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    The new, shiny "Stuff I Have/Would Ban" thread!

    Surprised there's not more votes for versatile master. That made our list. And the avenger multiclass that gives you OoE until EoE. We also just flat-out banned the orb of imposition so we didn't have to worry about crazy things like the phrenic crown... you can still be a great wand, staff, or...
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    My Barbarian envies the Tempest Fighter

    You can use it adjacent to only one creature, but you might as well make a melee basic or your other at-will, unless you have reason to suspect that after the first attack you might be adjacent to a different creature. :)
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    D&D 4E Is there a compiled Broken 4e Bits?

    Well, there's a lot of answers because lots of people find different things broken: I'm copying & pasting from my house rules document I keep at G-Docs... TOO STRONG: Warforged (our fix: no embedding components, must make death saves as normal) Fighter: The Tempest Fighter technique and the...
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    Illusionist Wizards - What about all the monsters that are immune?

    So let's look at some examples: Illusory Ambush (AP), Wizard At-Will 1. Keyword: Illusion, Psychic Damage: Psychic Condition: (no additional keywords) Target is: Immune Psychic (I can't figure out how to search the compendium for this, so maybe it doesn't exist, but pretend) (normal vs...
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    D&D 4E A 4E Combat Encounter - Round by Round Descritpion

    It shouldn't be too hard for someone to dig up the character sheets used at the first worldwide D&D day this year -- the one for PH2 ... those were paragon characters. They weren't CharOp'ed to the max or anything but they were paragon characters. :)
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    Does a worn Holy Symbol take up an Item Slot?

    Didn't the tattoos from the AV2 preview work basically the same way... there is no 'slot' for them but you can only have one?
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    Change to Tempests and Doubleswords?

    Well you'd have a hard time doing damage if you were running around naked with a giant 2-bladed sword in your hands too!
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    Wow, my Wimpzard can finally use a Sword !!!

    Eladrin Warlocks could take Arcane Implement Proficiency: Heavy Blades and use a longsword, scimitar, fullblade, you name it... as their implement for all their warlock powers. It can be enchanted as any heavy blade can be. You really don't lose much doing this. Nice for melee 'locks and nice...
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    super basic shield question

    Yeah, 4 ac/reflex for a turn a nice, gives you the option to take an OA with a lot less risk if you need to position yourself, since like 99% of OAs are going to be vs AC, and you just added an extra 20% miss chance to all those rolls? That's not bad.
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    Unhappy Pally - Righteous Rage + Vicious Weapon

    Encourage him to take STR-based powers and let him retrain any of his CHA-based powers to WIS-based ones. Then give him a magic sword instead of a magic holy symbol. He may want to take a superior weapon proficiency like bastard sword or waraxe (he'll hit more with the sword but do more damage...
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    When to declare immediate actions?

    Yeah, getting an attack as an interrupt or minor action is already fairly powerful, especially when you talk about the extra chance to use striker damage if you missed on your main attack, plus all the static mods you can add (str, weapon focus, enhancement, iron armbands). Anything on top of...
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    When to declare immediate actions?

    It's certainly ambiguous for the 1st example. Clearly you're OK at A, no one can tell you that's not allowed, and there's some case for B, and some DMs / players may even be OK with C... and since skill checks in general aren't game-breaking, I'd probably give you B, but that's mostly my opinion...
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    super basic shield question

    At our table, DM rolls the d20, then asks "what's your AC?" (or if he has a pretty good idea, e.g., he just asked you three seconds ago when the orc's buddies hit you, he'll just tell you "that hits"). If you see a very high number on that d20 you may want to reconsider shield. :)
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    Draconic Spellcaster: Seriously?!

    Math Shatter All Utility 1 Daily Personal Immediate Reaction Trigger: A new splatbook comes out Effect: Select one of attack rolls, defenses, saving throws, or skill checks. Roll 1d4 and sacrifice that many feats, then roll 1d6 and add that amount to all future checks of that type. Special: You...
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    D&D 4E Confirming the 4e Math, Stage 1: Iconics

    Are the iconics designed to be min-maxers or represent more typical, less power-gamer types? The feat selections should be tied to their roles... except for things that just make sense for everyone (expertise, armor spec if you can meet the stats (armor prof: leather for classes without it)...