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    Order of combat: Declaring defensive fighting, dodge

    Ok here is a question: A wizard has already cast all his spells when he is ambushed by three orcs. Orcs A, B and C are now attacking the Wizard. The Wizard knows he is in trouble and wants to fight Defensively and, since he has the Dodge feat, wishes to declare one of his opponents as a Dodge...
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    Low level 3.5E / 3E / D20 adventures

    I'm about to do start a short campaign, technically running a playtest, and I haven't had time to prepare any adventures. I know there aren't a huge amount of published adventures for 3E but I know there are some. I was wondering if any of the more experienced ENworlders could reccomend some...
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    Why are D&D discussions so angry?

    Why is it that any time any discussion about D&D comes up which could even remotely somehow be construed as some kind of criticism of D&D as-is, a select few of the forum regulars swoop down with such venomous, vicious spiteful attacks to shut it down? I've been on every kind of forum, I...
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    Is it time for a low-magic setting?

    Originally we had Greyhawk as the primary D&D world, which was pretty high fantasy, high magic I think by anyones definition. WOTC has released Forgotten Realms, which was a pretty logical extrapolation of the D&D world from the rule books, albiet in a very magic-rich environment. (is there...