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Recent content by JustinAlexander

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    Kickstarter Realm Works Kickstarter Launches – Transform Campaign Management!

    A few questions: (1) Can pins be easily moved around after they've been created? (I would assume so, but they never actually get dragged-and-dropped during the demonstration video.) (2) Can I customize the color of a pin? It's probably a little weird to obsess over the pins, but their...
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    4E Pemertonian Scene-Framing; A Good Approach to D&D 4e

    [/INDENT] For those struggling to understand strong scene-framing techniques like pemerton's, looking at this passage is key: The fundamental technique involves taking control of the PCs, railroading them through decision points "off-screen", and then continuing the action at the point where...
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    "Exclusive deals suck!" - James Mathe's rant about the tabletop industry

    And let's not forget OneBookShelf's price-fixing policies that are specifically designed to prevent smaller online retailers from competing with them. It definitely sounds like he's upset that big retailers use the same market strong-arming tactics that his company uses in the RPG e-book market.
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    Looking for a Great Dragon's Lair

    I'm looking for a great dragon's lair adventure. I don't particularly care which edition or even game system, but what I do want is a lair that's more than 6 or 7 rooms. (I want the lair itself to be the awesome centerpiece of the adventure.) Anybody got a suggestion?
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    3E/3.5 Going back to 3.5 - advice?

    Legends & Labyrinths features a lot of tools -- XP budgets, easy monster stat block creation, a universal chart for setting DCs, etc. -- that will be similar to your 4E toolkit. And it'll be 100% compatible with 3.5, so you can use it interchangeably with zero conversion. Drop me your e-mail in...
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    3E/3.5 Good OGL Book of Spells for 3.5/PF?

    I'm a huge fan of Monte Cook's Book of Eldritch Might series, which was collected in the Complete Book of Eldritch Might. I used to hand out the first two as actual books of lore to the PCs: They would find a copy of it in the game world and I would hand over a physical copy. FFG had a series...