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  1. XCorvis

    German-themed game resources

    I'm kicking around an idea for a German-themed campaign. Does anyone have any good resources for something like that? I'm thinking of Medieval type stuff, and historical resources. Has anyone else already run a similar game? Thanks!
  2. XCorvis

    What OS do you use?

    It's been a while since we had a poll like this, and a recent thread about WotC's assumptions/market research of D&DI users made me want to know. So, which platform do you use for your HOME computer(s), the ones you might use for D&D stuff. This is an Operating System poll, not hardware, so if...
  3. XCorvis

    Open door as part of a move

    One of my players suggested allowing characters to open doors as part of a move action instead of as a separate move action. It would consume movement, say 10'. Obviously, these are unlocked, unobstructed doors with very simple latches that are designed to be opened easily and quickly, like the...
  4. XCorvis

    Repricing Core Magic Items

    Has anyone started repricing the core magic items to be more in line with the prices from the Magic Item Compendium?
  5. XCorvis

    What do you do for... Sorcerers?

    It's that time again. This one should be a popular topic - what do you do for sorcerers? Previous Threads: Barbarians Bards Clerics Druids Fighters Monks Paladins Rangers Rogues
  6. XCorvis

    What do you do for... Bards?

    3 months between threads is too long. :D This time, it's bards. (If this feels familiar, it's because the previous bards thread was lost in the crash.) Previous threads: Rogues Rangers Paladins Monks Fighters Druids Clerics Barbarians
  7. XCorvis

    What DO you DO for... Barbarians?

    OK, I just can't take it any more. Nyaricus, I love these threads and it's been far too long since the last. I'm taking matters into my own hands. ;) This time, it's barbarians. Previous threads: Rogues Rangers Paladins Monks Fighters Druids Clerics
  8. XCorvis

    SRD monsters in new stat block format? - FOUND!

    Does anyone know of an SRD or tool that uses the new stat block format for monsters? I don't want to have to do all that work myself...
  9. XCorvis

    Monster Counter Maker

    I'm looking for a program that you can use to make printable tokens/counters fast and easily. I've seen it before but I can't track it down. It let you import and image, resize it a bit, drop a border around it and print it. I know I can do the same with an image editor, but it seems so much...
  10. XCorvis

    PHBII - Affiliations in Eberron

    Has anyone started working on Affiliations for Eberron? Specifically, I was thinking of Dragonmarked houses, but there are a lot of good organizations that might work well as Affiliations. I've seen the Korranberg Library and Emerald Claw on the WotC forums. Other good ones might be the...
  11. XCorvis

    [Eberron] Revisiting Warforged

    In the game I run, I feel that the warforged character is slightly overpowered for ECL +0. After some discussion about house ruling them, I wanted to hear what other people thought. I find that the immunities are the main reason warforged are too strong for ECL +0. Basically, they are immune to...
  12. XCorvis

    [Eberron] Adjusting Warforged

    After running a game with a warforged PC for several months, I've come to the conclusion that they are just a bit too strong for an ECL +0 race. However, I don't think they're quite strong enough to justify an ECL of +1. Has anyone else tweaked the warforged to balance this out? I'd like to...
  13. XCorvis

    Good puzzles

    I just skimmed a very long thread about puzzles in game, and a lot of people didn't like puzzles because they were poorly constructed. I think people might enjoy them more if they were well made. My question to you is: How do you make a good puzzle? I'll start: 1. Failure to solve the puzzle...
  14. XCorvis

    Ways to make combat more interesting

    Here are some ways to spruce up the fights in your game and make them fresh, interesting and memorable. This list was compiled with the help of GMF members LogicsFate, JimAde, derbacher, themind, Mr_GrinReaper, Nightcloak, Jondor_Battlehammer and Blade of Desecration. Feel free to add more if...
  15. XCorvis

    Konfabulator is now FREE!

    Great news! Yahoo bought Konfabulator and they're giving it away for free, starting immediately. http://www.konfabulator.com/ Konfabulator is a widget program like the Mac Dashboard (it pre-dates Dashboard), but runs on Windows as well as Mac OS. There are also a few gaming utilites for it...
  16. XCorvis

    Ways to make combats more interesting

    Nightcloak's recent post in the DM's Notebook thread got me thinking about this. Help me fill out this list: Fights in your game are getting a little dull. How do you spruce them up and make them fresh, interesting and memorable? Mixed groups of monsters - Instead of two of one type of...
  17. XCorvis

    Paranoid Players

    A couple of my players are just a bit too paranoid. Does anyone have some advice on dealing with it? It's a little hard to do a "things are not what they seem" when your players initially suspect it, just because they're used to it. I've been trying not to over use it, but it's just their...
  18. XCorvis

    Interesting, well-crafted animal-people?

    So, in this thread, a lot of folks expressed their displeasure with animal-people/furry races. The impression I got was that while people thought that animal races were not inherantly lame, they usually turned out that way. Woodelf said it best: My question to you is, given a boring old race...
  19. XCorvis

    New threads and last visited

    I've been noticing a problem with new/updated threads not being marked properly. Sometimes, maybe 2-3 times per week, I log in and all threads are marked as read. If I look at the "You last visited" time in the upper right hand corner, it says I was just here 5-10 minutes ago (it varies), but I...
  20. XCorvis

    Rat Bastard DM reading list?

    I'd really like to become a Rat Bastard DM. Can anyone recommend any rat bastardy threads, websites, story hours or forums to learn from? Any hot tips or good advice?