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    General 4e Healing was the best D&D healing

    It's a good movie, and a good scene, but it's not a good fight scene. A comedic movie just doesn't lend itself toward serious role-playing.
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    General 4e Healing was the best D&D healing

    Both. If you have to distinguish between the two, then something has gone seriously wrong.
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    General 4e Healing was the best D&D healing

    I applaud your consistency, and I realize that we all have choices to make in how to reconcile the base-level inanity that D&D is serving us, but isn't it kind of odd that you've attached the narrative of a failed hit to the mechanic of a successful one? I mean, I've seen a number of action...
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    General 4e Healing was the best D&D healing

    Conversely, 4E was the first time I didn't enjoy playing a cleric, because they couldn't actually heal anyone - which is the primary reason I would want to play that class in the first place. Back in AD&D, taking damage was something to be avoided, because recovering from it was so difficult...
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    5E Ideas For a World of Islands? (+thread)

    If you're going to have something goofy that doesn't really belong in the setting, then sticking it on an isolated island is a marginally less goofy way of handling it.
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    How do you feel about learning new rule systems?

    I'm fine with learning a new ruleset, as long as it's designed efficiently. If I can read the book once, and pretty much remember how to do anything that comes up during play, then that's ideal. Shadowrun, for all of its complexity, basically boils down to rolling dice and counting successes...
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    5E Why is there a limit to falling damage?

    Not that I completely disagree, but in my experience, any mechanic that bypasses Hit Points can only serve to further devalue their meaning. If you don't want a game where people can survive incredible amounts of trauma, then choosing to play D&D at high levels is incredibly counter-productive.
  8. Saelorn

    5E Why is there a limit to falling damage?

    This is a case of blatant meta-gaming... on the part of the DM. You made your ruling (that this fall is fatal) based entirely on factors external to the game world. There's absolutely no reason why the ground would take the character's intent into consideration, when determining how hard they...
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    General Player Preferences

    There are two things that I look for in a prospective D&D campaign: 1) Don't assume that everyone will want to use all of the supplements, as though we were still playing 3E. 2) Some sort of plan to address the non-sensical natural healing rate. If it's possible to go from 1hp to perfectly...
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    5E Is there a spell....?

    I think it was Pathfinder which had a spell that did 1d6 damage of each standard energy type, specifically so you could scan for resistances and vulnerabilities.
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    General Do Your Human Characters Match Your Ethnicity (etc)?

    Ethnicity doesn't really match up to anything, when dealing with non-Earth worlds. Most settings aren't Forgotten Realms or Golarion. Most of my humans looks roughly like me, except in better shape; at least, that's how they'd appear, to all of the elves and dwarves out there.
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    General Violence and D&D: Is "Murderhobo" Essential to D&D?

    That's a pretty significant conditional. There's no reason that the opposition in a D&D campaign needs to look like, talk like, and/or think like a person would. We have constructs, aberrations, and actual demons we could be fighting.
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    General Violence and D&D: Is "Murderhobo" Essential to D&D?

    Murder is the unlawful (or unjustified) killing of a person. There is absolutely zero reason whatsoever that the things being killed in a D&D campaign have to be people. One of the major benefits of playing in world with actual for-reals monsters is that you get all of the excitement of...
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    General Breaking Out of "Default Actions"

    Even if attacking isn't the best course of action, it's rarely so far behind that the difference in success rate won't make up for it. Because a character is built to succeed at their default action, which means they're much more likely to succeed at that, than they are to succeed with any other...
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    5E Cure Wounds needs help or Healing Word needs a nerf...

    Of course, it's so inefficient in terms of action economy that casting it is a waste of time, then you make an entire core archetype non-viable. If you want to heal someone, but the enemy undoes that (and more) on the next turn, then the party will still blame you. The weird thing is, this...