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  1. Blackroot

    The Western Reaches: Voyage to Stonekeep

    This is the OOC chat and Character roster for a homebrew campaign I have written. The rules are mostly core, but I allow exceptions as I see fit. I have done a lot of writing thus far, and the campaign hasn't begun yet. This is my first time running an online campaign and I can help but admit...
  2. Blackroot

    The Western Reaches: Voyage to Stonekeep [Closed]

    The Western Reaches: Voyage to Stonekeep Its late fall in the forests. The flame-tipped branches have lost the strong grip they once had on their children as the leaves fall towards the ground. The wooded halcyon, a great shrine to peace, sits idol on the banks of the rivers. But, in the...
  3. Blackroot

    Leprechaun Stats

    Thought about this idea on St. Pats day this year. I've never built a monster before and went about it in a way similar to building an NPC. I've probably erred a few times and would gladly accept any input I can get. Leprechaun Size/Type: Small Fey Hit Dice: 4d6+2 Initiative: +4 Speed: 30...