Size medium

Attributes AGI +2 INT +2 LUC+1

Skill Choices [artistic]

Blur. Zetan can move at astonishing speeds. They double their SPEED, and also gain one extra action each round (although they still cannot normally attack or move more than twice in a round).

Speed Dodge. A Zetan gains +4 to both MELEE and RANGED DEFENSE.

Weak-willed. Zetans suffer a -4 penalty to MENTAL DEFENSE.

Unfocused. Zetans find it hard to stay in one career. During character creation, Zetans cannot repeat a career choice. Later, during advancement, in order to repeat a career choice, a Zetan must make a Routine [10] WIL check with a -1d6 penalty for each subsequent repetition of that career. On a failure, the Zetan may not take that career option.

Unstoppable. Zetans are immune to the Slowed condition.

Short-lived. Zetans live half the lifespan of a human. Divide all age categories by two, and halve all career lengths (rounding up).