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    Take A Peek Inside Warhammer 40K: Wrath & Glory!

    Including some attributes and skills in the cost of the archetype is a smooth move. Paying for the archetype previously was an annoying for me, as it just seemed like you were paying for the Tier. I’m hoping the previously announced changing archetypes works simply with this change. Hoping my...
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    Peril - wherein RangerWickett reinvents the wheel

    Sorry - I thought I was helping. Deleted comment. Good luck with the game.
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    Peril - wherein RangerWickett reinvents the wheel

    (Deleted post after misunderstanding. Retyped the key points below.) Interesting revision, more interesting to me than regular PF2. Plus this is a hell of a lot of work you have done! I’ve also been making some changes inspired by PF2, including allowing multiple actions in AiME and my own...
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    [Dungeon World] Barbarian vs Druid

    So there's a poll on the Dungeon World Kickstarter to see if they add the Barbarian or Druid classes to the base game as a stretch goal. The Druid is kicking the Barbarian's butt 2:1 right now with only $3k to go. Any ENworlders backing this? Why so little love for the awesome Barbarian?
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    'This isn't Naria'

    One of the things I really liked in the lead up to previous editions was the new language people started to use. Some of this was from marketing, some from the designers and some was language we developed ourselves. In 4e it was sacred cows, points of light, balance, The Rouse... etc So far in...
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    House rule: Maximised chance to hit

    I'm looking to implement this house rule at my table and I am keen for some constructive criticism and objective consideration of loopholes. The rule: "When you create your character choose one of the key abilities of your class which is at least 14. That ability is considered to be 20 for the...
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    Suggestions to replace Halflings

    I don't want to include the 4E halfling in my upcoming campaign because: 1) The 4E halfling doesn't fit the dark, multi-racial feel I want fot this particular campaign; and 2) None of my players has ever played or will ever play a halfling because of how they look. Regardless of how powerful...