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    D&D 3E/3.5 Need Help finding an old adventure

    Hey there, I'm a retired DM making a compilation for my kids of all the published D&D adventures I've ran in the olden days. The only adventure missing is a short one I ran in 2003 with the D&D 3.5 ruleset. All I can remember is: it was low level (like 1st, 2nd or 3rd), the players had to deal...
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    Return to the tomb of horrors.

    Hi everyone, Feeling a bit nostalgic, I went down in my basement and reopened my old 1e/2e box. I realised there was a couple of classic modules in there I had never played (as a Dm of course :)). Does anyone know where I could find a good 3e conversion of "Return to the tomb of of horrors"...
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    Improved grab question

    I have a question for all you "grappling" experts ou there Here it goes: My friend the Kraken uses its improve grab special ability to start a grapple with a smaller opponent. If the big squid takes the -20 penalty (see below), can it use its improved grab ability on other smaller opponents...
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    Stupid overrun question

    I was just wondering, Why is it not possible to overrun as part of a charge?
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    Combat Facing

    I posted the same question on the Wotc boards What is your opinion on the combat facing rule variant in UA? Is it worth trying? Doesn't it slows combat too much? Thanks in advance for your answers
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    behavioral Alignment

    Hi y'all Havent bought Heroes of horror yet... In the excerpts somewhere on the Wotc site, "the behavioral Alignment variant" was mentioned. I'am intrigued, could someone who as access to HoH give me just a bit of info on this variant. Is it a new approach to alignment? Is it taint...
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    Knowledge check

    Hi y'all :) Can you take 10 on a knowledge skill check? I thought you couldn't but I can't seem to find a "proof" of this anywhere. Thanks in advance
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    Intimidating questions

    I was wonderin... Would it be possible to change the behavior of several enemies with one intimidate check (or for that matter with one Diplomacy check ?) Like for instance, could a barbarian demoralize a group of kobolds with a single intimidate check? In my searches, I've read somewhere (a...
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    Morale saves

    Is anyone using morale saves (from heroes of battle) in their game? I was thinking of using morale saves in my new campaign but I'm not sure if they would fit well in a non-war setting. I'd sure like some feedback Thanx in advance
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    Attacks from land

    The SRD states this about "attacks from land" in its underwater combat section Does that mean that spells casted from land still have line of effect to a submerged target even though it has total cover? The spellcaster wouldn't be able to cast magic missile or lightning bolt (or any fire...
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    Defense Roll

    I was wondering if anyone uses the "Defense Roll" rule variant found in the DMG (p25)? (Each time you're attacked your roll a d20 (+ bonuses) to determine your armor class) It looks promising but before using it, I'd sure like some feedback. Thanx in advance :)