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    [Lacuna Part 1] Debrief?

    When running my Lacuna games I've always ended them when the last agent either gets off the slab, or dies. Primarily this is because I run it once every 4-5 months and don't have a firm grasp on mythography and focus my energy and attention on the mission itself. Typically I then handle the...
  2. HellHound

    Lacuna Part 1 Game? Anyone?

    I'm looking at throwing together a Lacuna Part 1 game. This is a great game for first-time players. No prior experience needed nor helpful. I'm obviously not free to run on Friday night (ENnies). But could run it just about any time four-five of you can arrange to pull me aside and make me...
  3. HellHound

    Need a date for the ENnies? DREAM DATE AUCTIONS!

    Going to the ENnie award ceremony at Gen Con, but need a date? Don't want to sit with the plebes at the back, but want to hang out with the nominated publishers and score some sweet swag? The ENnie Dream Date Auctions have begun! The first two auction on the block are with White Wolf...
  4. HellHound

    Could I? Should I? Would I?

    So, checking the ENnie judges requirements this year, I noted that I qualify as I haven't been involved with ENP in the past 2 years, and haven't written or published any RPG material in that time frame either... So I could run to be a judge according to the rules. Well, as long as I got...
  5. HellHound

    Last year's "Best Game" - Scion - Good resources?

    We've started a Scion cycle now that I have all three of the core Scion books (as well as the two PDF Scion companions). That said, there must be a plethora of fan creations out there for the game - what are some of your fave sites / house rules / new pantheons?
  6. HellHound

    Where I've Been: DJing

    I've been very rarely on ENWorld of late - for a a year or so that was because I was primarily over on CM (where I'm one of the jerks that occasionally pretends to run the place), but mostly because I've been spending a lot of my time that isn't at work or with family doing something I used to...
  7. HellHound

    4E What don't you like about 4E so far? (Not a rant)

    The wailing and gnashing of teeth.
  8. HellHound

    4E Simple Poll - How do you feel about 4E Right Now?

    Thumbs up, but only because you are forcing a "no neutral response". Honestly, it's another game I'll buy - like most other RPGs on the market.
  9. HellHound

    My sense of wonder!

  10. HellHound

    4E 4e Srd

    In 25+ years of gaming, I've never played in a group that had more than one copy of the core rules until last month.
  11. HellHound

    4E Is 4E the designers homebrew coming to my gaming table?

    I think I am not. If you make the core rules setting material so vague that it doesn't say anything, then any new player group getting into the game will not only have to buy the three core rule books, but also a setting book. If the goal is to price the game out of reach of new gamers, it...
  12. HellHound

    4E Is 4E the designers homebrew coming to my gaming table?

    Please no. EVERY time anything planar was published for 3.x, there was an outcry from the Planescape fans about how crappy / non-planescape it was. If anything, getting as far from Planescape as possible is a good thing, because it means they can publish planar stuff again and people who buy...
  13. HellHound

    4E Are you a 4e playtester?

    I've signed three NDAs in recent memory that absolutely forbade releasing the information of any company documents, including company NDA agreements.
  14. HellHound

    4E Really?? Is RPGA really the best place to test 4e

    I'll just throw in my 5c here. 100% of the RPGA events I've played in have been positive experiences, and had a lot of role-playing. One of them was 75% or so (roughly) interpersonal roleplaying, with very little combat.
  15. HellHound

    1E AD&D 1e Alternate Classes

    I think Duh Jock was in with a version of the Jester. It was an april issue. I ran a Jock to level 8 in one campaign. Even had a Hockey Stick of Holy Terror.