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    General Who coined the phrase "murder hobo"

    In related news, I was not able to find any YouTube videos of flint-knapping that predated 2015, so I’m starting to doubt this whole “cavemen did it” theory.
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    OD&D Jennell Jaquays Goodman Games Judges Guild Kickstarter almost over

    Free “thumbs up” to first person to post audio of themselves reading the title of this thread three times, fast.
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    5E Kensei Monk - how was it for you?

    I'm loving my Kensai. (Or, I was, until we suspended in-person gatherings and started a new campaign on roll20.) I know the white room theorycrafters think it's not the absolute best class/subclass combination, but it works perfectly with my concept. First, she's not a "monk" she's a...
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    General Who coined the phrase "murder hobo"

    Lobelia Sackville-Baggins, I believe. She didn't mean it as a compliment.
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    General Adventure Begins D&D introductory boardgame

    I received mine and opened the box. Wasn't sure what to expect so I can't say whether I'm pleased or disappointed. Haven't played it with the family yet, but will report when I do. (Caveat: both of my children are younger than the recommended "10+" age.) One thing I like, that differs from...
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    5E Finding someone by scent in a city

    Rule of Cool > Simulationism
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    5E Finding someone by scent in a city

    I would say that if the dogs are trained to this task, and they have an item, then yes it works. Good solution to a problem. No dice rolls needed. All that's needed is some colorful narration. The only question is if you want to throw some challenges in their path and give them a chance to...
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    5E One Punche Man Build. New Tasha's

    Assassin 17, Grave Cleric 2, Purple Worm poison. When the stars align (i.e., you're able to use channel divinity, then surprise your target, then your target fails its CON save): 12d6 x 2 (crit), plus modifiers, plus 12d6 poison, doubled for Assassin capstone, doubled again for Grave Cleric...
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    General (Anecdotal) conversations with Asian gamers on some problems they currently face in the D&D world of RPG gaming

    Attempts to resolve these problems of cultural discrimination are going to be messy and imperfect, and which aspects of the problem get addressed in what order is going to be contentious and fraught with contradiction and paradox. Lots of mistakes are going to be made along the way. What I...
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    5E Marilith reactive thingy

    Maybe. If the DM is modifying the creature to make it more interesting/surprising.
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    5E How can you add more depth and complexity to skill checks?

    Ok, but everything in this discussion should apply (shouldn't it?) to both ability checks with a related skill proficiency, and to ability checks without a related skill proficiency. So having the discussion in the context of "skill checks" would suggest that it's excluding straight ability...
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    5E Marilith reactive thingy

    Empty initiative counts are not turns.
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    5E Weird Interpretations for High/Low Ability Scores

    For once! That's how I usually feel about your posts. "I wish I had said that." In other news, the solution to Inspiration is to allow it to be used for re-rolls. Players suddenly start remembering they have it.
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    5E Weird Interpretations for High/Low Ability Scores

    First, you are assuming the bolded part will always happen. I am not. Furthermore, if it does happen then I would say it's a problem with the player, and if that player is ordered to roleplay a certain way, they will act subversively anyway. Starting with the premise that not everybody at the...