiago - the greatest pirate of the age. Wanted throughout the galaxy, he has evaded capture for thirty years. Now two men, Songbird and Angel, take up the challenge - and gamble their lives in the attempt. SEBASTIAN NIGHTINGALE CAIN: Bounty hunter. You can call him the Songbird -- but only once. He's after Santiago. VIRTUE MACKENZIE: Freelance reporter. She never gives up. She wants an interview...with Santiago. THE SWAGMAN: He collects art--at gun point. He wants a few pieces currently in the hands of Santiago. SANTIAGO: Bandit, murderer, known to all, seen by none...has he killed a thousand men? Has he saved a dozen worlds? His legend is as large as the Rim itself, his trail as elusive as a wisp of starlight in the empty realms of space. The reward for him is the largest in history. SANTIAGO: Do you dare to chase him?

The award-wining novel by Mike Resnick!

(In PDF, .epub and .mobi formats - for Nook and Kindle, and iBooks on iOS devices)

A fantastic novel in its own right, this book becomes an indespensible resource for GMs running EN Publishing's SANTIAGIO: A Myth of the Far Future adventure path for D&D 4E and PATHFINDER.

WARNING: Spoilers for the adventure path!

"Mike Resnick spins a great yarn" - Jerry Pournelle

"Delivers pure entertainment and a rollicking good time" - Alan Dean Foster

"Resnick occupies a peak all his own in the mountains of science fiction" - ANALOG

"Resnick is thought-provoking, imaginative, mordantly funny, and - above all - galactically grand" - Los Angeles Times

"Mike says he likes to tell fables. That makes him a fabulist, and his stories and characters fabulous. Santiago's certainly fit. There is the tale's hero, the Songbird, former revolutionary, a bounty hunter with a heart. There is ManMountain Bates, gambler and avenger of fraudulent markers. There is the Angel, deadliest of men, and journalist Virtue MacKenzie, and the pulpit-pounding Father William, who collects scalps and uses the bounties for good works. Outrageous. Preposterous. Fabulous, all.

"You can already sense a strong flavor of the American frontier, of mountain men and gunfights, of Paul Bunyan and Mike Fink among the stars. And that's what you'll find. From the enchantment of page one onward, the book reads like one of those compendia of myth and legend on which we all cut our literary teeth. Where Resnick has previously contented himself with single legends, centering on only one or a few of his trademark fabulous characters, here he invents them wholesale, endlessly and delightfully."


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    This is on the download page, so I assume there's a sample chapter to be downloaded here, but there's no download button. (If it's a programming error, it's only specific to this page.)
  2. Morrus
    It's not a sample chapter; it's the full novel. This part of the download area is the subscribers section.

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