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    Kickstarter Blackstorm Realms Campaign Setting for DnD 5th

    The creative team of Ted Sikora (Nerd Immersion YouTube) and Celeste Conowitch (Rime of the Frost Maiden), plus other notable writers and artists present to you: Blackstorm Realms for D&D 5th Edition (more than Spelljammer) Blackstorm Realms: A 5th Edition Setting An infinite number of...
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    Podcast #119: Hellboy and Rogue Trooper with Marc Langworthy

    The Hellboy RPG showcases an innovative option to upgrade traditional 5th Edition D&D with some rules expansions from other publishers like Modiphius. Well done, Marc Langworthy.
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    Kickstarter Creatures Compendium for 5th Edition from the Fateforge RPG

    Less than a week left on the Fateforge Kickstarter to get the Creatures book featuring this unique peacat monster, The peacat, a fey being that looks like a cross between a peacock and a cat. Can teleport and pass into the plane of fey. Steals items it finds interesting or considers important...
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    RPG Crowdfunding News – Heckna!, Creatures, Skullkickers, and more

    Does anybody think this is a cool idea or what?
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    Kickstarter Wagadu Afro-fantasy for 5e and MMO Kickstarter

    So firstly, this is an ambitious project by Twin Drums and the project lead who is of African heritage, Kike Ayoola. The best part of this Kickstarter is that if you just want the D&D 5th Edition book, it is already available for free on the Kickstarter page. The Wagadu Chronicles -...
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    A BATMAN RPG Has Just Been Announced

    Their Conan role playing game was basically just encounters that were rolled into the 2d20 game engine from Modiphius and published in the sourcebook below: https://www.modiphius.net/products/conan-the-monolith-sourcebook
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    5E 3 Classic Settings Coming To 5E?

    With the Baldur's Gate III trailer showcasing the illithid nautiloid, so basically Spelljammer is a "must have" on the tabletop for 5e. And if not, then we all better just boycott Wizards of the Coast over epic trolling in the CRPG.
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    A BATMAN RPG Has Just Been Announced

    Posted in the wrong thread. Sorry.
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    A BATMAN RPG Has Just Been Announced

    But why d20 instead of a dice system more power level resilient and scalable for the superhero genre.
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    Worlds of Design: Escaping Tolkien

    Yes, controversial headlines can explode in your face.
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    Worlds of Design: Escaping Tolkien

    Could not believe this was a thing, but did find some old adverts were that was a unique selling point. Wow!
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    Ruins of Symbaroum [5E] - The Promised Land: An Interview With Free League Publishing

    From the sample document, I only saw 6th level being the highest available in The Promised Land Campaign. So this is a good place to ask for clarification. What is the maximum level cap on PCs in the new Symbaroum rules set?
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    Worlds of Design: Escaping Tolkien

    I think the Swedish role playing publishers are doing great in offering fantasy that seems more authentic to the folklore of northern Europe, than the mish-mash that Tolkein brought forth in the Lord of the Rings saga. For example, both Trudvang and Symbaroum come to mind with their take on...
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    Ruins of Symbaroum [5E] - The Promised Land: An Interview With Free League Publishing

    Thank you so much for making Symbaroum a D&D Campaign Setting rather than using its obscure rules set. I enjoyed the grim dark fantasy the Symbaroum offers during test runs at Conventions. D&D will attract so many new fans.
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    We Are All Mad Here: 28-Page Preview of MCG's Fairytale Game

    True that, and also originally a stretch goal from the Monte Cook Kickstarter "Your best game ever!"