WOIN Official Build Guide?
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    Official Build Guide?

    So, let's say some enterprising uber-fan wants to start publishing WOIN supplements. And let's say that enthusiast wants their new crunchy bits to be compatible with current WOIN crunchy bits. And let's further say that this person would like to see a publisher community that prides itself on compatibility. You know, so 3PP stuff doesn't jump the shark so egregiously that potential players/GMs are scared to support the 3PP community.

    Is there official guidance on how to build races/species, careers and foes/monsters? I noticed in EONS 70 Race Creation Engine that it is stated "this is not like the races available. You pay a price for flexibility." So this is targeted at freeform species creation by a player (which is awesome).

    I was thinking it might be awesome to have an official Creation Guide in the publishing resources similar to the WOIN style guide. It would include guidance on how to create The Things in WOIN with a sense of balance with the core books.

    Is that possible?

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    I write entire chapters on this stuff in the books!

    The race creation engine point cost if youre a GM or a publisher its basically your call how many pints to spend. A little less, a little more. The 18 points is just so players dont argue with GMs.

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