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    2E Tips? Haven't DMed D&D since 2E

    If the measuring stick is 6-8 and you measure 1-2 do you feel that it purposely devalues certain classes? Are you creating an inbalance? What's interesting to me is that it totally depends in the game your players want to play. I DM for two different groups and I have an open table game I have...
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    2E Tips? Haven't DMed D&D since 2E

    I find the hardest thing to handle with 5e compared to other RP games is the short/long rest mechanic and the supposed 6-8 combat encounters a day. If you have classes that regain benefits on short rest, example fighter, warlock and classes that gain benefits during long tests, example wizard...
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    Build to Balance an All Damage Party

    I rarely get to play, usually I DM so I want to do this right. I was invited to play with a pre-existing group. The party consists of Ancestral Guardian Barbarian Champion Fighter (bow) Hunter Ranger Forge Cleric The party is at level 5, the DM is 100% RAW and probably 60% combat. I got...