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    New Ghostbusters Afterlife trailer

    I want to see a reanimated CGI Harold Ramis. I've heard movies with a '4' in the name tend to do poorly...and that's before the Chinese market became a big thing. (The number 4 is really bad luck in China, worse than 13 here.) So I think that's why they change the name when the fourth movie...
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    D&D 5E Game theory, D&D, and infinite games

    Indeed. I just wonder how much we have to be 'originalists' about Gygax's intention--IMHO you can play D&D any way you want. It's a game. In the early years there were tournaments with standardized dungeons and actual rankings, but it's not like chess where everyone has to play by the same rules.
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    So what are you reading this year 2021?

    Vance wasn't just taking words from his period, though. The guy actively sought out obscure and obsolete words in his vocabulary to give the feeling of something that sounded like English but he could give a new meaning to. A deodand was a pre-20th century legal term for a thing that was given...
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    D&D 5E Game theory, D&D, and infinite games

    I'm not sure how much game theory (ironically) applies to D&D at the party level, which is usually highly cooperative--the rules are designed so that no class is truly self-sufficient. Usually game theory (from what I've seen) is used to study the options and optimal strategies of actors in a...
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    D&D General A Goliath and a Dwarf have a baby, describe it!

    Just going off Google Image Search, the goliath is frequently bald and muscular, and often scantily clad, regardless of gender. Dwarves are short (duh), stocky (wide but muscular), and often bearded and holding an axe. So the golarf/dwoliath would probably be of human height but bearded, very...
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    D&D 1E Inquiry: How do fans of AD&D (aka 1E) feel about the Unearthed Arcana supplement?

    Yeah, I agree 100%. It was definitely a dumb set of rules. You might, if your players are cool with it, allow an NPC to roll for seduction. But that would really be the sort of thing you'd talk over with your table first.
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    D&D General Are Hit Points Meat? (Redux): D&D Co-Creator Saw Hit Points Very Differently

    Agreed, the games like Call of Cthulhu where characters are much more mortal don't increase them at all.
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    D&D 1E Inquiry: How do fans of AD&D (aka 1E) feel about the Unearthed Arcana supplement?

    BTW, I pulled up the comeliness rules. They're heterosexist, not sexist--heterosexuality is assumed, but the sexes are treated equally by high-comeliness fascination effects, and all references are to "he or she". (Interestingly, Corellon Larethian is described as genderfluid in the 1e Deities...
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    D&D 1E Inquiry: How do fans of AD&D (aka 1E) feel about the Unearthed Arcana supplement?

    The barbarian was fun, and I liked the expanded options for demihumans. It was nice to see what all the polearms actually looked like. The bonus spells and items were fun. As long as you take what you like and discard the rest, I think it was useful.
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    RPG Crowdfunding News – Iron Kingdoms, Holler, Mutated Monsters, and more

    I'm sure the Holler designers are aware of this, but mine owners did kill miners sometimes. You can read about the Battle of Blair Mountain, for instance.
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    D&D General Did D&D Die with TSR?

    I couldn't resist. Appendix C (random encounters) in fact has a waterborne encounter table, including buccaneers, merchants, and pirates. There are different tables for freshwater, saltwater, and deep waters, and for small and large bodies of water for the first two. And yes, the random harlot...
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    D&D 5E Overused monsters currently

    The influence of Call of Cthulhu?
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    D&D General why brass and bronze dragons?

    The original Dragon article actually tried to work backwards so the green dragon was a hybrid of yellow and blue (so the yellow dragon breathed salt, electricity + salt =chlorine), the orange was a hybrid of yellow and red, and the purple was a hybrid of blue and red. Theoretically you could...
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    D&D 5E Ray Winninger, in charge of D&D, states his old school bonefides.

    The books back you up! From the 2e PHB (1989): "This is not a race in the true sense of the word: caucasian, black, asian, etc. It is actually a fantasy species for your character -- human, elf, dwarf, gnome, half-elf, or halfling." The 1e PHB doesn't address this issue at all--it simply lists...
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    D&D 5E Ray Winninger, in charge of D&D, states his old school bonefides.

    A bit OT, but perhaps relevant given who this is: Ray Winninger wrote an indie game called Underground for Mayfair in the early 90s involving genetically engineered super-soldiers returning from wars in South America. There was a heavy social-justice angle (though it fit in organically with the...