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    Abilities....Which check would you use?

    A character (not a ranger) has found some animal tracks and wants to try and determine information from them, including what type of creature made them, how many there are, and whether any are injured. What kind of check would you have them make? 1. Wisdom (Survival) 2. Wisdom (Perception)...
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    Bardic Inspiration houserules

    I have an upcoming game where a player wants to play a bard. I've never been a huge fan of them in serious games, so this is the first time I've really looked carefully at the class. I have a problem with the Bardic Inspiration power, primarily the fact that it lasts for ten minutes. That...
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    Casting Verbal spells in armour

    RAW says that wizards can't cast spells in armour they aren't proficient in. I can't figure out how to justify this when it comes to spells that have only Verbal components. How do you explain that a wizard who is tied to a chair with his hands behind his back can still cast Misty Step, but...
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    Ideas for homebrew religious customs

    I'm fleshing out some religions in my homebrew campaign world, and I'm short on creative ideas for religious practices. I'm looking for things that would help add some flavour to a religious sect, like creative rituals for purifying food, pilgrimages, unusual restrictions or body modifications...
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    5E What does "give away your location" mean?

    "When you attack a target that you can’t see, you have disadvantage on the attack roll. This is true whether you’re guessing the target’s location or you’re targeting a creature you can hear but not see....When a creature can’t see you, you have advantage on attack rolls against it. If you are...
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    5E Stealth for the Ranger

    I'm trying to come up with a spell-less ranger that I like. To me, the ability to hide in the wilderness has always been a key skill of the Ranger that is missing in a lot of the spell-less rangers I've seen. I'd like to replace Hide in Plain Sight and Pass Without Trace with the following...
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    5E Invsibility vs Cloak of Elvenkind

    The cloak of elvenkind gives the effect that "Wisdom (Perception) checks made to see you have disadvantage, and you have advantage on Dexterity (Stealth) checks made to hide, as the cloak's color shifts to camouflage you." Yet, as far as I can tell, being completely invisible does NOT...
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    5E When do you get advantage from attacking while unseen?

    According to the PH: "When a creature can’t see you, you have advantage on attack rolls against it." "In combat, most creatures stay alert for signs of danger all around, so if you come out of hiding and approach a creature, it usually sees you." What about out of combat? Situation 1: A...
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    5E Do Arcane Abilities work when bound and gagged?

    Normally, you can effectively immobilize a wizard by binding and gagging him. There are no spells (to my knowledge) that can be cast without Verbal and Somatic components. However, certain Arcane Tradition abilities make no mention of this. For example, Minor Conjuration allows the wizard to...
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    5E Intimidation DCs

    I'm finding Intimidation a difficult skill to wrap my head around. 1. How does the DM decide the DC of an intimidation check? What factors should determine whether it is "Very Hard" or just "Medium"? Let's say a dwarf fighter is trying to intimidate a goblin into giving up a secret. It...
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    5E Monster group stealth

    I'm helping a new DM learn the 5e rules, and I'm not sure I gave him the right advice last night. Assume the following scenario: A green hag and 4 bullywugs are lying in wait in a dimly lit temple. They plan to hide and ambush the unaware players as they enter. How many stealth rolls should...
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    5E Ranger Hide in Plain Sight...useful?

    Anyone have experience with this Ranger ability? I'm having a hard time figuring out what it would be useful for, but since it's a 10th level ability, I assume I must be missing something. But being unable to move seems to really limit its usefulness. The only thing I can imagine it being...
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    5E Save for falling damage?

    I haven't noticed any saving throw for half damage from falls. Does this not exist in 5e or have I just missed it? Seems like that would be a good fit for acrobatics. The description says the player lands prone unless they take no is it possible to take no damage from a fall?
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    Wound Levels -- an alternative way to deal with HP

    My main problem with HP is their "100% fine until you're dead" function. I have no problem with thinking of HP as stamina and minor scrapes, but there is, in the RAW, no real way to simulate a character who is suffering from actual wounds (other than the Lingering Injury option, which I find a...
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    5E Limiting Short Rests

    According to the RAW, characters can have as many short rests as they want in a single day? What's to stop players from stopping to rest after every single encounter? Sure, the DM can interrupt them once or twice, but too many times and it will quickly look like sour grapes on the part of the...