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Awfully Cheerful Engine! Playtest Package

Awfully Cheerful Engine! Playtest Package v1.2

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Thank you for helping to playtest the Awfully Cheerful Engine! You should have a short core rules manuscript, and a playtest adventure called Monkey Business.


ACE! is a light, fast RPG of action comedy.

We'd like you to create characters together AND play the adventure in one session. The game is designed around one-shots and single-session play, so it's important that we playtest it as a single session group experience.

ACE! is designed to be fast, funny, and fun. The tone we're going for is a Ghostbusters movie or an episode of Dangermouse.

The orange Download button to the right contains two PDF files: the core rulebook, and the playtest adventure, Monkey Business.

Download the files, read them (they're not long!) and play them, then please visit this link to fill out your playtester feedback:

There's no NDA. You are welcome (encouraged!) to talk about this game online. But please remember this is a first draft playtest document, and likely will not be the same as the final game, based largely on the feedback we receive here. These also do not represent the final layout style of the game, which will look a lot like a weekly comic book issue in terms of appearance and in physical format.
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  2. Minor Clean-Up

    A minor update and cleanup to both files. Nothing drastic, but grab the latest version if you can.