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    delete my account?

    Thanks to a birthday message, I realized that this account is still active. I haven't used it in, well: "You last visited: 3rd September 2005 at 01:27 AM". My current account, Herobizkit, is active and I no longer need this one. So, how do I close it?
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    Which is best: Dragonmech, Iron Kingdoms, d20 Steampunk, Other?

    I am looking to invest in a Steampunk setting/rules supplement, but don't have ready access to any I'm looking for. Can anyone recommend any decent Steampunk d20 Resource, or do a quick compare and contrast of a few so I can make the best purchase? :)
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    Question about publishing homebrew

    Hey all, I have a d20 modern campaign that I "invented" and played through a while back. I really like the concept, and I believe it was something that others may be interested in. The issue I'm having, though, is that a number of adventures I used were direct ports from Dungeon magazine and...
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    I just can't wait to be King

    Thanks to the input from my previous thread (Frustrated With Campaign Design), I am now ready to start designing adventures for my PC hero. This character is currently a "prince", in that he is heir to a throne; the current King is getting ready to pass on the yoke of leadership to the PC...
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    Frustrated with camapign design

    Hey all, Just wanted to vent for a few minutes. I am currently running a campaign that is set in a similar vein to the real-world discovery of the New World. The PC's have landed on a new, uncharted area and have begun to carve out a piece of civilization for themselves. They have met...
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    What's up with shuriken?

    Where is the rule that states that shuriken can be hurled at a rate of 3/attack? Or is this just a house rule? Do you get Str bonuses to these weapons?
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    my "dream" has been shattered

    Hey all, So I started a campaign about 2 years ago. It was a solo campaign, just me and a friend. Very RP intensive, and the setting was pretty much a build-as-we-go scenario. The friend and I had a falling out, and we parted ways for about a year. During that year, I had thought up more...
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    Town design -- how much is too much?

    Hey all, My DM and I are collaborating (sp?) on a project for one of my high level characters. She is a high priestess of her faith and she has decided on a tower for her church, much like a lighthouse (and thus could use the lighthouse stronghold as designed in Sword and Fist). As time rolls...
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    Need help with PrC design

    Hey all, I am trying to pick a Prestige Class for my Ftr6/Rog5, and I'm terribly indecisive. So, rather than pick one, I am trying to incorporate several PrC's into one. I want the PrC to have a ninja "feel" without a lot of the magical/mystical influences and more of a twin-weapon warrior...
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    Throwing Master PrC?

    Is there, or has there ever been, a Throwing Master prestige class? If so, where could I find it? And if it's OGL, would someone be willing to post it here? I am looking for a PrC for my F6/R5 and huckin' stuff just seems fun. Thx, Dru
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    Movie ideas

    I wish I were a rich director. There are already several D&D things I would love to see in movie form. I would love to see a live-action Temple of Elemental Evil and/or the abridged version of Return to tToEE. Ideally, one would live-action tape a group of players going through the...
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    Lizardfolk, but large

    If I were to take the basic stats for a lizardfolk (+2 STR +2 CON -2 INT) and then decide that the creature is Large rather than medium, what adjustments should I make? I want it to be a PC-able race.
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    Stomp, but Area Effect

    I am thinking about making a Monk/Psychic Warrior and my first level ability would be Stomp. I see that it has a range of 20' and is a cone-shaped effect. I would be interested in having the spell manifest as an area effect centered around me. Does such a power exist? Or, can I somehow...
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    Help with Monk/X gestalt build

    Hey all, I am attempting to decide on a decent class to partner up with a Monk for a gestalt character. Ignoring alignments, can anyone help me with an 'interesting' combination that would allow for effective monk-ing, but also have an interesting RP reason as to why such a character might...
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    Gestalt rules ?'s and help to create two

    I am currently running a single-player gestalt (First question: how do you pronounce this word?!) campaign based very loosely on Final Fantasy X. He has created a Paladin/Rogue (I do not use alignments in my game except as a descriptor -- only demons, undead and unredeemable black souls get the...