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    5E Epic Monsters: Jörmungandr

    The Midgard Serpent should be at least in the terrasque class. For pity's sake, the thing encircles the world. Just my $.02
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    1E Replacement for weapon specialization?

    Fighting styles aren't quite equivalent to WS. In 5e, they are Very reluctant to give attach bonuses. Archery is the only style that grants one. You get other benes, but 5e is tightly designed for "bounded accuracy". I've been told that trying to grant a simple +1 to hit will violate it...
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    5E Mythological Figures: Hel

    Half blue-black.. So half of her is Drow? Muy interesante...
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    5E Mythological Figures: Hel

    I seem to recall Hel(a) having one side of her face as very beautiful, and the other as.. well.. a corpse. How/should that be represented in her Cha score? Definitely want to stay on her good side :P
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    Paizo Paizo Apologises For 'Police' Themed Adventure Path

    I agree: this Is ridiculous. I remember when being a policeman was one of the most honorable professions one could take. They are the ones who respond when someone is breaking into your home at 2 am. A few (and they Are few) bad cops have caused the entire profession to be tarred with a very...
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    RPG Sales for Black Lives Matter

    When the media and others Insist on someone using the words "Black Lives Matter" (without a "too") at the end, it has become a "dog whistle" of its own. It has become a way to buy into a number of assumptions with which I can't agree: 1. All the police are racist (even the AA cops?) and are...
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    RPG Sales for Black Lives Matter

    I'm sorry, I have a problem with this. Black lives definitely do matter. All lives do. I don't know when saying "All Lives Matter" became a mark of racism. The death of George Floyd was tragic, and the cop(s) responsible deserve the full measure of justice. But it has become a...
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    5E Meet Robin Hood, Outlaw of Sherwood Forest

    Just quoting what the game says. Like it or not, Robin Hood was one of the inspirations for the ranger class. The fact that the class has spells is a (misguided) attempt to duplicate Aragorn, who Also didn't have spells. IMHO, rangers should be spell-less, with a few class features to justify...
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    5E Meet Robin Hood, Outlaw of Sherwood Forest

    This from the AD&D2e Players Handbook: "The ranger is a hunter and woodsman who lives by not only his sword, but also his wits. Robin Hood, Orion, Jack the Giant Killer and the huntresses of Diana are examples of rangers from history and legend."
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    5E Meet Robin Hood, Outlaw of Sherwood Forest

    One problem with the Ranger in 5e.. No real spell-less option
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    5E Meet Robin Hood, Outlaw of Sherwood Forest

    Curious.. which rendition of Sharpshooter did you use for this? I'm a little surprised that you didn't go with a Ranger build for Robin Hood. If there's one historical character that screams "Ranger", it's Robin Hood! Even as a fighter, I notice he doesn't have the Archery fighting style; or...
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    5E Epic Monsters: Lucifer (1 of 3), Falling Angel

    (Getting my seminarian hat on) Lucifer would be best represented as a kind of super-Solar, well beyond the abilities of a typical angel. He was the highest created being, but still a creation, no where near the Creator. Michael would have been the 2nd highest, pretty close to Lucifer but not...
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    OSR Played It Review of Old-School Essentials Using D&D ‘s The Lost City

    I haven't had a chance to look into this as much as I'd like. Is it true that MU/Cleric spells and such are in a separate book? I can see putting AD&D-ish stuff and other non-BX classes and adaptations into supplements; but putting spells for "basic" classes into separate books seems too much...
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    UA Unearthed Arcana Subclasses Part III: Artificer, Druid, and Ranger

    Wow, finally a decent UA again! I can totally see these in action. If I had an armorer, I don't know that I'd even want to MC into anything else. The Druid and Ranger options are cool too. Way to go, WotC! Now just waiting for XgtE 2!
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    General The D&D Series Has Arrived

    I'm 90% sure that Someone will come out with a Savage Worlds Witcher game. Everything is coming up SW nowadays.