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    D&D 5E Proficiency # of Uses Per Day

    What have people's experiences with the abilities that base daily uses on Proficiency been? I'm particularly curious in whether concerns have come up with the abilities and multi-classing.
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    Adventure Name Question

    Hi all, I'm trying to figure out the nname of an adventure that I (used to?) own. It was from 2e and featured a haunted house/mansion where a ghost was trying to ressurect itself. The characters are locked in and must try to figure out the secret (with the help of journal entries from bith...
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    D&D 5E Spells and Extra Attack Balance

    I'm looking at removing classes from my game, and am trying to figure out balance on one key combination: multiple attacks and spell-casting. Assuming someone could take both full spell-casting and multiple attacks, what would be the concerns for balance? *Unless other abilities are in play...
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    D&D 5E Recovering Ability Score Damage

    Am I missing something, or is recovering ability damage virtually impossible per the base rules? The first player-controlled ability I could find is the 5th level Greater Restoration spell. Is that it, or did I miss an entry somewhere about natural recovery?
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    Alternate Health

    Looking for feedback on an alternate hit point/health system. There are some things that would need to be ironed out (like how multi-classing factors in to Threshold), but I wanted to make sure the basic mechanic is solid first. A while back, some of my players had asked for a more "realistic"...
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    Eldritch Knight as a Half-Caster

    A friend and DM challenged me to recreate one of my characters from back in 2e, and I'm looking for suggestions on how to make sure it is, at least mostly, balanced. The character was a Fighter/Mage that used magic and weaponry relatively equally, so a half-caster would be ideal. There are...
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    New Invocation - Critique Needed

    Hi All, One of my players is working on a tiefling barbarian/warlock, inspired by Hellboy. He made two requests, but will work with what he has if I say no to either/both. 1) A permanent shield (the thick, hardened arm) 2) The ability to use the Mage Armor invocation with Con instead of Dex...
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    Need help finishing/tweaking Solo

    Below is what I have so far for the Boss monster of my group's next session. There will have been one combat and a skill challenge or two before this, so they should be relatively fresh. This villain may become recurring, so they don't necessarily have to kill him to win, just beat him down...
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    Out running a temple

    I'm looking for help with a skill challenge. In my next game the characters may find themselves fleeing down a mountain from a collapsing temple (depending how the preceding encounter goes). Unfortunately I'm having difficulty thinking of a way to keep it exciting. The goal of the challenge...
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    Martial Power 2 Question

    Working on a Ranger, but don't have my books with me. Hoping someone can help (and keeping the question vague to avoid problems). For Fading Strike, is the Shift effect separate or on a hit only?
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    Fantasy Imperium

    Anyone played it? I picked up the book at GenCon a few years ago. It's very detailed and thought out, but I couldn't figure out how combat could actually be done without a computer. Has anyone else seen/played this system?
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    Leveling Items

    In 3.x I had been toying around with items that leveled along with the character. I like the concept for couple reasons: 1) it gives the characters something *special*, not just "Yay, a +2 Flameburst weapon"; and 2) it makes my job as a DM easier by not having to make sure everyone gets a new...
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    Duskblade Spells

    Can someone tell me what spells a Duskblade is allowed? I tried checking for an answer in this forum and the Wizards boards, but found nothing. The class says that the spells come from the Duskblade list, however, there are no 0th level spells and only 2 touch spells on that list. Has there...
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    Test of Heroes

    IMC, the characters are looking for a portal that an NPC is looking to find. The portal leads to the Chamber of Trials, which is essentially a test for would-be heroes. If they choose to go inside they will be confronted with a series of situations and questions. Their responses to these...
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    Abandoned Castle

    I'm working on the adventure for the next time I DM, but I'm having trouble deciding what creatures/being to place in the castle. BACKGROUND -- Duntrune Castle (Last Light) The castle was built during an ancient war between all of existance and a greater "deity" (godlike in power but not...
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    Greater Wildshape

    Does Greater Wildshape allow the use of the supernatural abilities of the form assumed? We have a Sorcerer/Shifter in our new epic level game, and his character seems a bit powerful even for our group (which includes a Gigas Fang[huge weapons]/L.Dreadnaught, a Saiyan [using Anubis's feats], and...