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    World of Darkness [Interest/Recruitment] Nuova Malattia - A Giovanni Chronicle

    *taps the mic* Hello? So some time ago, in my misspent youth, I picked up running an online Vampire game on these forums before the vagaries of my sketchy internet connection took its toll and I fell out of contact. Since then, I've gone back to Uni (Social Work), got married and had bunnies...
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    Just for kicks [ZEITGEIST] [Spoilerrific, Adventure 2]

    My players' crime board for adventure 2, yours for the taking. Spelling is investigators' own.
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    Vampire: the Masquerade - New York by Night OOC Thread

    Welcome to the (new) OOC thread for ENWorld's first Vampire: the Masquerade game, originally started by Ashrem Bayle and later 'usurped' by me. The in-character action takes place on the IC Thread, with character biographies (and even a few stats) in the Rogues' Gallery Thread. For reference...