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  1. Lwaxy

    To Slay a Dragon/To stake a Vampire - will there be a 3rd part?

    There was talk on R20 that those adventures would get a third part, something to do with devils. As we've finally finished (with several added stories which just happened) TSaD and will probably be through TSaV much quicker, I'd like to be able to make plans for the group.
  2. Lwaxy

    Can you find a GM when you need one?

    After reading the "professional GM"thread I was wondering.
  3. Lwaxy

    New Password, now it keeps logging me out.

    It never did that before when I changed pw, but now I have to log in every time I visit. What did I do? :erm:
  4. Lwaxy

    Anyone have a transcript of the audio CD from "A Light in the Belfrey?"

    Planning to run this good old Ravenloft piece for one of the Halloween groups. Unfortunately, they are German and most don't speak English well, plus it is most likely going to be a text game thanks to one player being almost deaf. So the audio CD helps little. I have no time and still feel to...
  5. Lwaxy

    Dwarf Wars is finally on kickstarter!

    https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/893225193/dwarf-war-first-contact Saw it at the Essen SPIEL and it looks fantastic.
  6. Lwaxy

    Creating non-stereotypical game worlds

    Thanks to the thread about "Cultural Approbation" I'm working on new societies for my games again. Now I'm curious, what societies and subgroups of well known races have been created by everyone? How much did you mix up existing ideas (especially existing human culture and stereotypes) and how...
  7. Lwaxy

    Essen Game Fair starting tomorrow need more suggestiosn what to look at

    I have a looong list of games I want to look at. But more suggestions welcome. As we kinda live next door we usually bring home lots of loot. Or if you want a new game looked at let me know. I'll post about what's new anyway (also goes if you are exhibiting and want a game reviewed).
  8. Lwaxy

    To Slay a Dragon

    Product information... View for more details
  9. Lwaxy

    Requiem for the Essen Game Fair

    Last weekend, it was Essen SPIEL time. A major disappointment. For the first time in a while, I didn't even bother to make pictures of the event. Unfortunately, the quality of the SPIEL as a place to play and have fun and meet people has gone down rapidly in the last 5 or 6 years. Since last...
  10. Lwaxy

    The Lost City of Barakus writeup

    Transfered from the kickstarted thread. Will finish writeup soon. Minther Cronwall, Human knight and noble Sully Flatfoot, Halfling Ranger Sittie Qwaft, Gnome Bard Untan Sablebroke, Dwarf Fighter Tukwart Hububble, Halfling Priest Flopsin Slowbottom, Halfling Wizard Rolvert, Half-Elf...
  11. Lwaxy

    Publishing timetable

    GMs on a German forum asked for a timetable, thinking that the AP is probably dead. Any idea when adventure 3 would be out?
  12. Lwaxy

    Do you find it hard to find games?

    Coming from this thread, I was wondering how many players or GMs still find it hard to get a group together. Note that I specifically include online for the aspect of playing or running adventures and campaigns that interest you. If you only want to play with a set group of friends, the question...
  13. Lwaxy

    So who is running a 40 years anniversary game?

    Ours happens (by player decision) a 3.5/PF cross heavily houseruled comedy To Slay a Dragon campaign - where the players got specially made chars and didn't know what was coming to them. It will probably run all week and we have some hopes of actually finishing by next weekend.
  14. Lwaxy

    Pathfinder 1E Comedy + Pregens + To Slay a Dragon + Starting tomorrow? Help!

    Group 7 1/4 is done with Way of the Wicked tonight, and the players (5) did a vote (under the influence) as to what we'll be doing the next 2 days and after. Each of them voted for something to be added to the campaign, and I was unsober enough to agree. So the first 2 choices were sticking...
  15. Lwaxy

    What tabletop software do you use?

    Just wondering. For me, it's Roll20 and Fantasy Grounds 2/3.
  16. Lwaxy

    How much XP for a white shark? :-)

    http://triggspot.com/australian-diver-attacks-kills-massive-great-white-shark-waters-mexico/?utm_source=taboola Amazing. Sorry for the shark though.
  17. Lwaxy

    Racism in RPGs, especially related to fantastic races

    This discussion seems to be important as well, so here's the thread for it. Starting with a poll. My own view? I view racism towards fantasy races as a bad thing unless the history of the setting gives a reason (as in orcs = demonspawn etc). That doesn't mean I am against racist PCs - I...
  18. Lwaxy

    SPIEL 1023 - Walk Like An Egyptian and other weird encounters

    So, another SPIEL is over, and as usual I caught a cold and need a week to cure it. Time to write up what I found this year. First of all, we were in new halls. This was supposedly because the old ones were undergoing renovations. But visitors had complained about the cramped old halls and the...
  19. Lwaxy

    Down Under players, Roll20 or FG2, PF adventure paths

    Looking for people who can play my time mornings/afternoons, which usually means UTC +7 - +11. Fridays usually possible.
  20. Lwaxy

    Fantasy Grounds Virtual Con 1-3 November

    For any of you playing virtual tabletop, here's an event for you. Everyone with a GM licence will have an ultimate upgrade for the time of the convention so players do not need to own a license. Friday 1st - Sunday 3rd November 2013 More info here: http://www.fg-con.com/