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These days I mostly focus my gaming on D&D using Fantasy Grounds. I'm fascinated about how games are mechanically constructed, which gets me into trouble when I'm deep-diving into theory and talking about stuff that no one else follows. I'm as interested in what games can be - what can be done - as how they are traditionally played.

For RPGs, I care about game balance, character motives and living worlds. I mostly DM. My happiest moments are to be surprised by the party. I'm proud of winning awards for DMing and having many players tell me that my DMing is outstanding.

I may come across as scathing, or not listening and addressing another's points. I am listening, and I am addressing, but possibly down a path that is difficult to follow for others unless they are patient. I'm willing to follow an interesting argument tenaciously to see where it leads.

Two things I enjoy most (after my family) are thinking/arguing about games, and exploring nature (especially mountains, forests and beaches).


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