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    D&D General Rulings, not Rules: How Will You Solve the Bard / Half Elf Dilemma?

    Yes. I got my first bars to 3rd level then failed a death save. That was is in 1990. I am playing my second one now that is a 5th level bard. Now consider that the rest of the party is about 11th level. If not for a couple problems i could have got there a little earlier. And I am no where near...
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    D&D General Rulings, not Rules: How Will You Solve the Bard / Half Elf Dilemma?

    This is how I did it i the 1E game I am a pc I right now. And I am adoring it.
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    So what are you reading this year 2021?

    Rex stout Nero Wolfe series Louis L’Amour westerns
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    D&D 5E How to defeat creatures with legendary actions?

    If someone doesn’t die every session or two the game is too easy unless you have very knowledgeable players that mastered the rules. If they don’t understand the rules they should be dying regularly.
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    1920 Pulp Dinosaurs?

    With a hot springs that allow vegetation growth and allow a forest or jungle to prosper.
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    How Do You Feel About NPC Party Members (A Poll)

    I am all for hirelings and henchmen that don’t dominate the encounter and take the spotlight from the PC’s.
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    Monster Manual Expanded III Coming Mid 2021

    Oh god that is beautiful. I need to go to my game store
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    What is your biggest RPG heartbreak?

    We were 1E/2E players. We did that plus henchman. And as for backstory. It either unfolded throughout the course of play or u had none. In any game I played players did not give the DM a complex background or much of one. It developed or it didn’t. the most complex background was I am from...
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    D&D General [+] Racially-Discriminating Afterlife Systems

    In my settings anyone no matter what that dies at sea belongs to the god of the sea.
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    D&D General [+] Ravenloft, horror, & safety tools...

    It’s probably a good idea for game stores and playing with people you don’t know. I really don’t want to waste time having a player in my group get upset when the evil wizard mind controls him to attack an ally. So it’s a good thing. That person will know my game is not for him.
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    Monster Manual Expanded III Coming Mid 2021

    I am so disappointed with 5E monsters that I would rather convert monsters from 1E and 2E myself. Although I love 5E in general. Monsters is not one of the things I like about the system.
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    What is your biggest RPG heartbreak?

    It wasn’t my edition. But there are things they did well I would like to see
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    What is your biggest RPG heartbreak?

    I once ran a game with 12 players plus henchman. And if anyone else dropped by they would have been more than welcome to play.
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    D&D General Nay-Theists Vs. Flat-Earth Atheists in D&D Worlds

    yeah. I make it clear in my games that the gods are not all powerful and all knowing. And I like different types of gods and priests with respect to pantheism and animism and different theological philosophies.
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    What is your biggest RPG heartbreak?

    I love savage worlds but boy do i agree with you about the swinginess of combat. I adored the settings, especially hellfrost and slipstream. If you ever want more cool setting and you can convert to 5E then get some savage world books and just convert to whatever system you want. I loved 2E...