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    General Kara-Tur vs Rokugan

    Nah, they're probably gonna make it something that obliquely references it like: A report to the Royal Council of Evermeet on the nations of Shou Lung, Wa, Koryo, and the surrounding regions; and how best to counter their Spelljamming ambitions and curb their threat to Tel'Quessir interests.
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    5E Variant Half-Elves?

    They've acknowledged that the option of replacing Skill Versatility with Keen Senses was a mistake. On D&DBeyond, they've outright removed that option, with only the Elf parentage options left.
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    5E Tweaking 5E: Your knobs, dials and switches.

    How do the DMs using 8 hour short rests and week-long long rests handle "whole day" spells? Stuff like Mage Armor, upcasted Hex, etc. If unadjusted, a spell that normally would get you through the whole adventuring day now only lasts for 1-3 encounters. Are the spell durations adjusted to...
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    General Kara-Tur vs Rokugan

    Doesn't FFG own the rights to Rokugan? I don't think WotC can do anything with it even if they wanted to. Far more likely we get Kara-Tur, whether as its own setting book or as part of a "Torilian Gazetteer". They could use the Spellplague and the Sundering to either streamline the setting or to...
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    5E Finesse rebalance

    Isn't that more an issue with how consistently Rogues can nova with Sneak Attack? They's only be doing an average of 1 less DPR if they were going ranged with shortbow and the exact same DPR as the rapier with the light crossbow.
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    General What are your Pedantic Complaints about D&D?

    Going off of pictures I found on the internet alone, that style of sword is called a niuweidao (ox-tailed sabre). It is intentionally blade-heavy with that distinctive flare at the tip of the blade, compared to the other common styles of Qing Dynasty sabres, the liuyedao (willow-leaf sabre) and...
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    General The Evolution of Tieflings in D&D: Interviews with Zeb Cook and Colin McComb

    I thought the above image was just an elf picture they reused because they didn't have any Tiefling assets loaded into the game for some reason?
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    General WotC's Secret Lore Book

    Didn't they already explain this? Sort of? IIRC, Greyhawk, Forgotten Realms, and Dragonlance are all in the Great Wheel as normal crystal spheres in the Material Plane. Eberron meanwhile is isolated in its own pocket dimension; it's crystal sphere cuts it off from everything except the Deep...
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    5E [poll] Which classes should be core

    I went with the core four, as pretty much everybody else did. For the final two, I chose Bard and Artificer. Bard because depending on build they can fill in for any of the core four, and the Artificer because their niche falls outside of what the core four can do. The other classes I felt were...
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    General The perfect D&D edition (according to ENWORLD)

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    General What is the Ranger to you?

    If you want to play 3e so much, why not, you know, play 3e rather than complain about 5e?
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    5E Acquisitions, Inc.: First Impressions

    It's been a day and a half since I first took a look inside the book. Thoughts: They weren't kidding about needing a lot of downtime. You have to structure the pace of the whole campaign around maintaining your office and forming connections in the community. But you still need to go...
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    5E Acquisitions, Inc.: First Impressions

    It's a joke. The whole corporation thing is just a vehicle for them to inject farcical white-collar humor into a heroic fantasy setting. In practice, Acquisitions Incorporated is just a loosely connected chain of adventuring guilds and small mercenary companies with (questionably) better...
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    5E Acquisitions, Inc.: First Impressions

    Echoing this. The new backgrounds are great. Also, the new spells are an absolute riot. Gift of Gab is pretty much mandatory for my Wizards and Bards now. Spells here: https://www.reddit.com/r/dndnext/comments/c220r6/the_new_spells_from_acquisitions_incorporated_are/
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    5E Acquisitions, Inc.: First Impressions

    The book's unlocked for me on D&DBeyond. Taking a look now. Verdan racial stats for those interested: +1 Con, +2 Cha Reroll 1 and 2 when rolling Short Rest Hit Dice Persuasion Proficiency Advantage on Wis and Cha saving throws Telepathy within 30 feet, need to share a language with the target...