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    GMing: What Keeps Long Running Campaigns Exciting?

    With a long running campaign, I have a few things I do to keep it interesting and keep players going. I let the players help build the world. It gets them involved and more inclined to care about the world. There are no lone wolf murder hobos in my games. Everyone has family, friends...
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    No Good Choices

    I've been talking with a guy in my group who shares GM duties with me. We switch off games, so we discuss what works and what doesn't work. One of things we came to learn is that what makes a good story doesn't necessarily make a good game. They're different and for good reason. Would I want...
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    Besides D&D, what are you playing?

    I recently ran Offworlders for my group as a pick-up game. It's an Apocalypse World System game that's a space western. Kind of like Firefly or Cowboy Bebop in feel. My group had a blast with it. I just ran the intro scenario from the book and my players ran with it. They had so much fun...
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    Besides D&D, what are you playing?

    My group is trying out Rotted Capes. We also break out Worlds in Peril fairly often and Gumshoe for Call of Cthulu. We like to mix things up. We break the gaming year out into "seasons" so that one person doesn't get stuck running all the time and can play. Plus it gives people itching to...
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    General Session 0 Tips -- What are your favorite session 0 questions/activities?

    I like to ask some questions to help get the players more attached to the world and their characters. I like the “how do you know each other” question so we don’t have to play out meeting. The I ask for some friends and family, both local and distant. That has the added benefit of giving me NPCs...
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    On playing new game systems

    Trying new games has lead to all sorts of great games. In my group, we have a good mix of people who like to run a game as much as play one. We didn't want one person to get stuck running a game for years, so we decided to do "seasons". We have a few games that we rotate through ever couple...
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    The thread in which we are thankful

    Thanks to my game group. We’ve been playing for decades. Knowing how busy we’d be, we started Game Day to always set aside time for our friendships. Thanks to our spouses and significant others who support our Game Day, so we can see our friends. Thanks to all the new DMs out there. Stepping...
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    TSR What TSR-era RPG should get an official 5e reboot?

    I went with Gamma World, for all that mutant and post-apocalyptic craziness. I was tempted to go with Marvel at first. Though there are some really great superhero games out there, like Mutants & Masterminds and Worlds in Peril, that really capture comic superheroes awesomely. You can play...
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    UA Recent Unearthed Arcana: Would you play the new options?

    I forgot about the UA ranger. In that case, I would play the UA ranger over the PHB ranger. So I guess I have two exceptions where UA is concerned.
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    UA Recent Unearthed Arcana: Would you play the new options?

    In most cases, I would no to the UA choices. I tend to like the options in the PHB a bit better. The one exception for me is barbarian. I actually found some of the UA options interesting. The idea of playing a dwarven barbarian who can call on the power of his ancestors sounded like a fun...
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    5E [5e DM Help] Keeping the lid on....what builds should I NOT allow?

    If you're comfortable with the rules, don't put any restrictions in place. As long as whatever they choose makes sense for their character, let the PCs do their thing. Some builds are better than others, that's true. Though ultimately, the PCs are supposed to win. So who cares if they are...