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    5e invisibility and Detect Magic

    Assuming someone is invisible by a spell or similar magic, how Detect Magic works against it? The caster of Detect Magic spell will see the aura surrounding a invisibility creature. Should that mean the caster can technically "see" the invisible creature? Or should the caster know the exact...
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    Eldritch Knight cantrips. 2 melee or 1 melee and 1 ranged?

    I am going to play a 8th-level Eldritch knight in a campaign which starts from September. At this level, the EK knows only 2 cantrips and 1+ level spell slots are still precious. And, since he is a typical Str/Int EK, his ranged weapon attacks are rather poor (throwing a Javelin or shooting a...
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    5e rogue importance?

    Assuming that we will play an adventure involves much dungeon crawling (say, White Plume mountain) using 5e rules, how much important to have a pure-rogue? Should we have at least one dedicated dexterity-based-rogue? Or some other class with a level dip of rogue (for proficiency to Thieve's...
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    3.5 Sharing Time Stop spell with one's familiar

    What will happen if a mage shares Time Stop spell with one's familiar (via Share Spells ability of familiar)? Will the mage and the familiar separately take extra rounds gained by the spell, without interacting with each other? Or should they act in the same extra rounds? If the latter is...
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    3.5 Something stronger than mobs?

    Several times in the past, I used DMG2 mob template for representing units of low-level soldiers and it worked well. But now the PCs of my current campaign hit 16th level. At this level, usual mobs are not that much of a threat (and by the rule, CR 8 mob does not give any XPs to 16th-level PCs)...
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    3.5 Improving an Item's Save?

    Sometimes, an item must make a saving throw or destroyed. Usually the wearer/wielder can use his saving throw. But not always. For example, if a weapon is disarmed by Nightwalker and the monster attempts to crush, the weapon must make a DC 34 save or destroyed. Even if the weapon is an relic...
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    3.5 Which creatures can be represented by those miniatures?

    I have just painted one of them. Hmm ... more like some living creature than to be a construct?
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    3.5 Which creatures can be represented by those miniatures?

    I have these nice little minis from Reaper Bones 3 What kind of D&D creatures can be represented by those minis? Preferably, something related to undead, shadow plane or both. But anything can be met in the Underdark or in the planes of shadow will work for me. Any suggestions are welcomed.
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    5E Reach weaon and opportunity attack

    In 5e, an opponent provokes an opportunity attack from PC when it goes out of the PC's reach. That means, if a PC is using a reach weapon and has 10-feet reach, an opponent can run freely within a 10-feet radius circle centered on the PC. For that, sometimes, using a reach weapon is a bad idea...
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    4E Using Insider on non-Windows devices

    I am currently using Parallels Desktop and actually running Windows 8.1 on my MacBook for using IE and D&D Insider. Because the Insider is using Silverlight, it seems that most of the other browsers don't make it run. Is there any way to use Insider on non-Windows devices now? I have an iPhone...
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    3.5 Tome of Magic: Mystery version of Shadow Evocation

    Shadow Evocation Mystery in Tome of Magic P.149 says, And the original spell version of Shadow Evocation, So, it seems that both the mystery version and the spell version mimic an evocation spell of 4th level or lower. If so, what was the intention of the second sentence of mystery version...
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    3.5 Battlemagic Perception spell : Taking a free action outside one's turn?

    Battlemagic Perception spell from Heroes of Battle says, At first glance this spell seems wonderful. But I noticed one thing. AFAIK, unless otherwise noted, a character/creature can take free actions only during one's turn. The only exceptions are speaking (per PHB 114), spells like Feather...
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    3.5 Template applicable to golems?

    Is there some nice template which is applicable to golem? I know there is a template which changes a construct into real living creature, but that is not what I want. I want something which improves the strength or versatility of a golem without changing size category. Something like...
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    Greyhawk : Ancient Suel, cultural model?

    Is there some cultural model for ancient Suel empire? I mean, ancient-Roman-like, Byzantine-Like, Francia-like, and such. I am wondering which European language or culture should I reference when, say, name some Suel wizard nobles.
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    5E Average number of enemies per encounter

    In 5e, an encounter against many low-CR enemies are considered to be (and usually, actually) much deadlier than an encounter against single or small number of higher CR monsters. Also, PCs gain much less XPs from encounters against many low-CR enemies, though the encounter itself is deadly. So...