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    5E So Shadar-Kai are now a subrace of elves: Huh?

    I'm not understanding this move to make the Shadar-kai into a subrace of elves. They have always been described as "human like" so I don't get this. Why not introduce the Lythari?
  2. Corpsetaker

    5E Just for Parmandur

    This is just for you Parmandur since you like to laugh with things that nobody else is laughing at. You can laugh with these guys all you want.
  3. Corpsetaker

    5E Rumor: Hasbro is "prepping" to sell Wizards of the Coast in 2021.

    Just thought I would share this. Link to page here
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    5E Are powergamers a problem and do you allow them to play in your games?

    I've been a gamer for over 30 years now and in all the time I've been gaming I've tried to accommodate everyone's playstyle. Well I'm afraid I don't look at powergaming as a playstyle anymore, I see it as a problem. I no longer allow powergamers at my table, nor will I play in a game with them...
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    UA Spores, Brutes, and Inventors: Unearthed Arcana Brings You Three New Subclasses

    Well when a lot of your subclasses start to basically repeat themselves then it becomes a sign.
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    UA Spores, Brutes, and Inventors: Unearthed Arcana Brings You Three New Subclasses

    I think most people here have pretty much hit the nail on the head with regards to the three classes. When I saw the Inventor I was thinking Troibrand the Metal Mage but then the actual mechanics stole that dream away. I'm seeing way too much overlap with the classes to the be honest. It's...
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    5E Looking for a generic dark gothic style setting. Not Ravenloft.

    After having watched the Castlevania series I've wanted to run a setting based loosely around the series. I'm looking for a good generic Gothic horror setting. Anyone have any ideas?
  8. Corpsetaker

    5E Less about the numbers and more about the concept: Judging classes in 5th edition.

    Now this is my personal opinion and observation. Something that I have noticed is when judging classes and their worth there is still the 4th edition mindset where it was more about the math than the concept. 5th edition doesn't come across as being about the math but more about the concept...
  9. Corpsetaker

    Critical Role Delve into Critical Role's campaign setting with co-writer James Haeck!

    Unless you are going to tell the whole story then please don't post stuff like this. You have been told many many times that a lot of Pathfinder material is bought directly from the Paizo website. Amazon does not set standard for sales I'm afraid.
  10. Corpsetaker

    5E A question for fellow long time Forgotten Realms fans.

    If you are like me and have loved Forgotten Realms since the 80's and before then I have a question for you. Are you currently happy with the direction the Realms is going in and why? When 5th edition came out it looked as if there was a resurrection of the old Forgotten Realms that a lot of...
  11. Corpsetaker

    UA Unearthed Arcana Explores Downtime Activities

    That's because the company is driven by their profit model where down time means the adventure lasts longer than WOTC expects so you wouldn't be finished in time to buy the next one. These AP's really push you to hurry it up.
  12. Corpsetaker

    UA Unearthed Arcana Explores Downtime Activities

    I would actually love for them to do a UA on the various items that dwarves and elves create. I would love to see some reasons why elven and dwarven steel, mithral, adamantine, etc is supposed to be a cut above all others.
  13. Corpsetaker

    UA Unearthed Arcana Explores Downtime Activities

    I'm finally glad to see some good quest building ideas. This is why I do XP very slowly because the party could one minute be fighting in a nearby dungeon, and then the next fighting swarms of rats in the village. I really hate the monster killing ladder PC's have to climb when they increase in...
  14. Corpsetaker

    5E Monster Creation rules: Anyone else not find them particularly helpful.

    The title says it all. I'm trying to create a unique Hill Giant Ghast and the monster creation rules in the DMG do not really help. I'm trying to make the creature a challenge rating 16 and it's not going very well. Anyone else share this opinion?