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  1. Bacon Bits

    WotC WotC Gets A New Logo?

    I have some emotional attachment to the old logo, as the company's products were pretty important in my late teens and 20s. But it's just a logo. The old one had a good run. Well, the problem is that "Wizards" by itself is more difficult to trademark. Even the old logo emphasized "Wizards,"...
  2. Bacon Bits

    D&D 5E Unearthed Arcana: Gothic Lineages & New Race/Culture Distinction

    I'll buy that, and I certainly hope you're right that they don't slide away from physical releases. I could see something in 2024, but I think if they're going to actually do that... the clock is kind of ticking! While I'm concerned that Hasbro will not be interested in improving the game, I...
  3. Bacon Bits

    D&D 5E Unearthed Arcana: Gothic Lineages & New Race/Culture Distinction

    No, I don't think a desire to expand or improve chargen is a problem big enough to warrant an entire new edition. Chargen is such a minor aspect of the game, and it really is 90% fixable with Tasha's. 5e has warts after 7 years, but it's still selling well and none of the warts are totally...
  4. Bacon Bits

    D&D 5E WotC to increase releases per year?

    There's a back catalog of 1974 to 2014, none of which is in print and only a fraction of which has been updated. And that's just reusing old ideas. They can print a lot. What should they print? That makes things much more complicated. I'd like to see different styles of campaign modules. I'm...
  5. Bacon Bits

    D&D 5E Unearthed Arcana: Gothic Lineages & New Race/Culture Distinction

    I'm not sure what the foundation here is. Are you accusing WotC of hypocrisy? Of reneging? How do you know they aren't just saying, "Hey we don't like how this is working out, so we're throwing it out going forward." Regardless of your opinion on these specific race rules... why couldn't a...
  6. Bacon Bits

    D&D 5E WotC to increase releases per year?

    "That's not going to change much." I mean, if someone told me my work was increasing 25-33%, I'd probably notice. Is WotC hiring more staff for the RPG team?
  7. Bacon Bits

    D&D 5E "Combat exhaustion" at 0 hp?

    Honestly, I don't think the penalty needs to be that severe to discourage whack-a-mole. I would start with, "When an unconscious creature regains consciousness, such as due to magical healing, they are disoriented. They have disadvantage on attack rolls and ability checks and cannot benefit...
  8. Bacon Bits

    D&D General Old School DND talks if DND is racist.

    I've not seen a baby with hair finer than the one you're splitting here. The point isn't to enumerate your opinions on those changes. The point is that even if 1e & Basic were open to changing things, often the more questionable elements were not among those the game made open to change. I...
  9. Bacon Bits

    D&D General Old School DND talks if DND is racist.

    1e was also the edition with gender-based strength limits, race-class restrictions, ability score prerequisites, race-class level limits, and so on. And Basic had most of that and race-as-class. And 1e says that stuff is for balance, IIRC, so you're told not to change those things in particular...
  10. Bacon Bits

    Level Up (A5E) What would you call a 'Warlord' class? (+)

    The problem is that if you stick to what the class does, you either make them sound like the guy who should be leading the party or some NPC who's there to buff the real characters. I think we're stuck with Marshall or Warlord. You basically have to go with something totally generic like Sword...
  11. Bacon Bits

    D&D 5E Sell Me On Tasha's

    I doubt we'll ever get something like that. I'd love a Dungeon and Wilderness Exploration Guide that expands exploration, or an encounter guide that spends time on how to do social encounters. Honestly, though, I feel like I'm usually stealing scene rules from other games most of the time. The...
  12. Bacon Bits

    D&D 5E Sell Me On Tasha's

    I've had scant little opportunities to play D&D since even the Unearthed Arcana that became Tasha's came out. However, I did allow any of the options there. Overall I would describe Tasha's as D&D 5.1. It's incremental, doesn't do a whole lot really, but what it does is pretty good. There is...
  13. Bacon Bits

    D&D 5E Moving out of concealment to attack - when is stealth broken?

    No, Rogues are supposed to be able to Sneak Attack every round, and "you don’t need advantage on the attack roll if another enemy of the target is within 5 feet of it" if you want to Sneak Attack. That's an order of magnitude easier than getting advantage. However, there's also now the Steady...
  14. Bacon Bits

    D&D 5E More swingy combat

    IMX, I think 5e combat gets pretty swingy just by increasing encounter difficulty. If you aim for 2-4 deadly combats per day instead of 6-8 medium, combat will naturally get a lot more dangerous and swingier. The more actions the NPCs have, the more dangerous combats get and the more important...
  15. Bacon Bits

    D&D 5E Bigby's Back Hand as a cantrip?

    I always assumed mage hand was the cantrip Bigby's spell. Force or bludgeoning damage seems appropriate, but I don't really think the particulars of the spell are that interesting beyond that. As long as it fits inside the boundaries drawn by existing cantrips it's fine.