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    Who brings food? The GM or the Players?

    We sort our own food out If you want food you bring some, if you don't want any you don't bring any. If you want a full meal eat it before the session starts, don't interrupt our game with your takeaway. (our sessions are typically from 7.30pm to around midnight). I have to be careful about...
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    Music and D&D

    I've always associated The Levellers album Levelling the Land and Nirvana's Nevermind with playing 2E in the summer of 1992 - it was the last time we played at Uni, and the last time I played any RPGs until 2012 - and those albums were our student anthems of that hot Summer. Nowadays, I listen...
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    D&D Pronunciation Guide

    Melee - in British English is not may-lay, nor is it pronounced that way in original French due to the circumflex over the 1st E. The 1st syllable has a very short E sound, as in set, or get... so it's meh-lay.
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    Reopening Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes

    Agreed, I would be very tempted to adjust that to fit the B/X version - I have fond memories of X4, despite it being very railroady it had a great flavour to it, and the Evil Abbey at the end was just brilliant. The Bhuts terrified me as a 12 year old!
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    5E Do you use all of the P.C. races and classes from the PHB?

    PHB/SCAG all ok with me. Nothing else. But Fantasy racism is alive and well, and anyone playing a potentially unpopular race will suffer the consequences. Plus, I enforce this old chestnut:
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    5E A 5E Meazel

    I've written a short adventure, initially for my group who are playing 1E, but I'm typing it up/tidying it up and putting in conversion notes for 2E and 5E. A key protagonist is a Meazel, a creature that does not yet have a 5E version. Now in 1E Meazels were sneaky, solitary creatures, but of...