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  1. HeroicVanguard

    Level Up (A5E) Why Level Up?

    I think Level Up also hits a sweet middle spot, where for people like me who do love Pathfinder and can't stand o5e for various reasons, it's (hopefully) a nice bridge to be able to play games with people who prefer o5e. Which is greatly appreciated since it's nice to have an actual compromise.
  2. HeroicVanguard

    Level Up (A5E) Monster preview thread!

    5e's encounter building has at best a shaky foundation. CR as a system has always been inconsistent and seemingly eyeballed for about 3 seconds before someone goes "Yeah CR 7 seems about right". Certain 3rd level spells having the power of 5th level spells because they're "iconic" to encourage...
  3. HeroicVanguard

    Level Up (A5E) Tools progress

    Gnoll and Savant in Zeitgeist, hype as hell :D
  4. HeroicVanguard

    Level Up (A5E) 13 weeks to go…

    Mostly just curious to see how Subclasses in Level Up look at launch since, I'm assuming, for a Level Up Product you don't have the ability to use, say, the Swashbuckler Rogue from o5e, since it's not part of the SRD?
  5. HeroicVanguard

    Level Up (A5E) 13 weeks to go…

    So actually got around to looking up MF&MM and it is NOT what I thought it was, that is so cool :D It does make me a bit concerned though. A lot of Level Up's strength in the early game, much like Pathfinder's was, is going to be backwards compatibility. Which is FANTASTIC for acting as a bridge...
  6. HeroicVanguard

    Level Up (A5E) 13 weeks to go…

    I've found the automation in Foundry to be an absolute boon at getting people to play games that aren't 5e. I just hate D&D Beyond because with 5e's neutered SRD it basically makes you pay for content twice over, or more depending on how you VTT. It's why I made sure to get clarification in the...
  7. HeroicVanguard

    Level Up (A5E) A list without comment or context

    Welp, time to run Gunblade always and forever
  8. HeroicVanguard

    Blog (A5E) Level Up & Electronic Tools

    As in the SRD available content grows with the game, as opposed to only Core being available in it as the game grows.
  9. HeroicVanguard

    Blog (A5E) Level Up & Electronic Tools

    So, for clarification "When we launch, we’ll have the full rules online" means that it will be the full rules from launch going forward, not just the launch/Core rules available online, correct?
  10. HeroicVanguard

    Level Up (A5E) My character for our new Level Up campaign

    ...good for you...? I was talking about RAW, not whatever goes on at your table.
  11. HeroicVanguard

    Level Up (A5E) My character for our new Level Up campaign

    But you aren't rolling 3d6, you're rolling 4d6 drop one, which is a significantly higher spread. Anydice has an article on it in fact! The issue I have isn't "Want higher number" as much as "Don't want to feel punished for wanting a reliable, consistent playing field for character creation for a...
  12. HeroicVanguard

    Level Up (A5E) Magic Item Price List

    This tends to happen more for loot and random potions. When you can actually shop for them at reasonable prices potions are a lot more useful because you can grab a few as "Just in case" contingencies, and they feel less obsessively save worthy since you can just go buy more. 5e's potions design...
  13. HeroicVanguard

    Level Up (A5E) My character for our new Level Up campaign

    So looking at these, 3 distinct things stand out: 1. My god these might be the best default character sheets I've seen in a long time 2. "Specialty" Yessss I knew these were a thing but seeing it just makes me so happy 3. I don't know if this has been addressed elsewhere, but looking at Ability...
  14. HeroicVanguard

    Level Up (A5E) Level Up blog down for Firefox?

    Hey, nice to see you make your way here from the 4e Discord :D
  15. HeroicVanguard

    Level Up (A5E) What are we doing with fatigue and strife?

    D&D Beyond is a moneysink capitalizing on 5e's neutered OGL by rendering the game actively difficult to play on other VTTs. From the Licensing article that went up it sounds like LU is going to have a more open OGL, at least I severely hope it is. Only having to buy LU content once and, say, a...
  16. HeroicVanguard

    Level Up (A5E) Level Up's Downtime activities

    I feel like requiring that for the entire time would be super restricting and far more annoying than what Wizards have to do? But if it was like. Do the studying of the magic as normal, but then you have to find a thematic place to lock it in and internalize it in exchange for the total time...
  17. HeroicVanguard

    Level Up (A5E) Level Up Playtest Document: #18: Combat

    So I see where you're coming from with this, and it's definitely going to be the case sometimes, but I think a lot of new age 5e players just. Don't have very long adventuring days to begin with? I feel like 3 combats in one day would be considered pretty heavy combat day for most of them...
  18. HeroicVanguard

    Level Up (A5E) Level Up Playtest Document: #18: Combat

    So I was looking back through the Berserker Playtest since Press the Attack took Reckless Attack and made it into a general thing anyone can use, and holy naughty word, Press the Attack is so good for Berserkers. With their increased Crit Range and varied effects on Critical, giving themselves Advantage...
  19. HeroicVanguard

    Level Up (A5E) Level Up Playtest Document: #18: Combat

    I read that as gaining a point of fatigue every time you go down in an encounter beyond the first one. It's a solution I really appreciate for popcorn healing and adds great tension and choice to someone being downed in a dangerous fight. I love the bit in Countdowns we didn't get in the...
  20. HeroicVanguard

    Level Up (A5E) The Combat Wheelchair - Leveled Up?

    Oh that's amazing to hear :D That makes sense, there was a whirlwind of popularity she probably wasn't expecting, but knowing that you reached out to her is fantastic. That has me very excited :D I had definitely picked up on it being a thing, and it's part of why I'm excited for LU, but didn't...