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    WotBS 4e Additional adventures?

    I saw there was some additional adventures in the 3.5 megabook that added some extra flavor and adventures to the campaign. Were these ever ported to 4e? and if so where can I find them?
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    WotBS Dianoem usage throughout the campaign (4e version)

    I'm prepping for adventure 4 of the campaign, and in the first chapter the players find out more about the Dianoem from Dougan. The players like Dougan, and are interested in the Dianoem, but we've had some issues with animal cruelty in the past. One of the players (and her character) is heavily...
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    WotBS Confused about Lee's Letter (4e version)

    Cool. Thanks! I thought I had it right, but wanted to make sure it wasn't referencing something far later in the campaign.
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    WotBS Confused about Lee's Letter (4e version)

    Hey all. I'm a bit confused about the info that's in the letter the players can find after defeating Lee at the end of chapter 3. I've mostly read through chapter 5 (which I think this is setting up, but i may have missed some things) I understand that Pilus is Lee's master, and Lee's plan will...
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    WotBS Pics from my WotBS sessions

    The players finished up the Pyromancer's Tomb and encountered Lee on the way out!
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    WotBS Pics from my WotBS sessions

    Hmmm. I've been looking at adventure 4 and getting some things prepared. I have a snow board ready with trees and most of the miniatures are ready. I think some of the one off environments are tricky, as its not worth making extra pieces for just one encounter, especially if they are optional...
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    WotBS Pics from my WotBS sessions

    Been playing on and off this year, had a lot of IRL interruptions. But we are almost done with adventure 3. We're having such a blast with this campaign. Here's some more encounters from when I remember to take pictures. Sunken Prison: Mimic Attack! Skeletons in the cells Underwater...
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    WotBS 4e Finding Jess section of adventure 3

    Hey all. Having a bit of confusion around the section in Seaquen called Someone Is Looking For You. From what I understand the players are told that someone is looking for them, but the person who tells them knows nothing about Jess, only a name. And then immediately after that (in the 4e...
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    4E Get WotC 4e's Online Character Builder to work or get a sub

    Is the character builder down? Trying to use it but it crashes on launch. Anyone got a link to an install guide?
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    WotBS Icons/Crests of each faction

    Hey all. I have a map of the WotBS world on my wall. And I'd like to get some tokens or icons so I can show where each of the armies are and how the conflict is looking on a grand scale. Has anyone made up any icons/crests of each of the factions of the world that I can take a look at? Thanks
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    4E Favourite Combat Encounters

    I love the stair descent combat encounter in Chapter 2 of Scale of War. Super fun fight with mines of moria vibes, and some deadly terrain hazards.
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    WotBS 5e Living Blade

    Thanks Morrus, Appreciate it!
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    WotBS 5e Living Blade

    Hey all. My group is switching from 4e to 5e going from chapter 2 to 3. But since I own the 4e version of chapter 2, and the 5e version of chapter 3 I think the only thing I am missing is the stats and description for how the living blade works in 5e. I'd rather not have to buy the 2nd chapter...
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    WotBS Indomitablity's Boon after Chapter 2

    We are playing 4th edition.
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    WotBS Indomitablity's Boon after Chapter 2

    Would the PCs still have indomitability's boon after defeating him in chapter two (they followed Tiljann's path)? I assume that Indom would remove the boon when the players attack him, but I wanted to make sure that wouldn't cause issues later in the campaign. Thanks