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    Pulling Off a Dragon Heist in Waterdeep: The Review

    A very nice review, and I one that I agree with for the most part. For me, however, there are multiple parts in the book that I wish were fleshed out much much more. The faction quests in particular, and some of the steps along the way of the investigation, are either completed with a single...
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    Dungeons and Dragons Art and Arcana : A Visual History to be released Oct 23rd

    This came up randomly on my Facebook account, and I want it bad. "An illustrated guide to the history and evolution of the beloved role-playing game told through the paintings, sketches, illustrations, and visual ephemera behind its creation, evolution, and continued popularity." Link here...
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    FFG Reprinting WEG Star Wars for the 30th Anniversary of the Game

    Link here. This is pretty exciting! I have very fond memories of the old system, though to be honest I was quiiiite young when I played it.
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    5E Tomb of Annihilation on the Publisher's Weekly best seller list

    It apparently hit #14. Link to tweet here. The game might be doing all right. Edit: Link to list here.
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    5E Advice for Extending or Expanding on Curse of Strahd

    Howdy! With autumn fast approaching, I'm about to run Curse of Strahd for the second time. The first time I ran it by the book and had a blast, though the PCs didn't explore about a third of the locations because of the Tarokka placements/the PCs being afraid of exploring off the beaten path...
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    5E Tomb of Annihilation, Xanathar's Guide to Everything (and other products) now up for preorder on Amazon

    I've been stalking amazon pretty much everyday to get the items announced in the stream of annihilation pre-ordered. Looks like they finally got them up. Tomb of Annihilation Currently 40.55 Xanathar's Guide to Everything Currently 40.85 D&D Adventure Grid Currently 19.58 D&D Tomb of...
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    RPG Gift Ideas for your Players

    I'm hoping this is on topic enough. I'm trying to come up with small gifts to give to my players for holidays, browsing RPG accessories and the like. I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas? The stuff I've come across so far are the character portfolios from Paizo and Ultra Pro, the character...
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    5E Inkarnate - Web Based Fantasy Map Generator

    I actually got to test that program. It's really very good, though somewhat limiting with the tools provided in the alpha/beta(?). I believe you can still sign up to test it. I recently went back and logged in and my maps were still there. Let me see if I can link to the map I made. The one...
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    5E How would you ensure longevity and sustainability for 5th Edition?

    This hypothetical is inspired by Mike's comments about the expected playbook when it comes to rpgs. Specifically, he said that players have a script that turns out badly for publishers. (Via a twitter conversation here.) So imagine you are given the monumental task of ensuring the longevity of...
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    FFG Campaign and Session Resources

    I'm about to start a Edge of the Empire campaign, and have been trolling the internet for fan made resources to help with the sometimes large amount of crunch. Have any of you come across anything like cheat sheets, alternative character/ship sheets, etc that helped you run your game? Thanks...
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    5E The new D&D Storyline is announced: Rage of Demons Who wants to go chase demons in the Underdark with Drizzt?
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    Rodential Races: Replacing the Default Races with Rodents in the style of Redwall or Mouse Guard

    So, this is a thing I've been working on for my blog. Essentially it replaces the default races with anthropomorphic woodland rodents like mice, rats, and moles. This is done in the style of Redwall, Mouse Guard, Wind in the Willows, Watership Down, Rats of NIMH, etc. The overarching goal is to...
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    5E Gamehole Con Live Tweeting Perkins Panel Lots of interesting tidbits of information, including mention of a second Monster Manual and the return of OGL.
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    5E Monster Manual First Spoiler!

    It's just art, but man that is a sexy dragon. Source:
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    5E Got a starter set? Post a photo of yourself with it!

    After the bravery of the shirtless guy, I couldn't help but post my own ugly mug.