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Recent content by MaskedGuy

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    Pathfinder 2E Is it time for a new Pathfinder Setting?

    Paizo's core philosophy seems to be really focused on belief that one of reasons TSR went bankrupt was that they competed with themselves with different settings. So I don't really seem them introducing completely new setting and they don't really need to either since Golarion is kitchen sink...
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    Pathfinder 2E Is It Time for PF2 "Essentials"?

    I do think people kinda forget that paizo is small company, so they don't really need to do well in same numbers as D&D to do "well" <_<
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    On Fantasy Grounds D&D Increases Dominance To 71%

    Well just to note that main reason why I visit this forum rarely these days is that its annoying to read 5e fans constant jeering at 2e :p I might have lot of things I'm annoyed about 5e, but I don't actually feel happy about constantly talking about things I don't like about it <_< (I mostly...
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    Paizo A question about Paizo/PF adventure design

    I think the issue is that when you say "I'm just making this big PSA about how everyone should beware" it kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinda sounds like "I'm saying this system has unique problem and you should just run 5e instead" <_< Like umm, it sounds like you are making it sound like more unique...
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    Paizo A question about Paizo/PF adventure design

    Yeah, I'm not really seeing how this is unique feature of PF2e specifically. Like you wouldn't design encounters same way in Runequest and in D&D for obvious reasons <_< I can see it from perspective of "Oh PF 1e was D&D based, so I assume same logic applies in 2e as well", but even then I...
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    Paizo A question about Paizo/PF adventure design

    I do think its side effect of being used to older D&D editions yeah. There ARE systems that are far deadlier than any of D&D of PF2e, but using older D&D as basis on PF2e can be deadly. (on sidenote, my experience of adventuring on D&D 5e at levels 1-2 is that it is relatively more deadly than...
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    Paizo A question about Paizo/PF adventure design

    Thing is though, it isn't an "issues" per say. Most of published adventures of any system don't usually seem to assume combining encounters unless the adventure itself states they do so. Like I said, issue is more of that in most systems, game isn't actually in balanced, so adding mooks to...
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    Paizo A question about Paizo/PF adventure design

    I mean, in theory you shouldn't combine encounters in other games either unless they were designed to be combinable :p But in practice it works out because enemies are weaker than they are in "theory". (or in case of published 5e adventures, sometimes they are just straight up under powered even...
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    Pathfinder 1E Pathfinder 1.5 rumblings: Corefinder

    I've seen plenty of people I disagree with who LIKE the super complicated "PC/NPCs have same rules" dealios though <_< So even changing that is somewhat controversial depending on who you ask
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    D&D 5E It's Time To Rethink What An Adventure Path Can Be On Roll20

    Not particularly interested in the 5e version yeah :(
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    Pathfinder 2E Another Deadly Session, and It's Getting Old

    Meanwhile on sidenote, my "has seen deaths in PF2e" count is now... 1, but that guy got better since they had enough fame in organized play :p It was case where sorcerer had to act as hp tank vs boss due to everyone being immobilized by web. I'm still curious to hear how first three books of...
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    Pathfinder 1E Pathfinder 1.5 rumblings: Corefinder

    I think I mentioned this on paizo.com but honestly feel pretty cynical about all "try to continue 1e" projects so far, same with Poryphyra same here. Like people keep saying they want better version of 1e, but they also keep saying things like "I want combat feel like this game that is nothing...
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    Paizo A question about Paizo/PF adventure design

    On sidenote, I'm glad that beginner box adventure at least seems to be much more tamer than plaguestone and slithering :p Oh god the design in slithering x'D
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    Pathfinder 2E Regarding the complexity of Pathfinder 2

    Hey, I always post positive opinions on my favorite system that isn't Cypher System ;p (Psst, try out Cypher System)