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  1. J

    What is your biggest RPG heartbreak?

    Mage the Ascension. It has so much potential but it's incredibly difficult to get a game off the ground for all but the most focused groups. Love to read it, hate to play it.
  2. J

    D&D 5E [+] A Whole New World!

    Four hundred years have passed since the human child, Prince Cyln, spoke his wish aloud to the dreadful Stone of Ire, "I wish everyone taller than me was dead". They were petulant words, born of a boy's anger, but the shadow that pulsed over the kingdoms was terrifying and absolute. From that...
  3. J

    D&D General Nay-Theists Vs. Flat-Earth Atheists in D&D Worlds

    I you believe gods can exists, but the beings that call themselves gods are false...then what constitutes a god? Is it nothing less than complete omniscience and omnipotence? Seems like they want Abrahamic goal posts. It takes a lot of spice out of pantheism and dispersed portfolios. (This is...
  4. J

    D&D General Nay-Theists Vs. Flat-Earth Atheists in D&D Worlds

    Late to replies but I've been following this fun thread. There's a fine balance between making religion (and various shades of atheism) inform the culture of my campaign and boring my players to death with the minutia of theology. I enjoy that world builders come here to 'bore' each other ;) On...
  5. J

    A supposedly great thing that I'll never watch again- Great media that left you cold

    Since we're all griping... Star Wars, the movies and series : Never had much interest in them, even as a child. The original production/art design was amazing for its time and holds up very well today. The cast in the original movies are charming curmudgeons doing their best with some sparse...
  6. J

    D&D General Friday Fun: Merge Two Monsters

    Goblinda A goblin crossed with Linda the Innkeeper. The goblin blood has made her less ornery and more pleasant to be around. The new, weird snickering when she takes your coin is a little creepy though.
  7. J

    D&D 5E Revising Classic Settings

    How do we frame this in such a way that a white, western male might have the same visceral and instinctive revulsion to a dark campaign element like chattel slavery that, while realistic, can be offputting and denigrating to players? This is difficult to do, considering the protective ruling...
  8. J

    D&D 5E Greyhawk: Pitching the Reboot

    When trying to differentiate between fantasy campaign settings I like to do a mental exercise called 'Inn, Barn, Prisoner'. It's the encapsulated framework for an introductory story that makes you think about the on-the-ground details that give hints at the larger world. It's akin to introducing...
  9. J

    D&D General Things That Bug You

    I've been chewing on similar observances for a while. It's nice to see them presented so succinctly. When I find some time I want to do a 'rebuild' of Forgotten Realms culture and political structure, using a more nuanced and realistic (in a 15th century sense) treatment of religion as a...
  10. J

    D&D General Things That Bug You

    My biggest gripe with 5E and most other editions is that the trope "terrifying arcane power gained by unearthing of dark, ancient secrets" - which is central to so many published campaigns (perhaps the granddaddy of tropes) and implicit in a lot of the descriptive text - is not reflected in the...
  11. J

    D&D 5E The Runelords Trilogy in 5E Eberron *Spoilers* Discussion, Conversion Notes and Adventure Log

    Reading though all this. Very interesting; I like your take. Having run RotR twice all the way through I have some opinions about the mythos and structure of the campaign. Curious to see how other DMs modify it.
  12. J

    D&D General Nature Clerics vs. Druids?

    I've had to deal with this in a game that had both a Nature Cleric and a Druid. The distinctions came out in play at the table. You might find them useful: There is a Will in Nature Nature Clerics... Think of nature and civilization as poles in opposition that require monitoring and balancing...
  13. J

    D&D General Help me figure out this NPC's evil plot in my campaign

    The inheritance angle doesn't make sense without a way for Keltos to prove that the orphan is his granddaughter. If family members are pressing their claim they're not going to accept some random urchin delivered by a bunch a mercenaries - especially after years of Keltos having no knowledge of...
  14. J

    D&D General Players Bored

    When designing a town/village/city think about what would make a story within it interesting to watch as a play. Libraries, carnivals, and shops are great background elements, but they're just settings for the main attraction: petty villager drama. Getting the low-down on the town gossip and...
  15. J

    DM advice needed: Resolving a tricky plot thread.

    Is attacking Orcus with the powers that he himself bestowed considered a breach of the contract? It seems shortsighted of the PC (and player) to assume they'd be able to use any of their granted powers to injure the granter - at least for more than the moment it would take Orcus to rescind the...